Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The snow has melted and the grounds look sad. I am still hovering around the fire in my small sitting room.

Funny story about the fire. I was cleaning up the small twigs and pieces of firewood that lay around the firewood holder on the floor. I decided to just scoop them up in the little shovel and toss them in the wood stove. I am really grateful that I used the shovel, well, I don't know that I should be grateful. I was listening to TV and had my mind on grabbing one more cup of coffee and wasn't paying close attention to the task at hand (or shovel, as the case may be). I tossed the shovel full into the fire and poured coffee and got into my chair with Cujo at my side.

I do remember hearing Wall-E jump down out of the bed last night and vaguely remember movement in the bed when he jumped back up. He likes to eat at night when the other dogs sleep. He is non-confrontational, a gentle soul, our little white dog. He strives to please everyone and I suppose that's why he decided to hide his business in the twigs on the floor. He usually never does his business inside. He must have had an undeniable urge.

Yes, I burned dog poop. I do not recommend this as kindling. I have candles lit and my scentsy pot going and am glad this dog is small and his business was small and hope that it will burn quickly. Oh, and I can't believe that my life is so boring that I wrote about this!

Today I will be out and about. I need groceries. My big decision is whether to wait until I listen to the noon news and go, or go now. Rumor has it that there is a new breed of apple that will not turn brown after cutting. Teasers have been on the TV all morning. I am always curious about such things. Don't know why, since I don't buy apples anymore. I have more fruit than I can eat right here on my property.

I think the aroma of the fire outweighs the new genetically modified apple. I am out of here!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Making Beds

Cold weather is here. I am here in my tiny space with the wood stove and the TV. Haven't been able to access the internet for any amount of time for the past few days. I will read a post, then make a witty observation in the comment section ..... and lose the connection. See a good sale on-line and decide to peruse it, maybe load a cart (to edit later before actually purchasing anything) and suddenly lose it all.

Who knows how long it will allow me today. Will I finish this thought? Will I finish this post? Will it be saved? Will I actually publish this post? So many questions I ask myself.

If you know me and have read this blog for any amount of time, you will know that I am approaching my 40th wedding anniversary. A milestone. You will also know that for those last 40 years, I have never been a part of buying process of any vehicles. If it rolls on wheels, I am left out of the entire process. Not even a wheel barrow have I chosen.

Nothing has changed. In my absence, He Who Buys Vehicles, did buy another ..... for me. While it was my suggestion that we have at our disposal a means of traveling with our canine contingent in tow, I had been thinking of a small, lightweight travel trailer that could easily be pulled with my Jeep. Not a pop-up, mind you. I am definitely NOT a pop-up king of gal. But I have seen some really well designed small travel trailers that would suffice. And .... would work well when we have visitors. Though tiny, it would be better than standing in line in my living quarters at the only bathroom.

Did he purchase a tiny trailer? No, he bought a Class C motorhome. An older model. I asked about the condition of this unit and was regaled with information about tire treads and engine quality. I wanted to know what the inside looked like. He texted a photo of the exterior. Once again, I was gifted with a vehicle, never having seen the interior.

Though dated, the interior is in excellent condition. Clean and well cared for. I like the layout. Even without any slides, it feels roomy enough. My only real objection would be the tiny double bed I am expected to sleep upon with him. We have a king and sleeping on a queen is hard. Could be the four dogs and cat that sleep with us .......

I have used my insomniac hours to plan and scheme how to enlarge the bed. I have an idea. It will require removing an 8" cabinet on one side of the bed. The mattress will be right against the wall and be difficult to put sheets on, but well worth the additional space. I wish to be nesting my new digs, but the weather is keeping me close to my fire.

I did take a solo trip around my park with my new vehicle and feel okay piloting it. I drove our 40' Class A only once. He Who Likes Speed was in the passenger seat and was annoying me with his advice, so I pulled over and gave the wheel back to him. I do better when on my own and the "new" one is only 27' long.

We will headed south on Thanksgiving Day with my Jeep in tow. We will pick up My son, Jeff and my sweet granddaughter, Jada in Atlanta the day after Thanksgiving and head to my dad's. They will only be there until Sunday afternoon, so we have lots of stuff to cram into a small window of time.

I have to re-build my bed area and get the other two sleeping areas dressed for my visitors. As I sit here writing, I keep glancing out my window to see the snow swirling in what looks like a very strong wind ...... Not looking good for loading in the necessities.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'll Be Watching You!

Finally! I have been deprived of the internet for two days!! Withdrawal was painful, let me tell you! I had to rely on the TV and audio books for all my entertainment.

I have emptied my spam (186!) and replied to all pertinent e-mails and even perused a couple of previews to Black Friday. I have decided what I am going to request for my 40th anniversary. I can't tell you here. He Who tows and mows also reads this from time to time. When I say I am making a request, I really mean that I am planting the seed to make him think it was his idea. That should give him pause for thought.

So, as the season is officially over, we have started the winter-time chores. One of them is to close down the satellite bath house. I made a sign to proclaim the closing of such. We all know how much I like signs and painting. Only problem is .... I can't seem to locate my sign. I think I will just paint up another one, though. That will assure me that the original will turn up and let's face it, the more signs the better.

All my seasonal campers know that we shut down the bath house for the winter. They all know there is no water rushing through the pipes. And, even though no sign was in evidence, the doors were locked. That would certainly be a clue, wouldn't you think? That and the fact that the weather has presented us with some below freezing nights.

But, no, it was not enough. The lady's room and the men's room were both broken into and all 4 toilets contained solid waste. Note how I managed
to word this without using the word I said when I found out about the invasion.

So nice to discover such things. Makes me sit here and wonder who is responsible for this vandalism. Was it someone who hates me and they were being vindictive? If so, how did they manage to violate all four toilets? Was it a gang event? Or was it the same one, returning four separate times?

