Saturday, January 5, 2013

Poof, It Vanished

All week long I have been anticipating the promised warm spell of weather. I do realize that the forecast can change. Can I help it if I was watching a Lifetime movie instead of the news? News is depressing.

It did warm up yesterday and I was so happy to go outside and move some firewood to the pile adjacent to the back door. We were running very low and I had been fighting the wind and cold, tromping through wet areas just to get an armload of wood. Well, that and it was my time outside.

Today was supposed to be warmer than yesterday. A balmy 38. Still, I put on my long johns and thick socks as I dressed for my voyage to the grocery. He Who Plumbs had been outside all morning, so I asked him if I needed a coat. I had jeans and a sweat shirt, along with my cuddle duds under it all and he informed me that it was "nice" out. And it was. When I left the confines of the park.

I went first into the Alco store. Just because it is right there, next to the grocery. And who knows what clearance item might enchant me. I did happen upon an extra 10% off clearance items. And ..... if that was not exciting enough, they had day-glo green long-sleeved T's on clearance! Only two left in his size, but ...... they also had a buy one/get one for 60% off on the short sleeved variety of the same shirt. I got 4 shirts for He Who Tows. Then I stumbled on some socks for him.

I was quite pleased with myself as I left the store to put my bag in the car. Until the wind blown sleet hit me in the face. Not one to be so easily discouraged, I pushed on to the grocery. They had chuck roast for $2.69 lb. and I was determined to get my beef! That is cheaper than lean ground beef! So many things I can do with a roast, but I will spare you the list.

I battled the wind and loaded my groceries and headed home, still pleased with my money saving ways. I was also a good Samaritan while shopping. I don't know why this always happens to me. People will approach me and ask for help finding things. One time someone even asked if I would mix some paint in WalMart. I know how, but I didn't know if my expertise would be appreciated by the personnel. Of course someone would need to show up at the paint mixing counter to out me and we all know how unlikely that would be.

So there I was, debating the need for stale Christmas cookies at 60% off when a sweet little lady asked me where the cold remedies were. Instead of politely telling her that I did not work there, I led her to the aisle and she found her favorite remedy. She was thanking me and mentioned that she still needed to drive back to the place she had been staying and hoped that she would be able to locate the interstate. I patiently explained how very easy it was to get there and finally went on my way ....... without the stale cookies.

The same lady was at the check out counter when I arrived. She asked for directions to the interstate again from the man behind in line. Then she asked the man behind the counter for directions. She started out the store and asked all of us if she should turn left or right when she left the parking lot ....... I feel certain that she stopped several more times as she traveled those 5 miles to the interstate.

It is wet and cold again. My toes are still frozen from the two trips I made to get all my stuff inside. Then after putting away the groceries I perused my receipts and found that the 60% had not been taken off that second short sleeved day-glo t-shirt. My good mood has vanished. Just like that. Poof. It is gone.


Val said...

That is a travesty of cashiering! My condolences.

I was in an upbeat mood yesterday, it being Friday and all, with the whole weekend ahead. My favorite Walmart checker beckoned me into her empty line. She even came around the corner and started getting things out of my cart! But in doing so, she told me such a tale of woe that I was nearly in tears.

Congrats on scoring those day-glo green Ts. At least you got a bargain on three out of four.

Brian Miller said...

oh did a good thing though for the lady...oh my...i hope she finds her way somewhere or at least to someone else to ask directions of...ha

Joanne Noragon said...

That wind was blowing all over NE United States yesterday, apparently, but did spare us the sleet.

Was there a limit of three day glo discounts to a customer?

Linda O'Connell said...

Holy cow, the wind was fierce and they said it was going to be sunny and 40! Day Glo shirts, he'll be seen form afar.

mamahasspoken said...

I had the same thing happen to me today too! I mean the 'poof' part. Went shopping and was proud of the fact that I found a great buy in clearance on hand towels that would make a wonderful bunko prize. I paid for them and watched the clerk hand it to the bag boy. But only God knows what he did with them because when I put all the groceries away, the towels were gone. Of course I called the store, they couldn't find the towels at the registrar. Now I have to make a trip back to get my money refunded >:/

luksky said...

I HATE when that happens!! One time too many I have bought something that was on clearance that didn't ring up and I don't notice until I get home. Most the time I wouldn't even have bought the item in the first place without that huge markdown. Now I'm freakish and always watch the display like a hawk when I have markdown items to ensure I get my discount!!

ellen abbott said...

it's been overcast, cold, and wet here for the last week. I'm ready for at least one sunny day.