Monday, January 30, 2017


I am sick. I have no energy, or as my grandmother used to say, "I am weak as snot." Now that I read this in black and white, I am not sure exactly what that means. I imagine the wicked witch in Oz melting. Well, that is pretty weak.

Shooting pains in my ears, sore throat, cough, and the worst thing is the never ending headache. Wait, I take that back. I can top that with three words ........ HeWho is sick.

A sick man is a pathetic thing. So needy. I like to be left alone to suffer, while he prefers to be attended to. He needs to be reminded to take his meds and to be covered with an afghan when I see him shivering in his chair. I have a quilt rack close at hand in full view right there in the room where he shivers. But to actually get up and get one and place it atop his body requires thought. And we all know sick men cannot think for themselves.

Whatever bug we have had to be from one of his excursions into the world, I have been nowhere. Well, I did go to Walmart over a week ago. I always use the sanitizing wipes located in the front of the store and clean my cart handle thoroughly. I still want to blame HeWho is always eager to run errands. He likes to talk to people and touch things that others have also touched. It is flu season, people! Do your errands and get back home. If you need human contact ........ BLOG!

I am still able to keep things running around here. Cooking, dishes, laundry and training Eddie. Well, trying to train Eddie. He was doing so well. He seemed to know what the puppy pad was for and he was using it. He is always eager to go outside with the older dogs, or even the cat. We will go a couple of days with no accidents, then when I am feeling the most crappy, he will poop in the floor.

When I scold him, he just looks at me and then starts barking at me! Like he is defending his actions. That's when I start laughing, because he is just so cute. At least he sleeps all night. He will even go back to bed if the sky is gray and the house has a chill in it ........ or when his mommy just wants to crawl back in bed because she feels like crap.

We did just that this morning despite the sunshine. He has discovered the tunnel left by Cujo after he gets under the covers. I turn my back to them this morning and it felt like a heating pad. I dozed off for another hour of sleep. I was dreaming that I was sitting on some nails and I couldn't move. Eddies little toenails were kneading my upper leg and lower butt, much like a cat would. I just clipped those nails and they were sharp enough to go through the fabric of my nightshirt.

I am not sure if the clawing and the dream woke me, or the sniffing of the sick man on the other side of the bed. He will not blow his nose, just sniffs so hard I am afraid he will vacuum up the top sheet. When I mumble "BLOW YOUR NOSE" he says that nothing will come out, which makes me ask why he is sniffing. He is as hard to train as Eddie is! 


Paula Kaye said...

I'm sorry but this made me laugh! Yes sick husband's are the worst! But when I worked in the hospital I would rather take care of men than women. Yikes! Whiny women! Hope you two are feeling better really soon!

Joanne Noragon said...

Kathy, I have not been sick in forever. May it stay that way. When I am out and about, I do not touch my mouth, nose or eyes with my hands. Back home, I wash my hands before anything else.
A speedy recovery to the two of you.

Val said...

Good luck with your invalid. It's just as well HeWho depends on you for medicine reminders. I catch Hick using a serving spoon every time he gets a liquid medicine, even though we have those graduated measuring spoon tube thingies (like "Kyle Crocodile," in green) from when the boys were young.

Use this time to snuggle with your fur babies

My head had sympathy pains for you this morning. All gone now, but my upper teeth on the left hurt. Sinus related, I'm sure. Had a little sore throat two nights ago. Maybe I fought it off with my 28 years of germ exposure while teaching.

Linda O'Connell said...

Man oh man I know what you mean about man colds being worse than women colds. My man asks me unanswerable questions: Where did I get this? Why do I hurt?

luksky said...

Oh Lord, in sickness and health, why did we agree to the sickness part? Hope y'all feel better soon!