Friday, November 8, 2013

The Dog Park Is Here!!

All the posts were in place. Well, with a little help from me ...... We still need to run a water line out to the dog park, but this did present a bit of a problem when it came time to get that quikrete wet. He Who should stick to towing and leave the brainstorming to me, came up with a plan. This involved filling a water tank and hauling it on the back of the truck to be doled out in buckets.

Hmmmm, I grabbed my handy dandy hose reel on wheels and pulled my 300' of hose to the hydrant closest to the dog park and showed the men this wonderful idea of having the water delivered to the area needed. Great idea, just hooking the end to the faucet and letting the hose bring it you! No buckets involved.

A tad more clean up and a big fire.....

and we are ready to roll out the fencing.

I am proud to announce the park is ready for canine occupancy! One more gate needs to go up, but I gathered my fur babies this morning and we went out for a romp.

This involved harnesses and leashes. Oscar is old and prefers his neck to be unadorned and had to succumb to his old choke chain since his girth has outgrown his old harness. He was not happy until he saw the leashes come out and he knew an adventure was about to begin.

Wall-E lay as low to the floor as he could, but was resigned to being manipulated into his harness. Cujo is always okay with whatever as long as I am

Toni Louise tired to hide and fought the harness. The first one I put on was too big and she managed to take it off and had to be redressed with another. She hid again and had to be bribed with the promise of a treat. Oscar and Wall-E are leash trained and do quite well with walking together and soon had Cujo walking in rhythm. He Who tows was present for the outing and I handed him the three boy dogs while I tried to teach our stubborn girl not to wind the leash around my legs.

Cujo is excellent with voice commands, so he was let loose to lead the others to the dog park. They sniffed around at all the wonderful new smells. Oscar marked every tree, every post, every small divot in the ground, while Toni Louise explored the entire perimeter looking for an escape.

Cujo has been in the park several times before the finish. He will stop and lay flat on the ground at a certain tone of my voice, making him easy to control. He went about the business of showing his siblings all the fun things to sniff, ending at a mole mound. Toni dug at one end of a tunnel and Cujo at the other. Alas, the mole is still out there running tunnels.  Another day's adventure to be had. 


Joanne Noragon said...

Love the water line story. The park is magnificent, well done.

Val said...

My tail was wagging as I read it!

joanne said...

Yay, for the park and freedom to roam!

Brian Miller said...

ha. but that mole's little heart is thumping hard right now you know...smiles.

Anonymous said...

Doggone good stuff you got there.

Linda O'Connell said...

Of course a woman thinks differently than a man. Hose? Well doggone it!

My husband hung holiday lights and moved the ladder down several times as he worked his way. This woman would have moved the ladder only a few times and reached left then right, hanging from BOTH directions. Glad your pooch park is up and running. That will surely be a draw for your campground. It looks great.