Saturday, August 19, 2017

Does That Even Work??

Does that Snocone machine even work? I have never seen any snocones in it.

"Would you like a snocone?" I ask. "No, I was just wonderin'." comes the reply. "Well the snocones are made to order." I say. "You'd probably sell more if you had some ready." he says. "And, if I don't sell them they will begin to melt immediately and I will have wasted the ice and the syrup." I tell him. "Well, then you keep making them ..... the cost of doing business!!"

I wish I had replied with the first thought that popped into my head .... "No, the snocone machine is just a prop to tease you. I am so into the joke that I actually purchased 30 flavors of the syrup you see there just to make it look real."

I choose not to follow this sage wisdom. All you need to know is which flavor and I can make a snocone in just minutes. It is going to be a long weekend.

Most campers are not coming in until tomorrow and think they will extend their stay to watch the eclipse, then hop in the rigs and leave. The eclipse will not happen until after noon. Check out is noon. I did not hike my rates to take advantage of people and I will not let them take advantage of me. At any rate, they will caught up in a traffic jam if they try to leave immediately after the eclipse.

In the meantime, I have been plagued with cancellations, since I cannot guarantee clear skies for the event. I tend to think those folks have just decided they don't want the hassle of fighting traffic and changed their minds, but wanted to present an excuse for the cancellations.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Power Wash ..... My Teeth?

So here I am, manning the desk. Just busy enough to be stuck here, but not busy enough to not be bored. As I am perusing Facebook, I see an ad for a device to "power wash" my teeth!!

It shows incredible results. Yellowed teeth are perfectly white again and any food particles are just blown away. Really. It is not credible at all!

The amount of pressure it would take to dissolve years of yellowing would, no doubt, damage the enamel ...... if it didn't blow the tooth right out of your head.

Wonder how many people will buy it and then be disappointment with the results?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Is Where I Draw The Line

Tempted as I am, I don't blog about politics. I have very strong views and if you decide to engage in a debate about it ..... I am more than happy to share my views. But, this week, watching the events unfold, I am finding it really hard to keep my mouth shut. But I will.

I have plenty of material right here with-in the borders of my own little world. Did I forget to mention my unforgettable weekend clientele? Lots of kids here. Lots and lots. Two sites had nearly 20 kids.

I may have mentioned a time or two how I feel about parents who turn their kids loose. No supervision. This leaves me in an awkward position. I can either yell at the kids, or implore the parents to take charge. I choose to bypass the parents, since they would have the children under control if they were into parenting.

Just awhile ago I yelled at a little boy for playing with the pool equipment. His mother was on the phone, chain-smoking with her back to the child in the pool area. As I walked over to finish my chores for the day, she commented that she had told the kid to put "that thing" down, but he never listens to her. I said, "He didn't seem to have trouble following my directions when I told him to put it down." She said, "I am his mother, but he won't listen to me. We (I am assuming she is referring to herself and her parents) just got them back from their dad and they are acting like butt holes now."

I went on about my business, putting up the cleaning equipment and weeding 60' of fence line. She seemed to be pretty self involved, intent on her phone conversation and a marathon smoking event. I wondered if she was in a contest to see just how fast she could smoke that pack of cigarettes.

Last weekend a couple spent most of their time in the store, eating ice cream and just generally taking up my time. They ran up a sizable tab, and I found it a little strange that they were only treating themselves and not their kids. But, not my business. I was happy to see Sunday come.

Sundays are my happy days. Most campers are busy packing up and getting ready to pull out. I can indulge in some outdoor time as long as I stay close to the door and have the phone. I was weeding in my fairy garden when a camper alerted me to cries for help coming from the men's room.

I approached cautiously and a little boy was at the door peeking out a narrow opening. I asked if he was okay. He nodded yes, I asked if he needed help and he pointed to the toilet paper and his bum. This is where I draw the line. The kid looked to be 7 or 8 and should have been able to accomplish this task on his own. But, here's the deal, people .... if your child needs help in the bathroom, perhaps you should accompany him when he goes. It is not a good idea to ask strangers to wipe your butt!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

You're So Vain

Have you heard about the eclipse? Been all over the news, signs on the Interstate, seems like everybody is talking about it. If you don't know about it .... well, I don't know what to tell you.

