Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I have been in a writing slump lately. Not that I don't have plenty to say, just no desire to put it into words.

Sipping hot coffee, I hear that the next segment coming on the Today show is ..... "how to conquer your fears and wear whatever you want". I did not know this was a phobia sweeping the nation.

Looking down at my current attire, I decided that my fears had been conquered long ago. The sun is shining and rumor has it that the temperature will soar into the high 50's this afternoon. I have located the elusive snow boots and may include them in my outfit for an adventure in gardening this afternoon. I have no fear about wearing them out of season.

Not to say that I am fearless.


ellen abbott said...

fears about clothing? seriously? I don't fear the color red, I just don't like to wear it. or yellow for that matter.

Brian Miller said...

ha. spring break this week...and i could care less what i wear...smiles.

Joanne Noragon said...

Full sunshine ahead and to hell with the outfits! Damn the talk shows, full spring ahead.

We need warmth on our shoulders to avoid isanity.

mamahasspoken said...

Yea, I always laugh at those shows because I have no fear of wearing anything in public. I think it's becomes more natural with age ;o)

Cathy said...

Fearless but maybe not trusting in the weather forecast lol
Enjoy the sunshine
Take care

SkippyMom said...

You are too funny. Pooldad and I laughed at this post. A fear of wearing what you want? Really? I think they just make up phobias to make everyone feel included. Who knows. Half the time I am running around in my husbands clothes and a pair of fake Uggs. A fashion plate I am not, but I am a helluva' lot of comfortable. ::grin::

Can we have a pic of you in your gardening clothes with your boots? hee

Hope you had fun and the weather stays warm. It won't get out of the 30s here and it is cold in the house. Grrr.

Val said...

Don't come around here in a silky coat, or you will be accused of stealing and consuming the free-range chicken eggs.

Linda O'Connell said...

As for me and my thrift store clothes...I donlt care what anyone else thinks. Snow boots, however have been banished, because I don't want to tempt fate. Have a great day!

Pat said...

I can't imagine you ever having a problem writing down words! I always enjoy stopping by to see what you or your dogs have been up to! :)