Monday, March 4, 2013

March On

After a restless night with one dog coughing and one dog jabbing her elbows into my side while I fought to pull covers back on me, I got up. No rest for the weary. I was determined to have a good day. That thought was re-enforced with that first sip of hot coffee. Good, strong, black coffee from my secret stash of beans that my best, most loving son brought to me on his last visit. I have been using them sparingly to make them last.

I fed the cat and the dogs and then took my reward to the couch to sip leisurely as I checked e-mail and awoke slowly with the Today show. It is Monday. Floor day. This is the day of the week that I clean all things on the bottom. The floors get swept, vacuumed and mopped. The bath tub gets scoured and the store floor gets a good once over, unless it needs more. It just so happens to need a lot more. The temperature has risen and the snow is melting and creating huge puddles of gravel and dirt water. This is coming in on the boots of he who thinks them to be clean ...... he just stepped in water and rinsed them, after all.

I am thinking about all this as they drone on about some nonsense on the Today show. I am seriously considering watching something pre-recorded and delaying my floor day experience when the phone rings. It is not even 10:00 and I am not dressed properly, unless velour pants and a sweatshirt over my nightshirt is okay. I didn't want to start a fire, as floor day includes cleaning the mountain of ash out of the wood stove.

Thinking it is probably a computer generated effort to sell me a time-share or a cruise that I have already won, I answer with my chipper voice and find it to be the woman that made a reservation last night. The woman who called twice to enquire about the facilities and to ask if I was open. The first call was to get the info, second call was to reserve a spot. I guess they needed to discuss this major event in private, although she repeated every word I said to her mate while we were on the first call ......... I answered all her questions cheerfully, even the one about check-in time. Check-IN time is any time AFTER noon, since check-OUT time IS noon.

Only slightly annoyed I tell her that I will come into the office and check her in. This time of year it is not a big issue and until I have had my second cup of my magic elixir, I am in no mood to argue the point. I give her a map and send her on her way. "Do you want me to shut the door?" she asks on her way out. I tell her I will get it, as I am going to hop into the shower.

I get out some proper clothes and decide to make the bed and sort the laundry. I add the lovely ensemble I am wearing and then head into the bathroom. I grabbed the cleaning supplies and scrubbed the tub, then started my shower. I can hear the buzzer to the office door, but I ignore it. I am wet and naked and have no intention of rushing my shower, as it is probably He Who lives here. The dogs start snarling and barking. I know now that it is not He Who is their daddy at the door. Doesn't change the pace of my shower, though.

I get out and dress and continue with my floor day activities. I am headed to the main living area, done with the bathroom and bedroom when He Who lives here does come in. Now, every time he comes into the park, doesn't matter how long he has been gone, he does a drive-thru. Today was no different. He asks me about the people I checked in this morning. I won't repeat his term for them, it was not very nice.

He had an encounter with the man on his drive-thru. I had only dealt with the female half of the duo. The gentleman took the time to be outraged that we should charge $30 a night (my prices are comparable and even lower than other parks in this area). Seems he was upset about the condition of our roads  and how muddy everything is. We should do something about it.

What should we do? Pump the water away? Shop vac his site? Where to put the water? Just when I think I heard heard every complaint there is, a new one comes along. Rumor has it that we are in for another snow storm tonight. It is March ..... time for all this snow to march on out of here!


Brian Miller said...

we are supposed to get pounded with snow tomorrow night...

um muddy at a campgroud...go figure...ha

mamahasspoken said...

I'm shaking my head and wondering what in the heck did they think they would see at a campground.......

Linda O'Connell said...

People! Snow! Bah humbug. Want to come clean my bathroom?

SkippyMom said...

People make me wonder sometimes. Then I chalk it up to all the people I have ever known that aren't happy with themselves if they are bitchin' about something or making someone else miserable.

And it IS camping for the love of pete. Yeesh. You want dry underfoot? Go to the Motel 6.

Nice job getting everything accomplished. With our snow day? I managed a pie. And a wreath. OH, and a nap. Lazy bones I am.

Good luck checking them out.

SkippyMom said...

Should say "UNLESS THEY ARE. . ."

Can you tell I am still tired? Bah.

Anonymous said...

Sounds much like the old man we encountered while hiking in Sequoia National Park many decades ago. He was grumbling about the dirt on the trail. We were dressed in hiking gear, he was wearing dress shoes. We still joke about that when we go to the mountains. "Look at all this dirt. They really should do something."