Saturday, July 22, 2017

Weekends ......

Friday in a campground would equate to a Monday after a long holiday in the real world. Plan, though you might, you can be assured that something will go awry.

The camper from the rest area was a no-show. No surprise there, since he didn't have a clue as to where he was. Well, he could have come after we closed for the evening and left really early and ripped us off ..... assuming he was in a rest area close by.

The heat is still intense. The forecast had indicated rain for Sunday, but that has now been pushed to Tuesday or Wednesday. My potted plants and hanging baskets need water twice a day to survive. I had been outside all morning and just finished cleaning the bathrooms. Unremarkable, which is strange, I usually have a bathroom tale or two. But, someone put GARBAGE in the trash can in the laundry room. I could smell it before I saw it and the trail of ants and the buzzing of flies alerted me. There are big covered garbage cans located throughout the park, not to mention, a huge dumpster on your way out.

For those of you who may not know, there is a difference between trash and garbage. Garbage consists of smelly things like food waste and trash is unsmelly things like paper.

But, I was all through with my chores and was about to start watering. HeWho knows nothing about gardens came along and told me I was too hot to stay outside. I told him I was just finishing up and needed to water my baskets. He informed me that the water would just evaporate. Suddenly he is Mr. Science. I agreed with him that the water did, indeed, evaporate and that is why it is important to water them, lest they die. He walked away muttering that the watering should be done in the evening.

Too bad my water pressure wasn't better. I have it split three ways on the hydrant I was using, so that while I watered my baskets, two sprinklers were in the vegetable garden. Had I had more pressure in that hose I would have turned it on "jet" and watered him! I water in the evening as well.

Not a good way to start the weekend, HeWho telling me what my body temperature is and giving me gardening advice!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Where Are You?

Chinese take out for dinner. My fortune? "A much needed vacation will allow you to unwind."

Much needed is right. Phone has been crazy all day long. "Do you have sites available?" I answer in the affirmative and then ask what kind of site he would require (tent, RV, full hook-up, 30 amp or 50 amp ....) "You know, just a site." I ask in more detail, hoping he might actually know. We finally settle on 30 amp, full hook-up.

"How long do you think it will take me to get to you, I am at the rest stop." Really. I ask if he knows which mile marker he saw before he turned in or maybe the name of a city or town he might have passed through ...... He had not a clue!

He might show up, or he might not. I am okay either way.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Come Play Frog Toss

Thanks to Kamper Terry for his construction skills, we now have a Frog Toss Game. I have heard this game called many names .....

Bean Bag Toss, Sack Toss and my least favorite Corn Hole. I am assuming the "bean bags" were filled with kernels of corn for that particular version.

My love of frogs led me to go with my own version. Initially I was going to make the frogs myself and fill them with rice or popcorn.


That was until I found these guys online! They are filled with sand and were pretty inexpensive and now I don't have to make them.

I mowed the blade off my mower. I did not know that was possible until I did it. So, both push mowers are waiting for new blades that are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

The Grasshopper mower, the subject of a recent post ....... went back to the dealer today. Of course, HeWho mows, tows and complains had to transport it. Unlike the promise made by the Grasshopper Guy. They did provide us with a loaner. As they should be doing anyway, since they have yet to repair the problem.

Almost time to close and I refuse to raise my blood pressure now. I attempted to make a fairy for my garden ...... no pictures, let's just say I was not successful.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Losing My Mind

He Who mows, tows and sometimes annoys me is a sniffer. He will not blow his nose, choosing, instead to sniff loudly. And, when I say loud, I am not joking. Every morning he sniffs deeply upon awakening and continues to sniff until finally leaving the house.

It makes my head hurt to think about how deeply he pulls the air around him into his sinuses. The dust and pollen, not to mention the dog and cat hair floating in the air. When he went in for his last check-up, the nurse practitioner prescribed Flonase.

Being the savvy, money saving shopper that I am, I knew that a generic was available and that Sam's Club would have the cheapest price if we bought in volume. When HeWho made his next visit to Sam's, I added it to the list I so thoughtfully provide him with. He purchased a 6 bottle package and I carefully cut into the hard plastic and pulled all 6 bottles out. I put one next to his bedside, along with his bedtime pills and I put the other 5 away.

I have an entire shelf in the kitchen devoted to our medications, I even keep the canine and feline meds in that location. When the first month came to an end and his Flonase was empty, he asked where the rest of the bottles were. I had heard him bumbling around in the bathroom looking, but I do not keep medications there, it is too humid. I looked up and pointed to the kitchen where all the pill bottles are located in a big white plastic bin.

