Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Dog Mom

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Usually a time to slow down, it has been hectic here at the kampground. The Internet is still not working properly and we are withholding payment until it gets fixed. Sometimes I can get on for long periods of time and it works like a marvel.

To add insult to injury, the hard drive in my computer crashed. I had asked two of my favorite men to get my photos off while it was still accessible. He Who Tows was always going to get to it next and He Who Tow's son, also my son, the one I gave birth to ....... did not do it either!

So, here I am on the computer of He Who Tows and watches Highway To Hell on the weather channel and dreams of flipping big semi-trailers to right. This computer is unfriendly. It has screen savers depicting accidents and road scenes. Nary a grandchild to be seen on this computer. Gone is the sweet picture of my three granddaughters dressed as princesses in Disney World and the picture of Layla and Gavin frolicking in the Atlantic ocean ...........

I have been unable to comment on my favorite blogs, although I have been told I can do it on my phone ...... I tend to use more than two words and full sentences, so that will not be happening. But, I am lurking in the shadows in the Land Of Blog. Reading, laughing, crying.

Okay, so last we met, the dog park was in full swing and had been anointed by my canine foursome. They all loved the freedom of running and also watching everything in the park through the magic of a chain link fence. Our yard has a privacy fence and they have been known to stick their noses in the smallest of openings to spy on visitors to the park.

Last Saturday was a picture perfect Autumn day. The air was crisp, but the warmth of the sun made you toss your sweaters off. My dogs had played in the morning and I had made a date with Martha (for whom the cat is named) to meet her there with her two dogs and her two grand dogs and granddaughters. Making that eight dogs, two girls and two dog loving women. I loaded mine on the golf cart and headed that way with Toni Louise in a head lock between my knees. Oscar and Cujo were sitting nicely on the seat, but I had to hold Wall-E's leash tight (he doesn't like rides). Got all the dogs into the park and they were all running and playing with this rawhide thing that had been in the park since we built it. Martha's little guy, Gus (Norfolk Terrier) and I had our usual love fest involving many kisses and all the dogs were just playing. Annie (Beagle mix) decided she wanted to keep this rawhide thing and took it to the fence and using her nose pushed it to the other side, then carefully covered it with leaves (still using her nose). She brought it back in and Truman (big Golden) tried to take it. Annie growled and snarled and warned him away. None of the others bothered it. Next thing we heard was a dog fight in progress. My Oscar had taken Annie's property and she was atop him and both were going at it. Annie got the best of my old boy. Martha and I both dove right in and grabbed our dogs (not really smart, but you know how protective moms are). Annie was fine, except for the scolding she got. Oscar appeared to be okay, except for the blood coming from his ear.

Oscar has problems with his teeth and had twelve removed about a year ago. He had been touchy lately, crying when anything came in contact with his face. I knew it was another tooth gone bad, his breath could knock you over. He already had an appointment for this Tuesday. We couldn't really feel around on his head, he would yelp every time I tried. By Tuesday he looked awful. His left eye was swollen and we had not had a good night. He went to the vet at 7:30 and we were to return at 3:30 to pick him up. Toni Louise had an appointment for a vaccination and Wall-E had a date with the nail clippers.

So, there we were, three dogs in tow at 3:30. Cujo had no need to be there, but he has never been left home all alone. Oscar saw me from his kennel when we got there. Sad little man with his eye swollen nearly shut and drooling blood. Toni was roaming around the clinic, happy to be anywhere with people. Wall-E was shaking in anticipation of the dreaded clippers and got a sedative injection right away. Cujo was content to stand between my feet while I comforted Oscar.

Toni Louise is just plain happy. Nothing seems to bother her much. She loves attention and it does not matter who she gets it from. She had a little love fest with Paige (our vet) before she got her shot and exam and was then content to watch Wall-E have his mani/pedi (or would that be pedi/pedi ).

By this time Wall-E was staggering around with his mouth half open, no doubt wondering where he was. Still had to be muzzled, though. He still fought the clippers. The little stinker will bite!

Oscar's report was long. He was the only patient all day. He has three canines left and a few other teeth, mostly on the bottom. He has an abscess in his jaw from two of the teeth she pulled. He also had a puncture wound above his left eye and a huge abscess that had to be drained. Poor guy was miserable. But, I am happy to report that he is so much better today. Appetite is back and his tail is wagging. I am a happy dog mom. Still not a happy Sprint customer .........


Val said...

Whew! I am exhausted. I'm glad the only canine issue we have right now is the mysterious disappearance of a dozen eggs a day. Do not let the circumstantial evidence of my sweet, sweet Juno's silky black coat cloud your perception.

Joanne Noragon said...

Oh, dear. I hope your kids can replenish your supply of pictures.

ellen abbott said...

I'm not real good about backing my computer up but I did get a little 4gig thumb drive that I'm pretty good about saving my pictures on.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh that was doggone tiring reading about your fur babies and all the issues. Poor old toothless guy, he desreves a little R&R. Oh my! Lost your pictures? I would be frantic.