Friday, March 22, 2013

Do You Smell Smoke?

Snow, they tell me will be back this weekend. So, what's a sewer to do? Play with small scraps of fabric.

I recently learned that my granddaughter, Layla, is enchanted with owls. I was warned by her mom, my daughter, to not go nuts and start sewing up a bunch of stuff and sending it. She knows me well. But, with Layla on my mind and a whole room full of fabric, what was I to do? I fiddled around and copying a Pinterest post I made some owls.

These are the experiments. I am not fond of the squatty one in blue. His name is Al. Olivia is pink and black and tiny, I think she is a keeper. The next one was my first try and I am fond of her yellow eyes, I have dubbed her Penelope. The green one ......, well my thoughts had shifted to Gavin, whose favorite color is green and I decided to call him George.

Even as a small child I was able to amuse myself.

Cabin fever, with a touch of spring cleaning led me to organize all my spools of ribbons. They were in plastic bins because I was unable to find a dowel small enough, yet sturdy enough to fit in the small hole of the spool. Why it took me so long to just make the hole larger, I do not know.

Still adding to my inseam rug, finally remembered to buy more glue. It is about 3' in diameter now. The oval shape has gone. Next time I will remember to start a longer straight line in the middle to maintain the shape ........ if ever I do this again!

I am still collecting inseams and other seams and have decided to ad some colors.

Taking a little break from the 6' rug. My thumb is on strike!


Still harvesting strips of denim, though.

Birthday season is upon me. My great-granddaughter will soon be 4! April is the month for her, Jailynn shares the month with Makenzie and Gage. They will be 24 and 18. I was a very young grandmother!

I am enjoying making dresses for Jailynn. I picture her in my mind as I sew. I like to include a dress for her doll, too.

She can celebrate Independence Day in style.

I decided to accompany He Who had a doctor's appointment yesterday. He needed two of his prescriptions filled and I knew better than to give him a complicated assignment. He is blissfully ignorant about his medications. I fill his pill taker and all he has to do is remember to take them. I check them daily to make sure he does.

So, this is how I found myself in WalMart perusing the Clearance aisle. I was pushing my cart along and thinking that it smelled like smoke in this store. Wondering if some ne'er-do-well has decided to take up residence and is cooking over an open fire, I start sniffing the air. I don't see anyone one else who seems to notice the smoky smell.

Try to be discreet I turn my head to the right and then to the left sniffing and hoping to locate the source before I ask other people if they smell it, too. Pretending to take a close look at the merchandise to my right I turn my head and discover the source of the smoky aroma ......... ME! It is my jacket that hangs right inside the door of our living area where the wood stove is.
Wonder what the lady I started to ask if she smelled the smoke would have said?


Kathy G said...

I suspect your store will be stocked with a few owls this season :-)

mamahasspoken said...

I'm giggling here because the smoke story has happen to me too especially when I lived at my parents' home.
Now days, I LOVE the smell of wood smoke....

Linda O'Connell said...

I am laughing out loud. That is exactly something I would do! Love your owls.

Brian Miller said...

ha. your owns are cool...and that inseam rug is really cool....we are due snow here as well this weekend...ack!

joanne said...

all your little projects are so very cool and I am just ashamed at myself for sitting here and doing nothing of great importance! Haha, love the coat story, probably smelled just like every one else out shopping in the cold weather...;j

Joanne Noragon said...

Our studio is heated by a wood stove. One time before I went to a show we were trying to get a fire up with some really punky wood. The studio filled with smoke. A lot of new stock smelled to high heaven. I hoped it would air out some at the show. But, first thing in the morning a girl picked up the smokiest. Her friend pointed out the smell. I said it was from the wood burner in the studio. The girl buried her face, inhaled deeply. I Love Wood Smoke. She bought it.

Val said...

Those owls are cuter than a speckled pup!

Anonymous said...

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ellen abbott said...

you are so clever!

Chickadee said...

You are so creative! Owls like that are the rage right now so I bet you could sell those no problemo

Meggie said...

You made me smile Kathy. I loved seeing your sewing treats too. I love owls myself and have quite a little collection...well, dont tell anyone, but it grew, just like Topsy!