Tuesday, November 10, 2020

I Am Negative!

 Still battling my headache woes. I did call my nurse practitioner and was subjected to a Covid test yesterday. It was negative. Could be allergies. It was 77 degrees here this morning. Then the rain started falling while I was laying in my bed surrounded by my faithful doxies. I had the window open and a nice warm breeze was tickling my bare toes and I dozed off.

When I woke, those toes were cold! Crap, I will have to start wearing shoes again. Thankfully, the phone has been mostly silent today, I had a pan of leftover lasagna in the fridge for dinner and even the animals have been good today. Mr. Bo Jangles was on his best behavior. He jumped on the couch, but refrained from pouncing on my belly. He just settled on my shoulder and watched me sip coffee. Every day he insists on sniffing my coffee to  make sure he doesn't want to taste it. He never does. He probably just wonders why I want to drink it.

Back to my Covid test. We had to drive to Hermann to the testing location. The clinic called the test order in and since we live in a not so densely populated area, I thought it would be fairly quick. I was so wrong. Hermann is not a big place and we knew it was near the hospital. The main road to the hospital was not passable, under repairs. So we had to back track and go a different route. As we approached the hospital, the traffic was not moving.

HeWho was acting as my driver was antsy. He kept trying to back up and pull to one side or another to see "what the problem was". Um .... we were in line. For about 30 minutes. They had two lines and were moving quite efficiently, but still felt like we were in line forever.

As we approached the front of the line, I watched as the health care workers taking the samples walked back and forth from car to the gloving area. They changed gloves between each test, even if the car had more than one "patient" aboard. Being my father's child, my mind was tabulating the numbers of gloves being used. My Dad and I like to count things.

My turn came and she approached with a foot long swab. I was told to tilt my chin up while she inserted that swab into my nose and beyond. Not very comfortable getting to where it was supposed to be, then it had to stay there for 15 seconds. Your impulse is to grab the end and snatch that thing out of your nose! I think mine must have supplied them with a brain tissue sample!

All this just made my head hurt worse. Or maybe counting all those cars and gloves was making it worse. Covid is a drain on our resources. Wonder how long it takes for all that medical waste to break down? Where does it go? Will someone dig a hole in the future and let a mutation of the Covid virus loose on the world? I think I think too much ... maybe.


Val said...

It's good to hear you are negative, but did you find something to help your headache?

River said...

Dig a hole and let a future mutation lose upon the world?
There's a scary thought.
If the cause isn't stress or Covid, I'd be thinking allergies too. I get awful headaches and tiredness from the hot north winds that bring all kinds of pollens down from Central Australia. Not to mention the rest of the allergy symptoms.

River said...

"loose" not 'lose'

Linda O'Connell said...

Sinus and allergy headaches are horrible. Your sleeping arrangements sound crowded: toenails in ears. LOL Glad you tested negative.

Maybe you can get some rest from the campers once a cold spell settles in. I sure hope so for you. That was interesting info about credit card #s.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

ellen abbott said...

I think they incinerate medical waste. so glad you test was negative.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Many have had that test that feels like they have brain tissue attached.
My grandson had it done the first time he was tested but not the second time

dkzody said...

Glad you were able to get a negative reading. The virus is going wild all over the country. We all have to make more sacrifice to get it slowed before we can be vaccinated.

Amanda said...

I had a Covid test; thought the gal was drilling for oil. I take pride on toughing out medical tests, but I was squalling like a bear cub. I cannot shake the belief this thing is skeletal/muscular and a good deep massage or some acupuncture sessions would do you more good than jars of painkillers.