Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Run Away

If you might be thinking that my life got a little easier when the last of the holiday campers pulled out, you are wrong!!

There is a huge influx of workers in the area looking for a place to stay for the duration of their particular project. I already have quite a few short term monthly guys here. I have reservations on the books pending throughout the summer. This makes placing workers a juggling act. Some campgrounds will make the workers move from one site to another throughout their stay to accommodate their reservations. The weekend reservations are return business. The base of the business, if you will. Lose that and you might as well shut down. The workers coming through might stay here only one time at the monthly rate which is less that 1/3 of the nightly fee. When they go, you are left with a bunch of empty sites. 

With that in mind, I don't want to cut off my nose to spite my face. In some ways yesterday was worse than the entire holiday weekend. I went into the weekend already disgruntled from dealing with the man that had to be towed out. HeWho has the review sites alert on his phone and insists on reading the reviews left by the spiteful man and his family. I do not need to hear them when I am already super busy and I never respond to them and have forbidden him to. For all I know, he responds without telling me. Responding would mean that I feel the need to defend myself, and I don't. Other campers give me good reviews and some will even  dispute the complainers.

Reading the negative reviews always makes me want to correct the grammar and spelling. The man spelled sheriff "sharif" and one of his children says I over charged them by $20. At least I think that is what he/she meant to imply. In fact I under charged them. I was unaware that there were 7 people involved. Three extra would mean that I lost $24 on the two days they were here. Math, spelling and grammar seem to be lacking.

I knew yesterday was going to be hectic. The workers needing sites were scheduled to be at the new job site that very day. While some of them pulled in early and had their campers waiting in dry storage, and some had the foresight to make reservations ahead of time and they were all coming in, probably all at once and early. 

First in was delivered by someone else. I told him that it was a double site and that he would have someone in front of him. Much to my dismay, I find out that they parked in the middle of the two sites, so that when (at 7:30) this morning I sent the man assigned to that site to park I end up refunding him and sending him on his way.

I was nice enough to let the sleeping husband lay and when he woke he informed me that the truck pulling the camper in did not belong to the people occupying two sites. Later I learned from one of my many watchers (spies) that the middle aged couple in question were seen entering the men's room together and staying for nearly two hours. I do not want to know why, I can only imagine. The  people in a tent site waiting patiently probably heard things they will never be able to unhear and all I can think is that this is strike two. Three strikes will get you out fast. They plan to be here for 6 months and I am regretting their occupancy already on day 2.

Any bookies out there can start placing bets on how long they will  last. Another new arrival from yesterday wanted to go wandering through the park and choose the site she liked the best. No, just no. She wanted the most reserved site I have that does not have sewer! Says she 'don't care' about that. I, however, do care about that. There will be no dumping of the gray water and most certainly not the black water on site. We argued a bit about this and she said he (her husband) wouldn't mind pulling the camper to the dump station periodically. Then we argued about the pending reservations and she refused to understand how this works. Finally I told her that they could take the site I assigned or be on their way. I was told by the husband to simply ignore her and I told him that he needed to keep her under control or he would soon find himself looking elsewhere as I do not plan to argue with her anymore.

Not that I don't love a good debate, mind you, but I am tired and already have enough to deal with. This day is already not looking good. Only good thing is that it is overcast, 64 degrees and rain in the forecast. This means that I won't be dealing with swimmers. I plan to spend my day in the kitchen making strawberry jam and cookies. I might even cook dinner! Maybe I will just run far far away!!      


Linda O'Connell said...

I have been away from my computer and have missed all the fuss at your campground. People really are challenged. I do not know how you do it, especially on holdiay weekends. You should write your campsite memoirs. You have some doozy stories.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some people will complain about anything and everything and not reading those comments is righthe is only stating things as he see them and maybe not how they happened.

Diana said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, really enjoy visiting! Just getting around to commenting because I wanted to read all your posts lol first. I must say, you have an enormous amount of fortitude to do what you have to every day with so many, uh, shall we say, 'varied' folks. We live over in Kansas. Hubby and I tent camped in our earlier years ... way back when we could still get down on and up off of the ground without all the cracking and creaking in our bodies haha. Blessings to you!

River said...

Running far far away does sound like a great idea (Australia?) but imagine the chaos that would ensue the moment you stepped away. Someone needs to keep HeWho in check, not to mention recalcitrant campers.

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope your summer looks up and can make you happy. I will understand, though.

Lu said...

I have been following your blogs over the years and shaking my head at some of the situations you have to deal with. It boggles my mind how clueless and thoughtless some folks are. Let's hope the good campers far outweigh the bad ones, but the bad ones do make for interesting blogs. Hang in there!

Val said...

It's probably a good thing your pool was not open, because I feat that some of these campers might not be smart enough to stop inhaling when they go underwater!