Friday, March 30, 2012

Bubba Keg and Diet Coke

 He who mows and rescues stranded travelers also carries a Bubba Keg everywhere he goes. Take a look at this one. Appetizing? No, it is not.

Yummmmm. Look at the lid.

 Closer, look closer! This particular one has been soaked in bleach water many times. He has several. Three in green and one in turquoise. If I don't hide them, he will mix the stained colors.

I have to get up early to claim the one he is currently using and reassign one that I will fill with ice for him. In case you are wondering, he keeps them filled with Diet Coke. That is all he drinks. No matter what I try to entice him with. Diet Coke. He should be their spokes person.

Does he listen to me when I tell him how very bad this is for him? No. Will he drink water? No. Will he try to take this nasty mug into a restaurant? Yes. Our baby girl sent her Daddy a new Bubba Keg yesterday. It is a beauty. Black. Dignified. And she is in hopes it will not look as dirty as the others. Since it goes on the tractor and the mower with him, I hold no illusions. Clay dirt and grass stains.

I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of the new one before it left the house this morning ......... filled with Diet Coke.

Emmy's ashes came home yesterday. Oscar is still sad. Wall-E is a comfort to all of us, especially me. He has abandoned he who loves him and come over to my side of the bed to sleep where Emmy used to sleep. He has taken over her grooming duties, too.

I am still pulling dandelions and other weeds as I continue to get the gardens in shape. The apple blossoms perfume the air and the hours just fly by as I work outside. That is how I got sunburned, I suppose. I thought it was about 2 o'clock when I headed in on Tuesday, it was 6 o'clock.

So, here I sit after getting up very early to perform my yard chores in the shade. I will sew the sunny afternoon away and venture out again late afternoon.


mamahasspoken said...

Men, they'll drink out of anything with no worries or cares. If I point out a stain and tell them how gross it looks, they'll just remind me that it's clean.

Val said...

Dang! My favorite color is green. But that thing is hideous!

I've read that you can put plastic in the sun for several hours and bleach the stains out. It must not work, if Bubba Keg accompanies He Who all the live-long day and STILL looks like that.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I only drink Coke Zero or Pepsi Max and have been told I drink too much of it and should cut down but do I No

Although I do not think I would be drinking out of that keg it looks kind of yucky to

Howard Steven said...

I love coke and my favorite is diet one. Anyways I really enjoyed reading this blog post. You're very interesting while writing. Thanks for allocation.