Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Eddie Is A Charmer

Eddie is 10 weeks old now and he has firmly established himself into the household. Toni Louise remains the one hold-out against his considerable charm.

At first, Eddie was afraid of her and steered clear. Every time he came near she would snarl at him. Yesterday, Eddie found his bark. He only barks at Toni Louise. And he only barks at Toni Louise when he wants to nap on her bed. Despite her size and her vicious snarl, she is the one to give in and let him have the bed!

She is not happy about this turn of events and is now shunning all of us! She will not get in bed with us at night. She jumps down and stalks off to sleep in her nap bed. She looks at us over her shoulder, waiting to be coaxed back to the night time bed. She refuses to be lured back and shows us that she means business.

Until about midnight, or just about the time I am dozing off. Then she tap dances into the bedroom. I hear her go from one side of the bed to the other, getting progressively louder as she prances to and fro. When I slip from under the covers and get down to lift her into the bed, she will ignore me, trying to prolong my punishment. Then when I am about to give up and crawl back into bed, she will relent and allow me to pick her up.

I always hold her for a moment and tell her that I love her, despite her snotty attitude, then I assure her that Eddie is sleeping and she will tip toe to the head of the bed and arrange herself between the pillows. She likes to sleep between her people, at the head of the bed, like the queen she is.

I have tried and failed to get any pictures of Toni and Eddie. Eddie is always up for a photo shoot and literally poses. He loves to go outside with the big dogs and runs after them. Wall-E will play with him.

Wall-E is good soul and will obey any command, unless it involves the trimming of his toenails. He will chase the puppy, run from the puppy and herd the puppy. If all of the dogs come in and the puppy is still out, he will rush back out to find the puppy. He stands at the door anxiously waiting for all of his siblings to re-enter the house. Wall-E worries. A lot. Too bad he doesn't chew his nails while he worries.

Eddie goes to the vet tomorrow for shots and a vet check. Another opportunity to charm people. Then he will accompany me to Walmart. He is my service dog ...... he makes me happy and happy people might spend more money. That's my story and I am sticking to it.


Linda O'Connell said...

Eddie is irresistible. Service dog, yeah, uh huh we believe it. Poor Toni Louise. Give her time.

Val said...

Poor Toni Louise. She'll work it out on her own time. Her doppelganger, my Sweet, Sweet Juno, was like that with Puppy Jack for the first few weeks we had him. Except for the sleeping arrangements, of course. Only Jack got smuggled into the house while Hick was away in France. He still doesn't know.