Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cold Toes

I waken slowly to the weak light filtered through the shade. My toes are cold. I wiggle them and the cat grabs them through the thin quilt.

Not sure when I grabbed the quilt and flipped around with my head at the foot of the bed. I long to snuggle under a pile of covers and sleep, all warm and toasty. The room is getting lighter as I try to recall the dream I was lost in. I can't recapture it. I wonder about getting under the proper sheet and blankets. Will I wake completely if I attempt this. More important, will I wake the dogs? Will I have to take them out?

I lay still, so still. Trying to hang onto sleep. If I tuck one foot into my knee to warm my toes I might create too much movement and make the dogs jump to the floor. The cat is still toying with my toes and he bites into them through the quilt. I grunt the negative grunt that indicates to all animals to leave their mistress sleeping.

The cat responds by sticking out his claws and grabbing my foot. Displaying cat claws is strictly forbidden and I rue the day he learned to jump the half door and enter my sleeping sanctuary. His action causes me to respond by tossing him to the floor. THUNK. Fat cat hits the floor and has the presence of mind to stay out of my bed. The sound causes the old dachshund to seek shelter under the thin quilt and snuggle next to my belly. Like me he is looking to stay in the warm bed. I just wish it was next to my toes.

I can feel Toni Louise staring at me, trying to will my eyes open so that the day can begin. Wall-E follows the cat to the floor and taps across the surface on his way to the back door.

He Who Tows throws back his covers and leaps out of the bed enthusiastically. He never climbs out carefully, so as not to waken his wife. Even though her poor night of sleep was caused by his snoring. He could have slipped out carefully, leaving a tunnel of warmth for her to crawl into, but, no, the cold air has already invaded the space he left.

Giving up, I shove my cold toes into my cold slippers and shuffle to the back door to let my four legged friends relieve themselves. It is so very wrong to start the day with cold toes!


ellen abbott said...

cold toes, cold fingers...my wintertime state. When mine snores, I simply just go sleep on the couch. I have no trouble deserting the marriage bed under those circumstances. then he has to tell me that I snore too. OK. but my snoring doesn't keep me awake.

Brian Miller said...

i throw myself out of bed each morning....because otherwise i would stay in bed and snuggle...my wife is a bad influence as well trying to keep me there...

Anonymous said...

I go to bed with cold toes and they often don't get warm until midway through the night.

I'm like your husband, I am very enthusiastic about starting the day.

Cathy said...

Give in to vanity Kathy and wear bed socks!
I hate that walk to the back door in the winter - then have to stand waiting while the animal decides if it wants to go out or not.
Take care

Cathy @ Still Waters

Joanne Noragon said...

There is nothing worse than letting cold air invade the tunnel of warmth. Nothing. Not even taxes.

Val said...

I have been cold for a week, and that just made me colder. You need a little fleece blanket from Walmart. That is all that keeps me warm. I wish I could drape myself in it at work.

luksky said...

I always have to laugh at your "he who" stories. My hubby also does not know how to delicately get in or out of the bed...and we have a water bed!!!

Linda O'Connell said...

My husband also doesn't know how to get in or out of bed delicately. He has the need to scent his space, then laugh. I wear warm socks to bed.

SkippyMom said...

You need toe cozies. giggle I cannot sleep in socks, slippers - anything on my feet, so I too appreciate a load of quilts and a warm bed.

And didn't I read a few weeks ago how considerate He Who Tows [I almost wrote "Toes" heehee] was when you are sleeping? Or did I imagine reading that? [Very strong possibility.] Well if you wrote it, then remind him he knows how to leave you cozy - or at the very least leave your blog open to that page. Maybe he will get the hint and you will get a few extra minutes.

Hugs to you my friend. Hope you had the happiest of holidays and your New Year is bright! xoxo Skip