Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Feeling Sentimental

Naughty or nice? I don't know which face has more mischief ..... the child's or the dog's. Zara is 4. The baby of the family and not afraid to exploit that status. After she finished her applesauce, she promptly tossed the container in the trash ...... along with the spoon. Max, the puppy was only too happy to help me dig it out.

Max was suffering with an upset tummy. Unfortunately, Zara was aware of his treat stash and kept handing out dog biscuits. Max objected when I tried to take it away. He apparently had forgotten who I was, though. I did retrieve the treat and Max was a gentleman about it.

Laila, the Boxer (not to be confused with Layla, the granddaughter) came along with her person, Leah to help with the cookie baking event. Sweet dog Laila has been sick and I was happy to get to see her. Who could not love that sweet face?

Happy faces. Chad and Adrienne and son-in-law, Nick making a goofy face. No, wait, that is just Nick!

The absolute sweetest boy in the world. Going on 9 years old and still doesn't complain that I hug and kiss him ...... sometimes in public.

After the Vikings slay the Rams, we opened presents ....

My girls, all in pink, with cousin Layla. Wrapping paper everywhere.

My Jada having a moment with her mom.

After all the gifts and paper got picked up, we all joined in the great unbraiding of two heads of hair. Aunt Jill and I worked on Maya.

Gavin and Layla decorated and ate a giant sugar cookie.

Diane is a lot faster than I am with this unbraiding. Aunt Adrienne giving Jada's scalp a good rub.

This is not a good picture of my son, but, if I had gotten all the good photo ops, I wouldn't have spent any time with my family!

It has been a very quiet day here. I am missing my kids and their kids and even the chaos and noise! I sit here with teary eyes and a smile on my face as I look at the pictures of these faces I miss so much.

Of course, the smoke in my house from the downdraft into the wood stove is contributing to my teary eyes ...... lest you think me to be too sentimental.


Val said...

Well. Max is stylin' in his doggie sweater-vest, and that is one big honkin' cookie! At least you have the pictures for reminiscing.

Kathy G said...

Holidays are sometimes when you make them and not when the calendar says. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration.

Brian Miller said...

i know you are missing them...i am glad though you took that trip and had that time..really great pics of your fam...merry christmas...

mamahasspoken said...

OH I have the same feelings with my granddaughter! Looks like a wonderful time spent making great memories that hopefully will last til next time.

Joanne Noragon said...

All those kids are as lovely as ever! And look at all that holiday snow! Keep warm where you are.

ellen abbott said...

I'm glad you got to have some time with them.

Jeffy said...

We miss you too mommy :(