Friday, September 20, 2013

Full Moon

My mother used to swear that she lay wide awake all night when the moon was full. I don't lay awake, but sleep in fits and spells. The moon must have had the same effect on Cujo. He kept getting out of bed, then coming to my side of the bed to be lifted back up into the bed. Short legs can jump down, but not up. I finally took him out at 6:30, along with Wall-E and crawled back into bed. Oscar raised his head only to acknowledge my presence and Toni Louise slept on.

I dozed fitfully. You know, the kind of sleep I mean, aware of everything around you. I could smell the promise of rain through my open window, along with hints of rosemary and basil as the wind ruffled the plants. I could hear the dogs playing, then whining to come in. Another trip to the back door to let Wall-E in and Toni Louise out.

Back to bed for more of my half sleep. All the while being careful to hold my left arm in the least painful position. My shoulder has been giving me fits for weeks now. I pondered the cause before finally remembering what I did.

We all know how I love my gardens and constantly think of new ways to improve them. I asked for mulch for my birthday. Not a bag or even 10 bags. I wanted a lot ..... So, He Who hauls lined the flat bed trailer with an old bill board cover and obtained 2 big scoops for me! He left it on the trailer and I used buckets to scoop it into the wheelbarrow.

I was stuck with inspiration after pushing the wheelbarrow back and forth to my gardens. I decided it would take less effort to get to far away beds if I used the golf cart and pulled the wheel barrow with my left arm as I drove ......

In my determination to get the job done, I ignored the pain and kept going. Over and over again for several hours. Not the best idea I ever had. But the gardens are looking well groomed! Even in the light of the full moon.


Pat said...

You are one determined lady! ;)

Mulch for your birthday! Whatever floats your boat, I guess! I always tell my husband never to buy me something that plugs in! ;)

That is one powerful moon shining down!

Joanne Noragon said...

So now ease up on the arm, OK.

joanne said...

well at least the gardens look great! I've been having the same fitful sleeping problems for a few days and feel jittery all day...I wonder if it's the moon.

Brian Miller said...

you sound like my wife....she wants a LOWEs gift card for her birthday so she can do some damage...i mean fix up the house...ha.

Linda O'Connell said...

That moon was awesome. My elderly aunt and I were just saying the same thing about sleep and the full mooon. A piece of advice. Move that shoulder so it deosn't lock up. That's what happened to me. The doctor asked, "What would you eventually do if you lived in a 3rd world country and your shoulder hurt?" I replied, "Start exercising it, try to move it." Then he sent me to physical therapy to unlock it. Pray you never have to go through it. I hope you're on the mend.