Thursday, October 22, 2020

Weekends Were Made For Insomnia

I am thinking I need a re-do on the entire month. Or at least today. I just brewed my third cup of coffee, having managed to pour the second cup down the front of myself. I guess I should be thankful it wasn't as hot as it could have been.

We have been so very busy here and the wifi connection is just not all it should be. Add to that a man who refuses to take care of himself, relying totally on me to monitor his bad choices of food and drink to keep him healthy. No gravel to fill in the hollows created by the rains and the campers who never fail to complain and I find that I am a bit short tempered.

Well, maybe not just a bit. HeWho knows better has been swilling Diet Coke again. He had a spike in his blood pressure about 6 months ago and we determined (nurse practitioner and I) that it was his exclusive drink choice of Diet Coke to be the culprit. We doubled his Lisinopril and he stopped drinking Diet Coke and sure enough, his blood pressure came back down to an acceptable level.

Then we got extremely busy and he decided he could have Diet Coke again. He has said that water gives him indigestion. I found that amusing and so did our doctor. Anyway, the Diet Coke slowly slipped back into his normal 2 liters a day. Then he decided he should be able to have fast food occasionally. Then occasionally turned into pretty often. I would always tell him not to get the fries, but he would eat them on the way home. You do know that if I don't see the food go into his mouth, it doesn't count, right?

So now we (meaning me) are monitoring his BP 3 times a day and they added another medication. He is drinking water. Like a martyr. Sadly, like all the pleasure in his life has been sucked away. My insomnia has decided to return with a vengeance and I find that I am becoming increasingly ill tempered.

The weekends have been jam packed with Oktoberfest revelers. I had to put a larger sign up about wearing masks. Some people still seem to think they are exempt and my temper has been serving me well in that respect. I am willing to lose a customer over the mask issue. My next sign will be "No Clothes, No Mask, No Service". I don't even require shoes!

I assigned a camper to a double site that has a long term camper in the back part of the site. The long term camper had parked their vehicle in the site I assigned to the weekend camper. I dispatched HeWho to correct this problem while I grabbed a very quick shower. I always tell long term campers NOT to park in an empty site. If they want to pay for the site they can use it, but I have to use all the hook-ups at my disposal in order to make money to pay my bills.

The woman chose today  to complain about her site. She has been in this site for 3 weeks with no complaints and now with only 1 week left she wants to move to the other side of the park. Her complaint is that the park has too many campers on the weekend and the camper next to them (also long term) wakes them up at 5 am when he leaves for work. And furthermore, where is she supposed to park her truck if she can't park it on the site in front of her? Um, maybe next to her camper on the grass? Like everyone else.

HeWho brought her concerns to me and asked if we could move her to the other side of the park. My first response was "NO." Then I took a look at my chart for the weekend. I was going to honor her request and flip flop the reservation for a site on the other side of the park with her. Then I realized that if I did, and the site in front of her was occupied , I would not be able the use her site at all, because the reservation would be coming in after the site in front was already occupied and the fifth wheel that needed the 50 amp site would not be able to get their vehicle out. So, I tried, but the answer was still "NO." Had she approached me BEFORE I had all these reservations assigned, I would have been happy to accommodate her. 

The phone is still my biggest annoyance. Entertaining, but annoying. I was taking a reservation this week, the camper asked if I had anything available and when I looked and told him what I had, he said he would take it and see me this weekend, goodbye. "Wait, I need some information." said I. I asked for his name and then told him I would need a credit card to secure his reservation. He said, okay, then a long pause followed. I told him I was ready when he was and he said, "Oh, you want the number?" You just can't make this stuff up.


ellen abbott said...

amazing how many people are selfish and self-centered and four years of the self-centered chief has made them feel even more entitled.

and two liters a day? of coke? that's enough to poison even healthy people. especially diet anything.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You are not alone feeling like this

Joanne Noragon said...

Here's to an early, hard winter. HeWho will be snowed out of all diet drinks and fried foods.SheWho can visit grandchildren.

Linda O'Connell said...

You do have your hands full. My husband sneaks diet Coke upstairs from the basement fridge and tells me he has two a day, but I hear the pop of those cans opening from 7 am to 7 pm.
He refuses to listen, too.

Talk about weirdos, they have been out in fullforce. I saw a guy walking down the street smoking TWO cigarettes simultaneously.

River said...

I got exhausted just reading this! How you stay sane I'll never know. and please pardon me for being rude, but HeWho knows better deserves a smack upside the head for relying on you to monitor his diet and then cheating on it.

Kathy G said...

I agree with River...HeWho's diet should be his responsibility. He's taking the coward's way out by having you monitor it.

Val said...

My mom was also a Diet Coke drinker, but she switched to Caffeine Free. (What's the point, then?) Also, she said she didn't like the "taste" of water.

Amanda said...

Used to work for National Park Service. Often swore to a friend of mine who works for a major publisher that he would reject half the stuff I dealt with if his writers put it in their stories because his readers would find it unbelievable. Never mind that he was buying fantasy and science fiction. Even those people have their limits!