"You will have to be more specific." he says. So, I lowered my weary legs in my recliner and pushed various animals to the floor. I went into the kitchen and looked myself. For some reason I thought the bottles were in boxes and that is what I looked for. I pulled my step ladder out and searched that cabinet thoroughly. Couldn't find them. I checked the bathroom, although I knew they would not be there. I checked the linen closet.

For the next week I hunted periodically for Flonase. I sent him to pick up a single bottle in town, thinking I would happen upon them as soon as he bought it. He paid $15 for a one month supply of the generic brand in town and $30 for a 6 month supply at Sam's. I was really annoyed with myself that I could not find those bottles. I even looked in the spare bedroom and my closet.

So, when I made the next list for Sam's, I added Flonase along with all the ice cream and candy for the store. I put this package on his bedside table where we both could look upon it every night. I even searched again when I realized the bottles were not contained with-in individual boxes.

This morning, HeWho no longer annoys me by sniffing, thanks to the Flonase, told me his pill boxes were empty. I downed my coffee and went to the kitchen to fill pills. I got down all the big bottles of supplements and grabbed the white plastic bin of prescription meds ...........

There they were, 5 bottles sitting neatly in the plastic bin, right where I had put them over a month ago. Now, there are 11 bottles. Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Yesterday, I did the unimaginable!! I closed early and got in the pool!! We cooked burgers and I invited all the campers I encountered to come and help us eat them.

I put a sign on the door that said I was outside working ...... yeah, I lied about the working part. This was a rare occasion, for both HeWho would have been mowing and I, who should have been mowing to simply relax with our friends.

In the 13 years that we have been here, this has only happened ...... maybe 4 times. Then, to top it all off, I slept until 9:30 this morning. The sleep was great, but it left me without my outside morning time. I had to throw on some clothes to check in an early arrival while my hair stood on end. Left me with only 15 minutes to shower and get ready for the day.

The heat wave continues.  Spent my day moving sprinklers, trying to keep my garden alive. Flowers, as well as vegetables. I picked a handful of weeds on every excursion. If only the vegetables would grow as fast as the weeds do. My tomatoes are finally getting ripe, along with the cucumbers and peppers. The yellow squash fizzled and died, as well as the zucchini.

I have turned my attention to my Gnome Garden.

My little Gnome village is coming along. I ordered some gnomes on-line, but they were teeny tiny and not at all the size scale I needed.

I got some little Disney figures from Dollar General. These are actually dwarves, but a better size.

I used a coffee can and some of my dumpster diving slats from lattice to create the well. Complete with a bucket to pull the water up.

The slightly off-kilter "house" is actually a big bottle that once held weed killer. I employed my tiger lily stalks again and a scrap of tine for a roof. Popsicle sticks and tongue depressors created the door and window.

And you will recall the original gnome house created with stones and glue on a big plastic jug.

I have another abode in the making, but I am out of raw materials. A trip to the Dollar Tree will remedy that. Tomorrow will be my escape day, as prescriptions are waiting at WalMart.

Who knows, something in WalMart might be an inspiration!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Assume .... Makes An A$$ of U and Me

Standing in front of me, a folder of papers in her hand, the woman tells me she is doing research .....

The papers are my entire website in print. She is thumbing through the papers and begins asking questions. Seems she is "researching" tent sites. For a weekend in September. The map has a legend and the legend will identify the site type. I am itching to point this out to her. I mean, she went to all the trouble of printing all this information out and I feel like I should enlighten her, so that she will know how to use it.

I point out the tent area and then show her where the bath houses are located (all marked on the map she has) Then comes the cost. My pricing is on the map, along with the number of campers covered with said price. Extras are $3 per person per night.

BUT, it does not say PER NIGHT. Since the base price is per night, one would assume that the extra person price would also be per night, right? Well you know what they say about assuming. I will get right on that and have that marked, to avoid confusion in the future!! 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Too Early!

This day started early. The canines have been sleeping later and we didn't make the first bathroom break until 6:30. I decided that I needed to stay up. The hot humid weather had finally broken overnight and I showered and went outside to enjoy the cool air. I finished restocking the bathrooms and was intent on looking at my garden, but stopped to chat with some campers.

Big mistake. This made me visible to any and all. Before I could excuse myself and go about my garden visit, I spied a couple pushing an umbrella stroller who spied me. I wear regular clothes, nothing to indicate that I am a slave to this park, but I must look like I work here.

