Thursday, June 6, 2013

Morning Coffee

I was going to add some pictures to this, but my Internet is moving so very slowly today. I think the wind that mangled my billboard also affected the cell tower nearby. I think I will be calling Sprint later today.

I overslept this morning. That's not true, I wasn't actually sleeping. I woke at my usual hour to find that I had been sleeping with my arm flung over my head and my head turned to the side with my ear folded against my head. It was my right arm, with the arthritic elbow and thumb. I carefully moved it to my side and decided to lie there until the throbbing stopped. I unfolded my ear and kept my eyes shut, trying to fool Toni Louise into thinking it was still night-night time.

She was not fooled, but played along. She carefully inched closer and laid her sweet head on my neck, her whiskers tickling my chin. I heard Wall-E pacing on the floor, anxious to go out. Oscar was content to stay in bed with me. He Who could sleep through an invasion was blissfully unaware of all this activity going on.

Wall-E's pacing encouraged Toni to crawl onto my chest and dig her bony elbows into my neck, cutting off my air supply, while she investigated my now open eyeballs. You will recall that Toni Louise has an eyeball fetish. I gave up and got up.

As I was gently carrying Oscar, the fat old dachshund towards the back door to set his short legs down in the grass, the phone rang and I put him on the floor to answer it. I opened the door to the back yard to let the dogs out while talking on the phone. Thinking I had let three dogs out, I went to the coffee maker while still on the phone.

Coffee making accomplished, I turned to see that Oscar had not gone out after all and he had peed on my kitchen floor. Not a good way to start the day.

Yesterday I was up early, after promising the nice lady in the pop-up that I would brew coffee in the office for her. I stumbled out and made the coffee before I even got dressed. The dogs were all fed and back out again by 7 am. I unlocked the office door and took a little stroll along the front of the building as I sipped my first cup of coffee. I looked toward the campsite to discover my coffee drinking camper had already gone!

I suppose she got coffee elsewhere.


Joanne Noragon said...

So you got the whole pot. You deserved it. I'm with you on the damn annoyance of the arthritic elbow and thumb. Mine are left. How can the two be connected so; they hurt together and twice as much.

mamahasspoken said...

Oh well guessing your pop-up camper was a bit of a hurry to wait for that cup of coffee ;o)

Pat said...

Let's just think that the lady got up REAL early and hit the road. She saw your lights still out and tip-toed past the office. m'kay? ;)

ellen abbott said...

Arthritis in both my thumb joints. Elbows don't bother me though. The gym here started a yoga class and the young thing that leads it loves to do down dog and up dog, back and forth, over and over. By the time she goes on to something else, my thumb joints are screaming.

Linda O'Connell said...

Well that's a fine howdy-do. Your dogs love you, that is so sweet. Have a great weekend, wishing you happy campers.