Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beware of What You Wear

The preparations for the official opening of camping season (Memorial Day) continue at a frantic pace. A busy weekend kept me at the registration desk. The snow cone machine was busy, too. Two little boys kept coming back for more. At closing time yesterday, I realized they had each had 5 snow cones! With all that sugar, I didn't envy the parents.

Hildy, the Killdeer has added two more eggs to her nest. She has been very gracious about letting me show them off to campers. Henry is none too pleased about the attention, but I think Hildy is proud of her accomplishment.

My finger was healing nicely, with a layer of new skin covering the exposed tissue. I tend to hold it in a pointing position and keep bumping it on various things. But, Friday night, I actually closed the office door on it!! It felt like it was going to explode, but the new skin held and today I am bandage free.

Every day this week has been so very long. The sun starts to show himself around 5:30 in the morning and doesn't hide again until nearly 9:00 pm. I have been outside nearly all that time and have the tan to prove it. I usually try to hide inside and get some necessary chores done in the hottest part of the day. I will confess that I have fallen asleep a couple of times while eating my lunch.

Listening to the news and checking the e-mail for reservations the other night, I heard a segment about a young man killed during a stand off with law enforcement. Nothing out of the ordinary nowadays, but they were interviewing a "neighbor". How do they find these people? Is it the one person who volunteers to go on camera with their opinion and spouts ideas better left unspoken? This particular woman was saying "it weren't right" for the police to fire on this young man who was pointing a weapon at them. Police brutality, she called it and opined that they didn't have to kill him. They "took" his life from him. I suppose it would have been okay if the young man had taken the life of a policeman, after all, they signed up for putting themselves in danger's way. She went on that way into the microphone with her poorly worded accusations toward law enforcement and I looked up at the screen to see what this vessel of great knowledge looked like.

I wish I hadn't, because we were wearing the exact same shirt! I bought it because it was on sale and looked like a good addition to my garden tending wardrobe. I think she might have added it to her "I think I look good" wardrobe. She was exposing a lot of foundation garment, which only enhanced the wisdom she shared from her toothless mouth.

I doubt I will ever don that shirt again. Ever.


mamahasspoken said...

Your story made me chuckle! I've had moments like that too. I would ask hubby if I looked as bad/good as the other person wearing it. Hubby has always been smart enough to not make any comments ;o)

Val said...

Thank goodness she was not jabbing a tipless finger with a fresh layer of new skin at the camera for emphasis.

Practical Parsimony said...

I might have returned the shirt or retired it to the rag bag. They always find the person to talk on tv who can put a spin on the problem and never quit talking. You know, the news has to fill minutes. Some of these people are always victims, even with a gun pointed at the police officer.

Erik's RV Blog said...

These days people look for somebody to blame rather than take responsibility and people help them by finding that person or group to blame. Life is easier when we can blame somebody else for how stupid we can be.

Look at the groupies that are feeling sorry for the Boston bomber because they think he's cute, hey somebody else not so cute must have done it! Good grief.

Finding out you're wearing the same shirt as one of these people can be a shocker I'm sure!

However, you will never grace the "people of Wal-Mart" web page while she probably will. ;)

Check it out, you'll get a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

Oh, get rid of that shirt. And try to keep the finger out of the door. You really have to get well for the "season." I'm looking forward to your continuing saga of campers.

Linda O'Connell said...

You made me laugh. That happened to me once. I loved a particular shirt until I saw it on someone else and then, I gave it away :)Happy camping season.