I had a call late in the evening inquiring about a site suitable for a pop-up camper. The caller said they would arrive close to midnight and wanted to know if I would be here to check them in ..... I explained that there was a night registration on the front of the building along with instructions. I told her to choose a site in the 60's. The sites are all numbered and I even told her which side of the park they would be located in ...... pool side.

I always check my phone upon arising to see if I have missed a call. I had missed 2. Both were from the same number and occurred at 11:45 and 11:47 pm. I have long since stopped jumping from my bed to answer middle of the night calls. If anything serious was taking place, all of the full time campers have the cell number of HeWho is the fixer of all things electric or plumbing related. His phone is right next to him.

The couple with the toddler in tow were coming up to pay for a weekend of camping. The call the night before was from them and they were at a state park that was full and had found my park through my website. The answer to every basic question you could ask can be found right there on the website. This tends to make me assume that my pricing offers no surprises and the map has a legend telling you what can be found on each site.

When I asked which site they had parked in, they had no clue and pointed vaguely in the direction of the full hook-up sites. When I produced a map, she named 3 occupied sites before finally settling on the one they had taken. I asked if she might be the person I had spoken to late yesterday evening. She told me it was her daughter. I explained that I had told her daughter to park in one of the unoccupied sites in the area next to the pool. "Yeah, we tried that, but we had trouble finding one, so we pulled the map up on our phone and that's how we found the site we are on." "We saw all the color codes and it looked like this was a good site."

They parked on a 50 amp full hook-up site, instead of one of the sites with a regular 110 outlet, which is what they needed. The pop-up was quite old and had no air conditioner. She said they noticed the outlet was wrong, so they ran an extension cord to a "right kind". I asked if they would mind moving to the other side of the park and they agreed to do so.

The plot thickens ...... after she had painstakingly provided the necessary information on the registration and got to the area requesting your license plate number, she seemed to be baffled, so I told her to just leave it blank. I asked how many people there were in her party. This is a question I ask frequently and it is clearly stated in all my literature that my prices cover 2 adults and 2 children. After that it is $3 per person per night extra. They had 7 adults and 7 children in their party. This number was accomplished after much counting by names on fingers.

That is 10 extra people. This equates to $30 a night in addition to the base price of $26 ...... or $8 per person for a two night stay. I always say the amount out loud before I input it into the machine that takes credit/debit cards. I want to  make sure you are aware of the amount coming out of your account. I could tell she was not happy that she was paying for her extra guests, but the transaction went through and she agreed to move to the other side of the park.

This all happened before the office was open for the day. I realized my garden visit was not happening and I was busying myself with the making of my bed and general tidying up when they returned and asked for a refund. All of this and I was not even open for the day. I tried to void the last transaction, but because it was a debit transaction, I had to refund it. When I tried, the machine deemed it an unauthorized transaction.

Right at that moment, HeWho digs holes in the road happened into the office and I turned it over to him in order to let the dogs in and use the bathroom unhindered one more time before opening. I skipped my bathroom break. It occurred to me that they would just take the refund and not pay for the night already spent here and HeWho would be none the wiser because I had not specifically told him that.

My assumption was correct and I caught them just in time. Despite the very short stay, I took note of the huge amount of trash put in the dumpster on the way out. Confirmed my suspicion that people coming to camp brought all their household garbage along with them! It was just too early to start the day!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Grasshopper Mowers

I think the heat is getting to me. I tried to mow this morning. It was hot, but there was a breeze that made it bearable. I was annoyed, though. The mower needs a new blade. It wasn't even chopping the heads of clover off. I found myself going over the same spot without results, so I quit.

I realize I blog about mowing ..... a lot. Is it sad that this is a big part of my life? That I spend more time with the mower than I do with my husband? Doesn't matter that he is usually mowing at the same time that I am.

When we first bought this new and exiting endeavor, we had no idea how much of our time would be spent mowing. There was a tractor that was part of the existing equipment that was used to mow. The smaller areas had to be mowed with a push mower. I didn't mind doing my part. It was just a very small area between the parking lot and the building, and the fenced in back yard.

