Thursday, January 12, 2017

Eddie Goes To Sam's

Yes, I am that crazy dog lady. I like to take him with me. He likes to go with me. And face it, have you ever seen anything so darn cute?

His coloring matches the purse. If he is quiet, nobody even notices he is there. He was quiet for the most part, but then started to whine. I realized he must be thirsty and bought a bottle of water and was given a styro cup.

This is when the crowd gathered to watch the tiny pup drink water from a cup. All the oohs and aahs made it hard to get the items we came for. Then Eddie wanted to be held. He tried to hide in my hair, then he decided to chew on said hair.

Finally made it to the check out and Eddie watched intently as the items moved along on the belt and were reloaded in another cart. I wonder what he was thinking while watching. Back in the car, he readied himself to take a nap on my chest and I think he may have been a little disappointed that we had another stop to make before the trip home.

Walmart. We needed water again. This time we left with 13 gallons of water. A 5 gallon, a 4 gallon and 4 one gallons. I will never run out of drinking water again!! I probably will, but not if I can help it. The trick is to put the empty bottles in the car and buy the water BEFORE you need it.

While in Sam's, HeWho had a hankering for a Diet Coke and bought a giant cup of Dr. Pepper for me and a bottle of water for Eddie. I could have shared with Eddie, but it was nice that he thought of me. I felt compelled to drink it and this is why I needed to use the facilities in Walmart.

HeWho pays headed to check out and I headed to the bathroom, Eddie in my arms. HeWho was in the check-out lane did not offer to keep Eddie. It has been a long time since I have had to take care of business while holding a baby. I managed pretty good for an old lady, having done this many a time as a young mother. I was okay until I needed to pull my pants up and get myself presentable! I should have taken a picture of little Eddie in his purse hanging on the back of stall door. I was terrified he was going to try to jump out, so taking the time to take a picture was out of the question.

You will just have to take my word for how adorable he looked. Little guy was all tuckered out and slept all the way home! He peed gratefully in the parking lot while we unloaded the car and then went in to be welcomed home by Wall-E and Cujo. They sniffed him all over to make sure it was, indeed their puppy. Toni Louise growled at him and then tried to jump into my arms. Martha, the boy cat joined in the welcome, and Eddie received all the attention gracefully.

While in Walmart, headed to the restrooms, I was stopped by a woman enchanted with Charming Eddie. It was a strange encounter. She kept asking to hold him, but he shied away from her touch, so I declined to relinquish him to her hands. These hands of hers kept trying to lift Eddie out of my arms, and when I walked away, she followed me. She kept asking questions; how much did he cost, where did I get him, where should she get one for herself, how much does he eat, does he bite, how big will he be ..........

I finally escaped into the produce section, not wanting her to catch me with my pants down (literally) and steal my baby!


Mevely317 said...

That overly-eager woman in Wal-Mart would have creeped me out, as well. I learned long ago to trust my dogs' instincts when they growl at someone.

Aren't you glad you had that purse, just waiting for Eddie to come into your life? :)

Val said...

Oh! Oh! I need some insulin! Eddie is just TOO SWEET!