Monday, September 23, 2013

Gourd Heads

The tiger lilies were looking so sad ...... full of dead leaves, blooms long gone.

A little grooming and they perked up. All the dead leaves and stalks removed and they are standing tall and proud again.

I carefully gathered all the leaves and stalks. This is the second bag, by the way.

Instead of spending money on straw, I used my salvaged lily leaves and made my gourd head man to sit upon my porch. Along with two others, he sits on my old church pew and greets campers.

I have some new campers staying here for the next month or so, working in the area. One of them called me Saturday, saying he was "trying to figure out how to get on this Internet". I told him how and he said he just needed it to watch TV.

I told him that he couldn't stream movies because it would use all the band width and knock everyone else off. He then told me not to worry, it wasn't movies, it was Netflix. Really, really can't make this stuff up.


Brian Miller said...

ha. i like your gourd heads...and hey, use what you got for sure...

Val said...

Something tells me you haven't had your last run-in with the Netflix guy.

Linda O'Connell said...

you have a knack for spiffing up the place. Your patrons are uhmm...challeneged in more areas than one, sometimes.

Pat said...

What a clever idea to use the dead tiger lily leaves! Whatever works!

I agree with Val - you haven't heard the last from Netflix guy! ;)