The tractor mowing was okay, just didn't look well groomed. Then there was all this wide open space. Not many trees at all. A couple of maples, 3 apple trees and three cherry trees. The cherry trees have since died, but I have replaced them with other trees. I added peach trees and flowering pear trees purchased on clearance. The skimpy patches of grass between the building and parking lot has been replaced with daylilies and ground cover, along with clematis and whatever I decide to add in annually. The wide open spaces are now defined with trees and bushes and perennial plants. Lots of tiger lilies and iris and black-eyed suzies. All this planting came with a price for me. Not $$. But I planted my trees to create a sun screen and a wind break for the main building. That meant a tractor would not be able to navigate between my trees.

This was a lesson learned when the very first tree I planted here, a black walnut, met with disaster and was mowed down. HeWho I am quite sure murdered my little tree tried to blame it on the nice man who was helping with that chore. I am well versed in the ways of HeWho mows. It was about this time that HeWho purchased his first zero-turn at the co-op in town. He paid a lot of money for this mower that was previously owned and was always breaking down. He also purchased an off brand tractor that never worked right, but that is another day's tale .... not to mention the dump truck with no brakes.

After a couple of seasons of an unreliable mower, I convinced him that we needed something that was known to be reliable. I was appalled to learn how much he spent on his new Grasshopper. He spent more on that than he did on the car I drive!
He did his research and spoke to the salesman at length about the work load this mower would have to endure.

Lately, the mower is in the shop more than it is mowing here. They keep fixing not fixing the same problem over and over again. Every time it breaks down, HeWho sometimes tows has to borrow the big truck and haul it in and then borrow a mower. We cannot be without a mower!

Even though I am very adept at pushing one, I just can't do nearly 14 acres! I mow around my gardens and my trees .... a very wide swath, so that cut grass is not slung into my beds. I mow the dips a valleys that a wide blade will not groom well. I mow around the pool and anywhere the big mower cannot easily access. Another kamper helps out by mowing sites. 

So, when the Grasshopper representative, aka Grasshopper Guy decided to drop by today, I was not in the best frame of mind, being still hot from mowing. I was in a sharing mood and I shared quite a few of my thoughts about what customer service means. I am not shy, as you might have already guessed.

Rumor has it that a loaner mower will be in my future and will be delivered when ours is picked up.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wasp Hives

We have a tenant here in our midst who has managed to enchant me. If you are here for any amount of time you will, no doubt, meet him.

He knows the goings on of the park and can tell me who is breaking my rules. All of 5 years old, he has become the heart beat of the park. I recognize the same spirit of independence in him that still lives in my youngest child. I try not to put names in here. Well, except for my own family, but if you have ever been here ...... you know his name!

Yesterday he gave me the details and locations of the wasp "hives" on the pavilion. His mother and I looked at him and said "hives?"  He just shrugged and said "like bee hives". Not long ago he informed his dad that I had witnessed him running my stop sign and told him he was going to get them kicked out!

Gotta love that kid! He knows it, too. He came in the store yesterday, face bright red from the heat and told me that he had been "all over the park" and that it was hot out there. Then he wondered if I could give him a Dr. Pepper. Of course I did, he thanked and went on his way.

HeWho battles winged intruders took care of those "hives" last night.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Gnome-like Creatures and Dwellings

I set about making a Gnome house for my garden of odd creatures. I was searching for a roof .....
Even I have to admit that the red painted bundt pan was a poor choice.

The house is a big plastic container that previously held pretzels. This was from one of those marathon cookie making adventures of Christmases past. I purchased $2 worth of rocks at the Dollar Tree and used a product similar to Liquid Nails to attach them. This resulted in a very heavy object that even our gusts of winds won't be able to blow away.

The door is lattice salvaged from the dumpster. I happened to see someone tossing it and grabbed it. This was a while back, but I knew it would come in handy at some point. I used a bottle of furniture scratch repair to "stain" it and found an old drawer knob among my carefully guarded junk.

But the roof had me at a loss. I looked at some craft stores on-line and decided that a thatch roof would look good. I even considered cutting the bristles off a straw broom ....... until I saw how much they cost! All of the brooms I currently use are nylon bristles, so sacrificing one of them was not an option. I decided to sleep on it while the adhesive dried over night.

The very next morning, as I was picking around in one of my many flower beds I came upon the solution! There it was, right in front of me. The tiger lilies had bloomed and gone, leaving the reedy stem. If you pull them just right, they will let go and you will have a nice long reed to work with.

Since the opening to the container was round, I had a round roof in my head. I even demonstrated one to HeWho was about to leave on a mission for electrical and plumbing stuff. Paper would not work, though, has to be able to withstand weather. I had a epiphany! A funnel.

It worked. So, what do you think? Would you live in my tiny house?