Inquiring minds (well, mine) want to know. All I can say is that our army of security cameras continues to grow. No, silly, not inside the facilities! Outside the doors. Be fore-warned, phantom pooper, I will be watching!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Coke ..... It's The Real Thing!

While visiting my dad, he felt good enough to go out to eat. His clothes just hang on him now and it breaks my heart, but he remains in good spirits.

I ventured out to look for some smaller clothes for my dad. There it was, a JoAnn's beckoning to me, so I went in, you know, just to look. A sale was in progress and I felt it was my duty to look at the flannel, and touch the flannel and then, buy the flannel. It was on sale, what was I supposed to do?

Now that I am home, I have yet to explore the wonderful possibilities of all that fabric. As much as I long to be engrossed in a project, I just don't feel good. I brought a cold home with me. A sore throat, a hacking cough, and sinus pressure. I hate colds.

Hot liquids seem to help temporarily. I feel like I am floating in a sea of soup, tea and coffee. I want to be better. I want to sit at my machine and sew for hours.

Instead I have been hanging out in front of the TV, sniffing and coughing while sipping at a hot beverage and downing Tylenol and aspirin. Lurking on the internet and gathering useless trivia in my head ...... I see the revelation about drinking Coke and what it will dissolve and what it will do to your digestive tract.

Got me thinking. This cold has me feeling like my throat is clogged with stuff I am unable to swallow, you know like a backed up drain. So, I grabbed one out of the cooler and downed it. The first swallow hurt, but it got easier as I drained the can. In my opinion, Coke tastes better from a can than from a plastic bottle. Actually the taste is much better in glass, but given the fact that glass is costlier and I have a pool where glass is prohibited, I only had aluminum and plastic to choose from.

May I just tell you that my throat feels better after 12 ounces of undiluted Coke straight from the can. Worked just like Liquid Plumber. My throat is clear and I can swallow easier. Who says trivia is useless? I wasn't whiling the day away, I was looking for a cure!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Dolls Love Little Dolls

Lots of hugs and kisses from this one. I spent some time with Jailynn on my trip. Is that just the sweetest face you have ever seen? She is the image of her dad ...... right down to the gum in her mouth!

She is quite adept at the selfie. Gramma looks a little ragged, doesn't she? Lots of driving leaves me withered.

As it would happen, I had to drive back when she was taken to the hospital. She vomited her little body into dehydration and was in so much pain, she was given morphine! Blood tests and MRI's failed to reveal the problem and  just found out she is still queasy and hurting.

That doll. She is missing an arm and her foot was chewed off by her puppy. Can no longer toss her in the washer, either. I tried to convince Jailynn that her doll needed to come home with Gramma to the doll hospital. I failed and I doubt she will let a new doll take her place. I loved all my dolls, but I especially loved the maimed and needy ones. I understand completely.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Torn Between Here and There

The sun is shining and from all reports it will be a beautiful day. Reservations are pouring and it should be a great weekend. I have plans to spend a nice evening among my friends Saturday night and all appears to be well in my world.

Appearances can be deceiving. I feel caught between two worlds. I should call my Dad every day and hate to admit that I don't. It is not that I forget. I don't think one hour goes by that I don't think about him. It is that the calls leave me drained. Hearing him sound so weak and resigned to his fate breaks my heart. I need to go and I want to go, but I also want to stay here and pretend it isn't happening.

I find myself sitting for long periods of time watching mindless TV, or cleaning out closets and cupboards in a frenzy. My car is loaded with things to take with me. I look forward to the trip and dread it all at the same time. I have decided to drive, as I doubt the flu shot will protect me from Ebola on a plane.

I hate to leave my cozy little home and my four legged children. I don't want to go a lone and I do want to go alone. My mind is neither here nor there ......

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dinner Show

The rain seems to be never ending. I am miserable, the dogs are miserable. Cabin fever is setting in. My back has a catch in it. Right beneath my left shoulder blade. All my joints are staging a protest, and the flu shot arm still aches.

All I managed to accomplish yesterday was to cook a meal and clean the kitchen. Comfort food. Country style steak and gravy, mashed potatoes (I would have preferred rice, but buying 15 lbs. of potatoes dictates that I use them) and peas. The peas were my downfall.

We have no set time to eat here. Check-ins and tow calls interfere and when I find both of us inside at the same time I serve it up. I prepare both plates at the stove and put them on the table. The only constant about our meals would be the presence of our canine children under the table. Oscar is always positioned at my feet. Toni Louise makes herself known and begs relentlessly. Wall-E and Cujo are in the background patiently waiting until the first morsel should be offered.

Last night, I was hungry. I have no table manners to speak of when it is just the two of us. I tend to eat fast and talk all at the same time. Bad habits, both. But I am always in a hurry to complete a thought before I should be interrupted. He Who tows could get a call. While I have him trapped at the table next to me I can talk at a normal volume and be heard. Last night was no different. I was eating and talking ......

I inhaled a pea. I stopped talking and started coughing. I turned to my right, away from my dinner companion and carefully sucked in enough breath to cough. Over and over again, I felt like I was going to cough up my toes. There was Toni Louise, watching me with great intensity as I coughed. When the pea flew out of my mouth, she caught it in mid-air!

After the pea left my body, I was still coughing and made my way to the bathroom as I found that my bladder had failed to hold it's contents. Toni Louise followed along, hoping for another pea, I suppose.

All the while, He Who Eats continued with his dinner. Seems like the dogs were the only ones concerned about my well-being. He did say that he was watching and that he would have performed CPR if the need had come up. I was duly comforted by that.

My throat is sore and I felt something in my back grab me while I was in the throes of expelling the offensive pea.

This is what we call a dinner show in these parts.