Friday, January 27, 2017

Impatient For Spring

Cold and dreary with a sprinkle of snow. Hard to get motivated, but the internet is working quite well today!

I finally got my nap. With only two dogs in my lap. Eddie was sleeping in one of the dog beds when I dozed off. HeWho was not helping stranded motorists was sleeping in his chair with the cat. I hope we can sleep tonight!

It finally happened ...... Toni Louise was playing with Eddie! I tried to get a picture, but since both dogs are predominantly black and moving fast, it would have been a black blur.

Toni has always chased her own tail and is always delighted when she catches it. I think she was teaching this game to Eddie. They chased their own tails and then each others, both emitting play growls. When Toni realized we were watching, she tried to put an end to the game, but Eddie was having none of that.

Eddie confided to me that he knew he was a lucky boy when he came to live here. He has a cat to groom him, Wall-E to play tug of war with, Cujo to play chase with and now Toni has come around.

He is growing, my little Eddie. His front paws are really big. This worries me. His paws are bigger than Cujo's! He had already had his dew claws clipped and his identity chip installed before he came home. But, I was playing with his paws and the dew claw removal wasn't completely successful on the right side. I would not have had it done at all and will not have the partial removed. I don't care what they say, it has to hurt!

I play with his paws everyday. Soon he will need a trim and I don't want him to be unfamiliar with someone playing with his toes. Since our previous vet closed her practice, Wall-E has not had all his nails cut. Wall-E will bite you if you mess with his feet. He had to be sedated. The trim was free and all she charged for was the drug. He is not due for anything for the next 10 months. I have been sneaking up on him when he is sleeping and clipping his talons. They are wicked long. I can sometimes get two cut before he goes berserk, but usually only one. Then I have to wait a few days for him to trust me again. His nails are translucent and no one has ever cut into the quick .... you can see it. I don't know why he hates to be clipped so much.

Wall-E is such a good dog, other than his toenail fetish. He has taken to sleeping with his feet tucked under his body. He is a smart dog, too!

January is quite boring. Not a lot going on. I always look forward to the pool closing and things slowing down. Gives me lots of gardening time and more freedom. But, when January rolls around I get cabin fever. February is the same, except that we are closer to Spring. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a windless day. The greenhouse needs to be finished and the wind has to be still! I can hardly wait to get some seeds in some pots!


Linda O'Connell said...

Oh my gosh chasing their own tails. This is the cutest post ever!

Val said...

Poor Wall-E. He's probably sleeping with one eye open. It might take you 10 months to get all his nails clipped. He's got 16 toes, I presume, not knowing his dew claw status.

Anonymous said...

I don't like anyone messing with my feet, either, so I'm on Wall-E's side of this argument.

ellen abbott said...

it's pretty much spring here...two months early. stuff is coming out and the birds are acting all springy.