No hinges on the door, though. Not very practical unless you are a Gnome .....

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Good Dose Of Public Humiliation

With a short week, the weekend seemed to appear suddenly. The weather is hot and sultry, making mowing a miserable task. That being said, sitting here all day is boring. I think I might have dozed off for a full 10 minutes when the door flew open and the gentleman I had checked in earlier came in to enlighten me about wireless internet ......

Really, I don't care how it works, just that it works. He started to leave twice, opened the door, then came back to give me more advice. I have no idea what he said, I wasn't listening. My eyes were tracking the fly he let in. This new fly joined the old fly to annoy me and I was itching for him to go and leave me on a fly killing adventure.

The day had just begun when I noted that some children were on the porch. I had unlocked the door, but still had a few minutes before I was supposed to be open. A man came up to join the children and entered the store. He said he wanted to rent a tent site, so I grabbed a registration and laid it on the counter. This is when he told me they had already set up the tent. Taking this opportunity to educate the public at large, I informed him that check-in is not until AFTER NOON, since check-out is noon.

He said they could take down the tent and come back later. I asked how long he had been on the camp site and he told me they came in a 6:30 am. I had to bite my tongue before saying, "And here you are, already drinking." He reeked of alcohol and body odor. He told me it was him, his wife and two children, although I am pretty sure I saw three little heads. He handed me $22 and I gave him a receipt and he went on to embellish his tale of trying to give the children a nice camping adventure, even though he had "hurt his back" and was feeling bad. Maybe the alcohol was for medicinal purposes?

I lit a candle after he left to refresh the air. HeWho sometimes works here was out on a mission to procure a drill bit to drill out the lock on one of the coin-op washers. He had already replaced the lockset once, but lost the key. Now the box is too full of coins to operate properly. I don't think he has drilled it open yet and it is nearly 4:00. I can't say that he even purchased the drill bit, although he did stop at the bakery and get some fresh glazed donuts for his wife.

The donuts are long gone and I have just thought of the full coin box again. I did remember to ask if he had checked the drop box for after hour check-ins. This is when he told me that one of our campers who happened to be up late took note of a family setting up a tent. My ears perked up. No other tenters here except my early alcohol drinker and HE LIED TO ME!

The tent family was absent from the site when HeWho was dispatched to collect more money from the drinking dad who lies. I was biding my time watching to see when they would return. In the meantime, the phone rang at regular intervals. One call was from a man looking to tent camp next to his ex-wife and her family. I asked for a name, but already knew who he was referring to ..... since I had only one tent in the park. I am pretty smart like that.

This man, when asked how many people would be in his reservation, took the time to tell me the ages of all his children, ending with a 4 week old baby and asking if he had to pay for the baby as well. I was not in a happy frame of mind, having been lied to earlier by his ex-wife's husband, so I said yes.

I doubt they will be showing up. When the dad who drinks  and lies was confronted, he chose to break camp and leave, rather than pay for another night. He informed HeWho confronted him that he was "just trying to let my kids have a good time", that he is from Georgia and the game wardens don't act like this. Game warden? Are you hunting?

So, looks like drinking, lying dad makes a habit of over stepping boundaries, as far as truth is concerned.

Since my chair nap was interrupted, I meandered out to the pool to see that my posted rules are being blatantly disobeyed. Why is it that everyone thinks they are exceptions? Not only do I have the rules POSTED on a 4' X 8' sign, I tell people checking in what my expectations are. I do not slur my words and I do not need amplification to be heard. I speak slowly enough to be understood and I enunciate well. I even look you in the eye and ask you if you understand what I am saying.

So, don't act surprised when I catch you red-handed and publicly humiliate you!

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Thanks to a kamper, I can see the fireworks I missed while dealing with issues. What a great shot!

You can see that the surrounding area where HeWho likes to light up the sky with kamper Terry in the danger zone. The rest of the kampers were in the safe zone, with the pond in between.

I heard about a fire at the end ...... I didn't worry much, as there was no report of screams of pain. They had water close by, after all.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Open To Suggestions

I am open to suggestion .......

How to make people pick up after their animals? Today is mowing day. The dog park gets mowed on Mondays and Thursdays. Who does this task? Why, me, of course. I am usually not so incensed on Thursdays. Mondays, however, are awful. It is hot, the sun baking down as I police the park for poop and scoop up not one, not two, but six very substantial droppings. Had to have been big dogs, making me think back to all the dogs I saw this weekend.

