Saturday, September 10, 2016

More about Bananas and a little Aggression about Regression

The apples are ready. The rain and wind threw them on the ground last night. I know, they have spots. But these are organic. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers here, so you get some spots. They are so sweet and juicy. I can finally open my mouth enough to bite into one!

The banana tree this morning. See the cluster of pink blooms?

It was hard to get a shot from behind, but there are three tiny bananas there with the pink flowers hanging from the bottom.

The blooms are a wonderful shade of pink, the camera does not do them justice. I feel like a proud new parent of triplets!

Enough about bananas. I will let you know what they taste like eventually. I made a trip to the local market today. It was as much to get away from the property as it was to pick up a few necessities. We were out of ketchup, you see. HeWho loves peanut butter also loves to slather his food with ketchup.

Does it bother me that he always puts twice as much as he actually eats on his plate? Why, yes, yes it does. Waste, I hate waste. But, I have come to realize that my nagging does not change anything. I also nag about smoking in my car, but for some reason known only to the smoker, he thinks Febreeze eliminates the odor. It does not.

Is it so much to ask that he not smoke in my car? He brought the car to the front of the building for my use. He has been using my car because the air conditioner went out in his ...... So, why, I wonder was the HEATER on in my car that smelled like cigarette smoke and some strange tropical concoction? It did not escape my notice that the interior of my car is jam packed with all manner of junk. A tire from the golf cart, a saw, a light fixture. A box with what appears to be trash in it and the big cooler used to haul the frozen supplies for the store from Sam's. This was just the top layer. It is, once again impossible to use the cup holders for their intended purpose. Loose coins and all kinds of fuses and electrical junk fill them.

I was pretty annoyed that I had to hunt for a place to put the groceries and then when I got home with them find that the back door behind the drivers seat is malfunctioning. Bad enough that he broke the lever that adjust the back of the drivers seat and I have to ride with my chest in the steering wheel in order to be able to see. It is locked in the position he prefers.

Do not suggest that we trade vehicles. His car can only accommodate one person. The passenger seat is filled from the floor to the top of the seat with various necessities. These necessities cannot necessarily be found, so he just purchases more and adds to the collection. I would not mind cleaning it out and have offered to do so. His car only has one key and it is always on his person, so I can't access the interior.

Same thing with the golf cart. Same thing with his beloved barn. As his messiness is creeping into my domain, I am rebelling. As I was putting away laundry yesterday, I made a new discovery. Apparently, he pulled out two long sleeved T's and decided not to wear either of them. Like a teenage girl he announced that he didn't have anything to wear. I redirected him to the correct shelf that holds no less than 2 dozen short sleeved T's. So, as I was putting away the clean and folded laundry, I found the 2 long sleeved T's wadded together into a big ball and stuffed atop a stack of short sleeved T's.

This regression into childhood will have to stop if he expects to live with me in an RV for the next chapter of our lives!


Joanne Noragon said...

But, Kathy, nothing will change. You need a new plan.

luksky said...

Every time you speak of your "he who" I think of my ex-husband. They seem to be long lost twins. I feel for you...hahaha

Linda O'Connell said...

I am beginning to think He Who better give up your ride before you do something drastic.

That is amazing your banana tree is producing. When we were in Mexico one year there was a banana tree outside our balcony window. Those bananas were SO sweet.

ellen abbott said...

the bananas probably won't be the kind you can peel and eat but if you slice them up and saute them in some butter that will bring out their sweetness.

Anonymous said...

Reading your description of the cars gave me the heebie-jeebies. I could not handle that kind of mess in my car. And MY husband? He would simple divorce me if I tried to put any junk in his car. He does allow me to have a water bottle (ONE) in his car, but even that makes him nervous. His car is immaculate.

joanne said...

I've not ever known anyone that has grown bananas. The flowers are pretty and I am curious aas to the taste. As for the 'he who' I just don't kow what to tell you....I have a feeling it only gets worse.

Val said...

I'm pickin' up what you're layin' down! And I DON'T mean it the way you will be doing it following He Who around inside an RV.