Sunday, January 15, 2017


The fire is out and the only damage was to the stove pipe and my throat. The dogs were oblivious to anything except that HeWho was doing a lot of banging outside and it was bedtime!!

Here is your Eddie fix for the day. As you can see, he has totally won over Cujo! Toni Louise still growls at him, but I have caught her sleeping next to him a couple of times. She still tries to act like he is an intruder, but she growled at Martha, the boy cat, when she thought he was getting too rough. I suppose she figured that he is here to stay, so she might as well get with the program.

The stovepipe has been replaced and we even had a fire in the stove yesterday. A very sedate fire. Just added a log at a time and let it smolder. HeWho likes to stoke a fire was on his best behavior yesterday. It was all his fault, after all.

He seems to think that he should stuff the belly of the stove before we go to bed. If you could program the fire to burn only one piece at a time, that would work fine, but fires have minds of their own. Sometimes you can't get one to start to save your life, and other times, the fire wants to consume everything. I keep trying to tell the man, but he is not listening. Maybe now? Well at least until the next time.

Today brings other problems. The sewer is backed up. In the back of the park, so no indoor messes to clean for me. Still, it has to dealt with and we all know I don't do electrical problems or route sewer. Payback for not listening to his wife?


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Glad the fire is out and all is good but a backed up sewer now that sucks.

Val said...

Something tells me that the sewer is not the only thing that's full your campground!

Linda O'Connell said...

Well that stinks! Sorry your issues continue. HeWho will take care of it. Keep Eddie away. You know how pups like to roll in smelly stuff.