Thursday, January 19, 2017

Back To Charming Eddie

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, it warmed my heart. I will continue to share my soap opera as long as it gets all these high ratings!!

In our last episode of Charming Eddie, I waxed eloquent about the wonders of puppy feet. Look at that face full of sweet innocence. How could anyone EVER get upset with such a face? Read on ....

Eddie discovered newspaper. Thank goodness it is only a weekly! He climbed into the bin I keep all the old newspapers in by the wood stove and proceeded to shred as many as he could with more efficiency than an office shredder.

He wasn't left alone for more than a few minutes! And I had left Wall-E in charge. I always leave one of them in charge, so I have one to blame it all on. Wall-E was looking quite distressed at all the shredded paper surrounding a tiny puppy on the floor. He was wondering how such a small creature could wreak such havoc.

The little guy thought clean-up was a game and that I wanted him to grab strings of newsprint from my hands for further shredding. After a good scolding, delivered while I held his snout closed in my hands, he turned his back on me and scampered away.

He ran to his favorite cat, Martha, the boy cat and received comfort. Martha seems to have a maternal side. Maybe he has gender identification issues due to being given a female name. This would not have happened had he revealed his true nature to me.

Charming Eddie had a thorough cleaning from Martha before he was loosed from his grips. He is quite gentle with Eddie and appears to have adopted the little guy. Toni Louise is still a hold-out. I am beginning to think she may never come around. She just does not like him!

 We have noticed an eagle soaring over the park lately. While I can appreciate the majesty of the eagle, I hesitate to have Eddie outside alone. He is small enough and light weight enough to be easy prey. Problem is that when I call the dogs in, Eddie will come running with the rest of the pack, but will just stand beyond my reach until I head out to get him. He will run from me and make me chase him. I am old and not apt to want to chase a small creature round and round.

It always happens while I am cooking and it is not always convenient to dash out the back door. I clapped my hands and they all came in, save Eddie. I spoke to him in my stern voice and Wall-E rushed back out and started herding the rascal in. Just like my collie used to herd Oscar and Emmy. It was nostalgic and brought a tear to my eye! Wall-E is such a kind and gentle spirit.


Stephanie Faris said...

Such adventure! We only have one pet--a dog--look at all the fun we're missing!

Val said...

Oh, Eddie-Eddie-Eddie! Little ones get into mischief, even with the best of babysitters.

Anonymous said...

Wall-E is a great dog parent.