Monday, June 17, 2013

He Who Procrastinates ......

My internet fix was short lived. I have not been able to get on-line for more than 5 minutes at a time before it bumps me off all weekend. Keeping my sweaty fingers crossed ......

The humidity is insane. Weeding all morning before it started to rain. I seem to have weeds in my weeds. I stacked firewood before the weekend began, in order to mow. The log splitter is set up adjacent to the wood pile. One would think that it would be an easy task to stack the split wood on the existing wood pile.

Last time we had some trees down, He Who wields a chainsaw and he little buddy (I refer to them as Fred and Barney) unceremoniously dumped the logs in the middle of a grassy area. I "mentioned" my displeasure several times. I am the mower of that area, as it is small and would be difficult to maneuver on the rider. I do not like tall grass unless I have planted it deliberately. It looks like a snake-filled hazard. I was told on numerous occasion that they "would get to it".

They never did and I moved each and every piece myself. Logs are round and they will roll. I stacked what could be stacked and had a nice pile next to the splitter. I carefully mower the foot high grass and it has even started to fill-in the bare spots. Then came the tornado and we lost some trees. Fred and Barney went out with trailer and the chainsaw. Did they follow my lead and neatly stack this new batch of logs to be split? No, they did not.

In addition to that, they had split a stack of logs before the bad weather. Three men were on this splitting task. You know how boys will flock to the sound of a gasoline engine and want to play. I suggested that they stack the split wood onto the wood pile. My suggestion fell on deaf ears as they all joined in and started handing logs to the splitter and seeming to take much pleasure in tossing the split wood hither and thither, nowhere near the wood pile, but on the grass. They ended up with an unsightly pile in sort of an hourglass configuration ........ on the grass. To add insult to injury, this blob of split firewood was then covered with an old bill board banner, printed side up. It was lovely.

It was covered to keep it dry. Seemed like a good idea. But, that would be under normal circumstances and not the torrential downpours of late. The water lay in puddles under this make-shift tarp ( We have lots of tarps in our possession. Plain tarps that don't advertise in letters as big as I am.). The water was trapped under there and as the temperature and humidity rose it sort of steamed the wood and kept it moist.

So, I suppose we all know who removed the offending bill board banner and stacked the wood carefully on the wood pile while sliding around in the resulting mud. And that brings me to my new irritation.

We have a fire hose that is used to fill the pool. Three of them as a matter of fact. I don't know if any of you know this, but a fire hose is heavy! I can lift one on my own. Especially if I am mad and determined. But two hooked together is just not possible. It takes two to reach the pool when connected to the hydrant. They are locked together and so far no one has been able to disconnect them.

After the filling of the pool, I always am eager to get this up and put away. He Who is supposed to be in charge of all things pool related is never as eager as I am. He prefers to let it lay there "a day or two" so that it dries out and is lighter. Every year I nag incessantly. It always rains on the hose, defeating the purpose of the "day or two to dry out". I always end up rolling it up to the sidewalk next to the restrooms and then trying to pick it up.

"Don't do that, you will hurt yourself." I hear this every year. The pool has been filled for nearly a month. And guess where the fire hose sits all coiled up? No, you are wrong. As of this morning it is now on the hand truck and later today, I will roll it around to it's storage place.

The dynamic duo are laying sewer line today. I suppose I could have a nastier chore to do. This will not stop me from pointing out that, had this been done when I asked, it would not have been an issue. You would think that after nearly 40 years, he would have figured out that I am always right.


Joanne Noragon said...

If there were a cure for He Who syndrome the entire world would rest easy.

Val said...

Ack! I am struggling with a miniscule indoor version of this syndrome tonight, involving a metal fork in a non-stick skillet.

Brian Miller said...

ha. you have to forgive us feeble minded takes us a while...smiles.

Rae said...

Reading this made me smile. I live with one of those procrastinators too. Drives me crazy. I understand completely.
Yes, I'm back to blogging and with a new blog.