The tenter that comes to mind is the woman who took two big dogs into the ladies room with her. I know this, because I was cleaning and restocking when she stood waiting at the door. Why, I wondered did she need to take the dogs into the restroom? I admit that I checked after she exited to see if the dogs had relieved them selves. They didn't and might be wonderful, obedient dogs for all I know.

I thought of her because she was the reason for most of my misery on Saturday. During the parade, as we were dropping dogs and dragging them she called me three times about a tent site. Every question she asked could have been answered on the website she told me she was looking at while she talked to me. To say that I was extremely busy Saturday would be an understatement. She came into the office and began with questioning me about tent sites. She then told me that her daughter was "having a fit" on 58 because she saw that big RV's were parked on the sites around her.

First of all, it is customary to check-in and be assigned a site before you begin setting up. Though I voiced this, it seemed to not matter to her. Thinking she was on site 58 I marked that spot as taken and moved on with my day. Thanks to many helping hands I was able to get the picnic area set up and ready while DJ, Best Kamper Ever!, cooked all those burgers I had hand made. HeWho was running about taking care of fire wood deliveries and interacting with all of our guests. A big rig arrived and needed a substantial spot to fit in. Since we had just hooked up sewer and had rock delivered to the newly leveled site, I drew the route on my map to site 52 and sent the people to the site. I no sooner went back outside to finish setting up tables and getting the area ready to receive covered dishes than my phone went off.

HeWho usually texts me was calling "Why did you put a tent on 52?" I responded that I did not put a tent on 52 and went on to ask him if he thought I had lost my mind and why would I use one of my few 50 amp sites left for a tent. I must have been on speaker, or maybe I was talking loud, because I heard the woman say I had assigned the site to her!

This is when it all fell apart. That rig went to a spot already reserved for a rig that had called to come in a day early. As luck would have it, another huge rig pulled in without reservations and I insisted that HeWho is non-confrontational go make the tent woman mover her vehicles, because, although I was told there were only three people and one of them a child; they had three tents and three vehicles.

Now I was left to find a space for the day early arrivals. I put them in a water and electric site and compensated them with a $12 discount. The man said that he was okay with that and he was the only person I dealt with during their stay. As I always do, I invited them to join us at the pavilion for food and entertainment and later fireworks. I have no idea if they came over to participate.

I got a call Sunday morning from a very irate woman with a litany of complaints. She began with her reserved site being given away. I apologized and told her I thought I had compensated them. I could barely get a word in. She then told me they had no water on their site. I remembered then that DJ had told me that the man had approached him and he had taken care of it by adding a "Y" to another hydrant that was working. I told her that and she told me that she was not notified that the problem had been resolved.

Her next complaint was that the ladies' room shower had no cold water. I apologized again and told her there were two other showers in the park. Once again, nobody "told her". I always go over the map and tell people where all the amenities are located. Most people do not pay attention to what I say (proof would be the dog poop, because I always point out the dog park and tell them they are welcome to use it, as long as they clean up after their dogs). Not only that, if you are not present when I say these things ...... should I be required to follow you to your site and prepare a speech for all present in the camper?

The woman was so intent on complaining that I could barely get a word in ...... and let me assure you, that does not happen often! She wanted a refund for the $26 I charged them. It was on a charge card and I guess she thought that I could access that information. You do realize that once the transaction has occurred, that information is no longer accessible to the merchant. If I have taken your information on the phone, the very first thing I do after you set off to your site is destroy that information with a black marker. I had to get somewhat rude to make her hear me and give me the credit card information again. I did refund her, although I didn't think I should have. I realize she will no doubt give me a bad review and never ever stay here again.

But, it is tent lady with the two big dogs and numerous vehicles, who, apparently cannot read numbers that remains a thorn in my side. She is the one who set the chain of events in motion and the dog poop was just the right size for her dogs!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Mouse In The House

In the midst of the festivities going on all around me, I made a mad dash into my domicile to check on the animals and get a bathroom break for myself.

Being the selfless one that I am, I tended to my pets first. As I was opening the back door, I noticed that Eddie was intent on playing with the many toys he had gathered at the door. He always has a menagerie of toys at the door, sometimes he will choose one to take outside with him. I was in a bit of a hurry and almost missed the fact that the "toy" Eddie was playing with was alive.

