Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just One of the Family

Cujo and his first shirt. Doesn't he look so happy? I will have to alter my pattern, the sleeves are too long. He was very patient with the dressing part. He wasn't thrilled, mind you, but tolerant.

He went for a ride through the park on the golf cart to spread his cuteness to others. Martha commented that it must be his first day of school. He looked at me with suspicion, but I reassured him, I would never let him leave my side.

He has finally stopped swallowing his food whole. He is friendlier, as long as I am holding him, with strangers. The other dogs have accepted the fact that he is now one of them and is not going anywhere. Oscar seems to like him, which is very unusual for him to accept another dog into the pack so quickly. Oscar is, after all, the alpha. As timid as Cujo is, he will stand up to Oscar. The only other dog that would ever do that was Emmy, Oscar's mate.

Cujo is like Emmy in many ways. He is content to spend most of his time in my lap, or just to be near me on the floor of my sewing room. Emmy had a pillow she would lay on in my sewing room. Cujo has created a little nest of sorts. Out of fabric scraps that hit the floor and an old T-shirt that was destined for a re-make. He has his own toy wiener dog that he keeps in his little nest. If I move it, he will pick it up and put it back in his nest. He has other toys that he shares with the pack, but not this one.

Try, though he did, he could not shake his shirt off. I took pity and removed it for him and was rewarded with a kiss. Although it is not unusual for a dog to grant a big kiss with a swipe of his tongue; Cujo is not apt to do so. His accepts my kisses like a gentleman, but very rarely does he return them. He will lay his little head on my shoulder, but his is very reserved.

My choice of the name still annoys He Who still calls the dog Jo-Jo. I still like the irony of the name and he is, after all, MY dog. He chose me. He has established himself into the family now. Even Martha, the boy cat, has learned to tolerate the new dog.


Brian Miller said...

hahaha i love the pic of him trying to shake his shirt off...ears going everywhere, if i was a dog i would try to shake clothes off if my owner put them on me...ha

Linda O'Connell said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! He looks overjoyed.

Val said...

I love the little sleeves coming down over his paws.

Kathy G said...

Yes, he does NOT look like a Cujo-especially with the shirt on!

Rae said...

He is very cute.

joanne said...

he is adorable. And if Martha the boy cat is comfortable with his name then jojo the dog can be happy with cujo!

SkippyMom said...


As an owner of dachshunds I can say his name is aptly picked. They may not be as big or as fierce as a "Cujo" but my gawd they certainly think they are.

We call it the Napoleonic complex. ::giggle::

And yes - you see what we put on [the long suffering] Spot. He looks absolutely *thrilled*.

So happy for you. :)