Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cold Feet

The promised snow is finally falling. And, I still can't find the energy to string the lights. Instead I am singing ...... "It's beginning to look a lot like I don't give a hoot ......"

Maybe, if the kids were coming I would go all out with trees and lights and all the gaudiness I could muster. Instead I have become a hermit in the sewing room, hunkered over my machines. I plug in my SAD light (thanks to my sweet son-in-law, Nick) and sew the day away. I moved my cabinets around and actually blocked the lone window, so I have no clue when the sun is out.

When I finally venture out to prepare a meal (you will recall the peach disaster) my muscles are aching and tightly bunched between my shoulders. A hot shower helps that and I notice my feet are still calloused from my season of mowing in flip flops (I know, I know).

Hmmmm, didn't I see something about Listerine and foot soaking? Yes, I did. Testimonials swear that the dead skin will simply "fall off ". But, do I have Listerine? Somewhere in the back of my mind, I am thinking I bought some for another reason (not my mouth, I use Crest for that). I launch a search and find it. Now I remember! Ants. It is supposed to kill ants. Put it in a spray bottle and use for ants.

I prepare my foot soak. One part Listerine, one part vinegar, and two parts water. I used super hot water. It is cold outside. I settle in front of the TV, and grab the laptop. I slip my feet into the soak. Do feet inhale? Do they gasp? Mine do. I toyed with thoughts of re-heating it, but then decide I can tough it out for the 10 minutes suggested. I grab a pumice stone and scrub away after the soak and exfoliate. The dead skin did come off, although it did not simply fall away. I dried my feet and put some cozy socks on.

My feet are freezing after being dunked in this Listerine bath. I throw my thickest, warmest socks in the dryer along with a blanket to tuck into the sheets in my bed. I could not get them warm! I got up and washed them again, but Listerine has incredible penetrating values. I do not recommend this soak in the colder months.


mamahasspoken said...

I saw that on facebook about the foot soak but never tried it. I'm guessing it's the menthol in it that kept your feet cold :o/

Val said...

I'm guessing that your feet also smell quite fresh.

joanne said...

good to know, I see that 'recipe' often on FB and was curious.
Just got word yesterday that the kids are not coming for Christmas although they are only two hours away they feel it too far. Now I am so sad and if I wasn't already being scroogish that sealed it for me. I don't care, no lights going up, no tree, bah. I'm just going to crawl into my dark loney place for awhile!

Linda O'Connell said...

Most feet sweat; yours were gasping.