Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Head Aches

Aches is a verb in the title. Not a noun.

Blogger continues to toy with my commenting ability, which only contributes to my current head ache. This one was long in the making. All about Spring and pollen and wind. It hovered over me for about a week, only hinting at what it could do. I managed to keep it at bay with Aspirin, Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I would sit quietly until it passed, knowing it was right there waiting to pounce like a cat intent on surprise. My goal was to make it through each day until I could lay me down to sleep.

Insomnia kept her distance and I actually slept, but, like one denied water over a long period of time, I could not seem to quench my thirst for sleep. I craved every little drop I could have, even falling asleep with my fingers on the keyboard, in an upright position.

I managed a few hours of housekeeping and answered the phone and took reservations, but I longed for the comfort of my bed and pillow. I tried to sew and did manage to grind out a few things and even had inspiration hit me at one point. But, my heart wasn't in it. I listen to audio books while I sew and the monotone of the voice was like that of a hypnotist. I left my work and came back into my sanctuary to await nightfall.

I had; had meaning past tense, no longer having; a pair of needle nose pliers among my various screwdrivers and parts to my sewing machine handy and ready for use right there on my sewing counter. These come in handy for many things while sewing. One can remove gripper snaps and such with the assistance of these pliers with the tiny tips. I like to have them there for the removal of sewing machine needles when I accidentally sew through my thumb or finger. It is best to yank that needle out as quickly as possible, before your brain receives the message about the injury. Since someone seems to have "borrowed" them, I thought it would be best not to continue sewing in my state. Not to name names or point a finger at anyone, there is only one person brave enough to touch anything in my sewing room. Only one other person living here ........

So, all week long the weather and the headache went to extremes to make me miserable. Then, yesterday it struck with all its' force. Saturday. As the temperature rose slowly, the headache gained momentum. Saturday, in a kampground, is not a good day to lock the door and stick a sign in the window. He who is apt to borrow tools was not around for relief. I fought it as long as I could, then, called him and told him I had to go into a dark, quiet room and try to sleep the headache off.

I slept for about an hour and then got up, only a little relieved. It is still right here, waiting, hovering on the periphery of my vision. I dare not turn my head suddenly or cut my eyes to the left or right, or up or down. Don't want to issue an invitation for a long visit, do I?


mamahasspoken said...

OH my finger hurts at the thought of having a sewing machine needle go through it. Said a little prayer of how thankful I am that it has never happen to me.
Hope you feel better soon!

Pat said...

There is nothing worse than a dang headache. There are times I want to just cut my head off because the pain is so bad. I sure hope you get relief soon. I can't imagine a sewing needle stuck in your finger! OUCH! This is why I do not sew......I am too clumsy and Who knows where that needle will go!

luksky said...

I remember once oh...maybe a year ago I also had issues commenting on blogs. I never could figure out what the issue was so I gave up. Then one day I tried again and I was able to comment again. That's blogger for ya!!

Val said...

Sorry your commenting voice is stifled. Sorrier about your headache. I had a thumper Wednesday night and Thursday. I blame the swirling pollen during my two stints of parking lot duty on Wednesday morning and afternoon. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin in combination barely touched it. Yet Friday morning it was gone. At least with the sewing machine needle, you know the pain will eventually go away.

dkzody said...

I hear you on the headache. I have been surviving on Imitrex the last few weeks. For years now the migraines have been held at bay. I would only get a refill about every three months. Now, more like every three weeks. The air pressure has been up and down like a yo-yo and my head does not react well. Sure hope you are able to hold it off.

Linda O'Connell said...

I do hope you find some relief. I hate those headaches that make you nauseated and the only way to escape is to sleep. Needle in the finger? OMG!

Teri said...

I've heard about a remedy and tried it. Eat honey from local bees. Kinda like a flu shot, the honey contains some of the local pollen and will help with allergies. I think it works, I add the honey to tea and oatmeal.

SkippyMom said...

I am so sorry for your headaches Kathy. They are so debilitating, especially when there is no relief except sleep. [I can state the obvious, can't I? :/]

I hope that you get what you need this week [sleep! no headaches!] We'll be thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.

Love ya! Skip

Carol said...

I had trouble recently leaving comments, here is what I did, with the help of some nice person at the Google Blogger help desk thingy:

1.) Turned off all extensions connected to Chrome (love Chrome, what was IE??? Don't remember)

2.) Closed all browser windows

3.) Restart browser, some functionality returned, but, not all.

4.) Emptied the browser history, NOT passwords, and all that, just the browser history.

Ta Da! Worked

Next time I will try leaving the extension apps alone and just clearing the browsing history.

Good luck, hope this helps you. And, best of luck with that headache snarky stuff too. Hate that!

Venom said...

The entire reason I am not blogging anymore is BLOGGER - it won't even let me sign in, can't do comments most of the time, cannot post. Disheartening.
But, know that I am still lurking Kathy. OXO