The mouse seemed to be happy to play with Eddie. He would pick him up and them put him down in order to chase the rodent. I demanded that Eddie "get the mouse". Eddie looked up at me and the mouse scurried under the cabinet. I was not upset with Eddie, he is just a baby. I was, however, annoyed with Martha, the boy cat, Martha was right there in the midst of the action, He was watching and made no move to retrieve the mouse. He just stared at the tiny rodent, as if deeming it to be too small to interest him. Martha being a big game hunter of rabbits and squirrel and once a crow.

How did the mouse get into the house? Not sure. HeWho fixes things could be to blame. He recently replace the door knob on the back door. The old one was locking upon closing and required a screw driver to open it. HeWho procrastinates bought the new door knob immediately, but chose to "fix" the situation with some strips of electrical tape. Didn't really work and made the lady of the house complain. When he finally installed the new knob, it would not close properly. I woke one morning to find the door open. I wonder why a mouse would want to take refuge in a house full of animals, but, I am not a mouse and apparently Eddie befriends all the creatures he meets.

It is just as likely that Martha, the boy cat, brought the mouse to his favorite canine. While Toni Louise, the only female in the pack, lacks any maternal instincts whatsoever, Martha seems to think that Eddie is his baby. Martha grooms Eddie and Eddie can bite Martha and jump on him ..... things the other dogs would not dare to try.

Doesn't matter how the mouse got in the house. The mouse must go. Traps have been set.

Eddie and Cujo .... waiting for their cat.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pets on Parade!

Where to begin? The fireworks were fantastic ..... I was told. I did have a chair to seat myself in, just never sat down. Maybe the middle when I ran in for a quick bathroom break and decided to let the dogs out, only to discover a mouse in Eddie's custody?

In an effort to get the information out to all the campers and avoid lots of questions, I put a sign on the door. Bright green, to catch your eye. I did see some people actually reading it, but soon felt like I might have wasted my time and energy ......

I was ready at 11 AM, really I was, but just at that time people began coming in for purchases and campers started to arrive. Really hard to judge when a camper will appear, but CHECK-IN is anytime AFTER noon and one would have thought that the sign on the door would suffice as an explanation that the store would be temporarily closed during this time. One would be wrong.

Wall-E ditched his hat first. He was having none of my patriotic mumbo jumbo. I even tried to apply duct tape to his head ..... It was a job just to keep his harness on. He jumped from the cart at one point and was being dragged along like Aunt Edna's dog in Vacation.

Since we were leading, the shouts from those behind us alerted us to his predicament. He was unscathed, golf carts don't go that fast. I jumped off to rescue my most senior dog and HeWho was driving then drug me along with only half of myself on board. I am still unsure if this was intentional or not. Toni Louise must have thought this was a bizarre game and she was next to jump.

This is Roxie ..... She won the prize for the most patriotic dog. I hope I spelled her name right! I think the award should go to her people, Terry and Sharon for being able to make her keep that costume on!!

The golf carts were dressed for the big affair.

Bikes were not to be out done!!

 Dixie and Trixie seemed as happy as my dogs!


Miss Kitty has captured my mood! Miss Kitty is somewhat dainty compared to Martha, the boy cat. Martha hunts all night and was not available for costuming and parades ...... he was sleeping on my pillow.

Miss Kitty is a hunter of different sorts. She likes to roam around and check out d├ęcor. If you leave your door open, she will go right in. She won't stay long, just wants to look around. I think she has a secret language and tells her people, DJ and Andrea what other people have done to their campers.

So, are you wondering about the mouse in Eddie's possession? Tomorrow .......

Eddie and Cujo stayed on the cart for the duration.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Let the Festivities Begin!

The weekend looms large. It is Thursday and I have just policed the park for trash. Dumpster is emptied on Friday and I want all the trashcans to be at the ready. It will be a full park.

I worked on one of my ugliest, over grown gardens until nearly 3:00 today. It was overcast, but hot and humid. I was determined to make great headway and I did, but now I feel kind of queasy. I still have flag banners to hang along with red, white and blue lights. There is still tomorrow.

The burgers are all patted out. I lost count, but it was over 40 lbs of ground beef. The buns will be picked up tomorrow and we have 75 hotdogs, as well. Now I am worried we won't have enough food ........ maybe I should get more, just in case.

Saturday will begin with a golf cart-bicycle parade around 11:00. There will be fabulous prizes for the most patriotic cart and the most patriotic bike. My dogs will be riding in the lead cart and Eddie would win the most patriotic pet, but he is disqualified, since he belongs to me. Not to worry, he knows how adorable he is!