We are right in the path for best viewing. I have been booked solid for at least a month. I have a waiting list for cancellations. All the RV parks are booked. It is kind of a big deal. Talk is that Interstate 70 will close for the event. Signs are warning about delays and to plan ahead. Not only traffic on the road, but they are expecting people to arrive early to claim a space on the shoulder of the Interstate, with a cooler full of drinks and food.

I hear that some enterprising businesses are hiking their rates for the event. Motel and Hotel rooms for up to $1100 a night!! I did not raise my rates, but I do plan to enforce check-out time for all those campers who want to stick around and take advantage of my hospitality and leave sometime in the evening. I just imagine that the roads will be grid-locked anyway.

So, I now dread answering the phone. One man asked me what he was supposed to do when I told him I was booked solid. His tone was accusing, like it was my fault he had not though ahead. At least he called. I told one tent site seeker that I could put over flow tents in my open fields ..... the caller wanted to know if I would allow campfires.

I immediately said "NO". I can just imagine what my park would look like with the grass all burned up in circles. From space it would look like crop circles and there would be an investigation about who I was trying to communicate with.

But this evening as I was puttering around outside, a truck pulled in followed by a motor home. I walked reluctantly into the office to help the woman emerging from the truck. I was met with the exclamation/question "I bet you remember me!" She looked familiar, but, really, no. I remember people who endear themselves to me or annoy me with damages and complaints. I remember the kind man who held my hands and prayed softly when I started crying about my Daddy dying. I remember the family that tried to kill my bat population with rocks, and stole all our firewood.

After establishing my non-remembrance, she asked for FOUR sites for big RV's. "For tonight?" But, no she wants to stay until next Tuesday! "Oh, you have reservations?" She looked at me like I had suddenly grown a second head. She points to the area of the park nearest the pool and said that is where she would like to be. Took awhile to explain the concept of reserving a spot ahead of time. Not sure where she came from, but she did look a bit distressed, saying her husband was going to be "so mad".

She was right about that. I just wish they had taken the argument home, or anywhere else. They decided to hash things over in the exit drive. Side by side, truck and motor home, each with wheels in the grass. At one point he sprang down from the driver's and opened the passenger door on the truck to yell at her. Bet she is not having a good night, but nothing I can do about it.

That line from the Carly Simon song keeps running through my mind "and you blew your winnings up at Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun" .........

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

School Is In Session

Yesterday was almost perfect! A nice breeze and overcast all day long. The sky was bruised with dark clouds that threatened to rain, but the rain never came. No swimmers to deal with and I managed to complete my entire mowing assignment. This usually takes two days. I even grabbed some down time to enjoy a dip in the pool mid-way through the mowing.

Today is sunny and beginning to turn hot. I will be cooling my fast moving heels in Walmart. I need dog food and bleach ..... and other things. This will mean that HeWho loves to run errands will be here, on his own to deal with swimmers. I suppose I could have skipped that extra hour of sleep and gone on when I got up with the critters at 5:30. I would have been back in time for the pool crowd. Instead I turned that last hour into three hours and slept until 8:30.

I was hung over from too much sleep and had to linger over coffee while watching Seth Meyers on  Late Night. That woke me gently and then I had to check my list and make sure I had everything on it. I even put some make-up on and dressed in un-stained clothing. This would make me the elite Walmart shopper. No slippers and pj pants with a t-shirt and no foundation garments for me!

While I was doing all these things, HeWho discovered that the bolt on the new mower blade did not fit the mower. This is the second one he has ordered. We own 3 push mowers, but at any given time, only 2 will be working. We are down to one and I am loathe to share. When I need to mow, I need to mow. Anyhoo, he had to make a trip to town. Since I knew he would be going anyway, I handed the water sample for DNR (dept. of natural resources ...... not a medical term that would make you wonder) and I now await his return.

I could just leave. He already fueled my vehicle, but it will be better if I wait and give him instructions about what to do in my absence. He is needy like that. Of course, we could just text back and forth, we will do that anyway. He always wants to know when I am done and on my way.

