Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Doctor's Visit

The doctor's visit went quite well. I actually saw the nurse practitioner. She is new to the office and I liked her. I liked her so much more than the doctor. Last time I saw the doctor he seemed unconcerned and a bit annoyed that I had some questions about my medications. He didn't bother to listen to my heart or my lungs, just renewed all my prescriptions and told me to take more of the blood pressure medication. He did not want to answer any questions and seemed in a hurry to get me out the door.

Anyhoo, I discovered they had a new nurse practitioner and made an appointment with her to have my annual pap smear. There would be no way I was going to have that done by the "doctor". Not because he is a man, but because I don't consider him to be much of a physician based on my last appointment.

I had stopped my blood pressure meds myself, never having started the regimen of "taking more" prescribed by the doctor. I was only taking half the recommended dosage and feeling pretty crappy when my blood pressure would drop. Now we are dropping the meds and keeping track of my blood pressure in order to determine if I even need medication. 

After that I was thoroughly chastised for being so overdue for a mammogram and the exam continued on schedule. 

Years ago when I was still a practicing nurse and worked in the ER it was easy to choose a doctor. At some point they all came into the ER for a patient and one could determine what level of patient care they offered. This was how I came to choose the doctor for my lady parts long ago. He was very discreet, never made vulgar references to any of his patients (and, yes, a lot do). His office staff treated you like queen for a day. His stirrups had cozy little foot warmers and his nurses would drape you so that only the bare necessities were exposed. And ....... the speculum was warmed. It was as dignified as that particular exam could ever be.

I remember once, a few years ago, I had a doctor who seemed to like to keep a dialogue going as he performed his task. It was okay, I suppose he thought it would keep the patients mind occupied. I was just confused at some of his questions. Like, "So, do you like to dance?" What prompted that? Did he see something in my nether regions that made him think I could do a mean jitter bug? I struggled to come up with the right answer. If I said yes, would he ask me to jump up and demonstrate my ability? What if I say no? Will that prompt more questions I don't have an answer for? 

Thankfully he kept on talking and told me he was taking ball room dance lessons with his wife. We tried that, He Who loves to dance and I. It created a problem, though. We both wanted to lead and He Who has attention deficit disorder could not follow the instructor's instructions. This is what caused me to want to lead, to correct him when he was wrong ......... but, I digress.

The doctor continued his dialogue and looked up at me from his perch between my knees and announced that I had a healthy looking cervix. I was dumb struck (this hardly ever happens to me). What is the proper etiquette involved here? Is this a compliment? Am I supposed to say thank you? Is a reply necessary at all? 

But, as he was looking at me, I felt I should say something. I said, "Why, thank you, no one else ever notices!"


Kathy G said...

I think it's easier to carry on a conversation with a doctor (even while they're doing a "procedure" than a dentist :-)

mamahasspoken said...

Your post explains another reason why I switched to a female gyno, but it's nice to read that a male one does all those nice things. He's a rare one to find!

Sandi McBride said...

So glad that you had a successful visit at the Medical office. We love our Nurse Practitioners and feel sometimes they know more than the doctors...perhaps because they listen...I remember my first visit to the ob.gyn and as I lay on the narrow little table, I was looking up at the ceiling and wondered if I was imagining the Smile You're on Candid Camera sign taped up there lol

Brian Miller said...

did you really...hahahaha...i bet that he tells that all went well for you...

SkippyMom said...

I lost it laughing on this.

Ahhhhh. "Was that a compliment?" OMGOSH.

Thank you for this.

I am terrified of anything OB/GYN, but they insist on a bazillion tests, often just to "make sure" and thank goodness my lovely PC referred me.

I am glad you are getting care, but man. . it can literally be a pain in the...well.


You take care. Your smile and humor will go far my friend. Love you. xo JG

joanne said...

I never get compliments like that...I must be doing something wrong in my prep work!

Linda O'Connell said...

This reminds me of the granny who washed with her granddaughter's liquid sparkle soap before going to the gynecologist. No, it wasn;t me :)

Practical Parsimony said...

My gynecologist was hilarious. When he was doing the cryo/freezing thing to my cervix, he said, "Linda, does that hurt?" I said, "No." He said to his nurse, "Mary, turn that up, we are not hurting her yet." I was dying laughing. He asked if I wanted to feel the cryo thing on the inside of my thigh. I said I would. So, he did put it on the inside of my thigh. He was just so friendly. I think because I laughed at him, I encouraged him to be funnier.

When he retired, his son took over, fresh out of school. I asked my doctor if his son were funny. He said, "No, but he thinks he is." Of course, I was laughing sooo hard. The son is very friendly and funny.

I love nurse practitioners.