Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thunder Snow, That's What THey Call It

I awoke this morning fully expecting to see a nice white blanket on my grounds. The weather forecast had told us that the snow would start at about 3 am and to beware of the morning rush hour. The morning rush hour does not apply to me, unless you count the rush to the back door to take my canine crew out to perform their morning ritual.

But, instead of my nice white blanket, There was the same half dead grass winter yard looking bleak. Coffee and dog food taken care of I layered on my cuddle duds and comfy fleece pants and shirt, then climbed onto my love seat with all four pets vying for the favored position next to me. Wall-E won and I turned on the Today Show. The line is running along the bottom of the screen announcing closings and I glance at the window to see if any snow does fall. It doesn't. It is cold, very cold. Low 20's with a much lower wind chill factor. I can see the branches of the evergreen swaying in my back yard.

He Who Tows was out most of the night and I decide I should "be quiet" and let him sleep as long as he can, since the storm is so slow in coming. By "be quiet" I mean that I am going to park my butt in front of the TV and watch all the shows that were on last night without commercials.

Barely into my first half-hour of lazy, I heard He Who sleeps with his cell phone get a call. I look at the window and the snow is falling. Fast and lots of it. I love the snow. It covers all the dirty, ugly ground and makes it look clean.

I doubt I will see much of He Who Tows today. I always wonder why people venture out when road conditions are poor. It's not like they didn't know it was coming. A whole day's warning. I know how to drive in the snow. If I needed to go out. But, it is the people who think they know how to drive in snow that worries me. And they are out there keeping the tow trucks busy.

I tried to encourage my canines to go out again. Wall-E stared up at me with big tears in his eyes, but went out and relieved himself quickly. Oscar simply refused to go out and peed on the floor while I was getting Wall-E out. He doesn't do inclement weather. Toni Louise was gleeful as she bounded through the snow, oblivious to the cold. It is a mixture of sleet and snow and I can hear it hit the ground. Big wet flakes fall on her black fur and melt immediately as she races through the yard. The ground has a good cover already and the forecast has increased to 8 inches. She must be laying trails for later. She is intuitive, my strange little dog with the eyeball sniffing fetish.

As I write this, I see a flash of lightening and hear thunder rumbling. I suppose the forecast was right, just late.


Val said...

Well, speaking only for myself...we venture out for a 44 oz. Diet Coke. Never mind that a 20-pack of cans sits on the floor in front of the basement mini-fridge. I, too, worry about those people in their tiny cars and 2WD trucks without a load of wood in the back who THINK they know how to drive.

I've never needed a tow, except for that one winter when I DIDN'T drive my car for 24 hours and the fuel line froze while it was parked in front of my rented house.

Your He-Who will be busy all day and night, I think.

Joanne Noragon said...

A big three inch blizzard! Just drifting lightly down, up here (for a change!).

Brian Miller said...

thunder snow is pretty amazing actually...and we've had a couple of those that when they hit they hit and all of a sudden you have half a safe...

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh we've got a blanket of white and a top sheet of sleet.

mamahasspoken said...

I don't travel in snow either. Instead, I like to sit in my bay window that is in front of my house and watch the idiots who think they can make it up the hill. Yea, entertainment at it's finest :o)

Vicky said...

We had thunder and lightening yesterday but ours was a summer storm and just made it more humid !