And here he is! To burst my bubble ..... school started today and he will not be busy with swimmers.

"Are you still there??" "No hurry, take your time, just wanted to know how much longer you will be." Don't know why I put that in quotes, because that is not what shows up on my screen. He talks to his phone and I translate.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Toddler Behavior

It has been a little slow today. Slow enough for me to weed the front gardens, do two loads of laundry, pick and shell a basket of peas and poach some fresh peaches. A pleasant day.

After all my activity I was content to sit down after eating my dinner. I was listening to an audio book and playing with a puzzle on Jigidi. You know, just winding down. A camper pulled in and I was getting him taken care of and another camper came in right behind him. I was busy, but I never want to overlook someone waiting. I asked the lady who came in if she was with the man I was helping, then told her I would be right with her. A young man and a girl of maybe 10 came in and I looked up at them while the credit card machine was chatting with the bank and asked if I could help them.

"We just want to swim." says the young man who could not have been older than 25. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 5:30 and said that I was sorry, the pool closes at 5 on the weekends. He sneered at me and said "Do what?" I repeated myself and he told me that was pretty stupid to close the pool early on the weekends. I shouldn't have even tried, but I explained to him that the weekend people camping here liked to use the pool and that I was pretty full.

He looked down at the girl and said, "Let's get out of here and go somewhere else ......" He was muttering and my bank transaction was over, I went back to my original customer to show him how to get to his site. Both campers commented on the rudeness of the young man.

Before I could finish hi-lighting the map, the man was back to tell me there was no one in my pool. I have been known to break my rules and let people swim a little longer or even give them a reduced rate if they have arrived right before the pool closes. My prerogative to do so, after all I own the place. On a hot summer day I just can't turn a child away with their disappointed eyes. But this guy was rude.

"So, you think I should break the rules just for you?" I asked. He told me I was stupid, that he swims here all the time and had been coming here all his life. "Then you should know the hours the pool is open." He then repeated that he had been coming here all his life and had never had a problem until NOW "with YOU". I have never seen this man before. I told him I have been here for 13 years and this is the first time I have ever seen him.

I did not break the rules for the rude young man and my campers applauded me. Seems like nowadays people want to be rewarded for their bad behavior. They seem to think that creating a scene will get them what they want.

And here's the deal. The pool hours have been in place all season. Before we bought the park, the pool hours were 1pm-5pm weekdays only. My weekday hours are 11am-7pm and weekends are Noon-5pm. So if his swimming experience happened before my time, he would not have been swimming on a Saturday. The woman before me was a stickler for rules. If you arrived 20 minutes early, you sat in your car and waited. I will remind the early arrivals of the pool hours, but I will let them get in the pool early.

And I was having such a pleasant day. Such is life.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Basic Anatomy

You may recall me mentioning the current ailment of HeWho mows and still tows. He grimaces and sort of moans a lot while shoving his hand up under his left rib cage. I think shoving his hand under his ribs is the cause of the pain .... but that's just me.

He had a CT scan and he does have a gall stone, but it is not blocking a duct. No surgery in his near future unless things change. You would think this is good news. I did. But, HeWho will jump up and take a tow call without a second thought, seemed a little disappointed. He is still shoving his hand under his ribs and grumbling about his pain.

After a restless night dealing with itching and warm dog bodies sleeping too close to me, I admit that my sympathy level for his pain is a little low. So today, he sat down on the couch in the store, hand shoved up under his ribs on the LEFT side of his body and announced that he had located the gallstone and he could feel it.

I started laughing and asked him if he even knew where his gallbladder was located. He said, "Yeah, right here." He indicated his abdomen where he had his hand. I was almost sorry to burst his bubble, but I did. What ever he "felt" was not a gall stone. Probably some bruised tissue from all that hand shoving he has been doing.

Nothing in this world is quite as entertaining as an ailing man. Funny thing is that he should have a basic understanding of anatomy. He was an EMT and I was an ER nurse. That is how we met almost 43 years ago. A lot of things have changed, but I am pretty sure our basic anatomy is not one of them! I no longer have a gall bladder, but I do know where it used to be!