After the parade, there will be kites and washer toss, horse shoes and such to be played. I love to fly kites, so I will be out there with the kids. HeWho grills will be cooking burgers and dogs on the new smoker grill on the pavilion. We will be eating around 5:00.

After we eat I will turn everything over to Dan Smith. He will be entertaining the crowd until dark. Then the crowds will be moving to the open fields to watch HeWho lights up my life light up the sky with fireworks. I will be handing out glow in the dark necklaces and sparklers to the kids. Maybe some bomb pops and popcorn, as well.

Be prepared for lots of pictures next week. I have lights to hang and tables to decorate ........

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Half A Nap?

Such a busy weekend. Had me hopping until 10 every night. Considering I am busy from the time my feet hit the floor, it should come as no surprise that I was happy to have a relatively slow day today.

So slow that I actually dozed in my chair behind the desk. I has the chair tilted back, just so, and my feet were propped up on a box under the desk. I was totally relaxed and in that pleasant state of half sleep. I heard HeWho never has all the parts he needs for any given project tell me he was "running to town".

In my lazy state, I was aware enough to want to tell him to drive (ha ha), but too lazy to actually voice it. I knew I would wake if anyone came in the store and I was low enough to not be seen. Confidant in my circumstance, I was just lolling there half asleep, a book speaking to me.

All was well ...... until HeWho likes to bumble around knocked a piece of pipe over and the sudden clanging brought me straight up and out of my chair. And then HE GOT MAD AT ME because it was somehow all my fault. Yes, I knew the pipe was there. I had every intention of attaching one of my "DO NOT PICK APPLES" signs to it and the pound it into the ground near the tree. I have no idea what he thought he was looking for, but he said he was leaving and I thought I was alone.

He took a nap yesterday and I didn't make any loud clanging noises to jolt him out of his slumber. I am now considering buy a cowbell for just such an occasion.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bath Time

Summer has arrived and one day tumbles into the next. Endless mowing and weeding and falling into bed to sleep a few hours. I tend to wake with the sun this time of year and then stay outside as long as there is enough light to garden.

Summer will be over soon enough and I will sleep longer when the short winter days come along. I am a better pet mom during the off season. I am with them more and I am better with the whole grooming thing. I try to bathe them all once a month. A marathon of soapy wet dogs and an achy back by the time I have accomplished all four. Martha, the boy cat, makes himself scarce when he sees me pull out the dog towels from the linen closet.

Not long go I decided that the canines were long over due. The dachshunds were smelling like hounds and Wall-E smelled like he had found a carcass to rub himself in. Toni Louise keeps herself clean and rarely smells unless she gets wet in the rain. She has the most fur, though and is the hardest to rinse. She is pretty good about the soaping down part, but she gets impatient to be done during the rinsing process. But, if I don't get all that shampoo out of her coat, she is apt to have itchy "hot spots".

For the reasons mentioned I chose to bathe her first. The hounds stood at the gate to the bedroom hall and were verbal about their desire to have a bath. They love a good bath. When Toni L and I emerged from the bathroom, me soaking wet and her wrapped in a towel, Wall-E slithered away on his belly to an unknown location. I guess he thinks if he stays low to the ground I won't see him.

Cujo and Charming Eddie both enjoyed the time in the tub and ditched the towels as soon as they could to run as fast as they could in figure 8's around the living room. Eddie started to shiver and picked up his towel in his teeth and brought it to me. He likes for me to hold him until he regains a semblance of dry and is no longer shivering. Taking advantage of a good excuse to sit down, I grabbed a dry towel and complied with his wishes.

I was still sitting there when HeWho chlorinates the pool came in. Eddie was sleeping against my chest and I just didn't have the heart to wake him to go bathe Wall-E. HeWho will help me bathe the canines from time to time by taking on the duties of drying them, offered to bathe Wall-E.

Wall-E does not enjoy the process of becoming clean any more that he likes to have his toenails clipped. He tolerates it because he knows better than to argue with me. I had to put Eddie down to help catch Wall-E and decided that I might need to offer assistance.

You would have thought my husband had never bathed a dog. He looked at me with his hands out and asked what to do next after I heaved the mutt into the tub. He informed me that he could not kneel on his bum knee and I informed him that I did not kneel, either. I bent over. With Wall-E, it is best to be in a position to lunge after him when he tries to escape. I half-heartedly offered to take over, but he insisted on finishing the task. You will recall that I had already done 3 of the 4 dogs.

So, I am telling you all of this so that you will understand why I am so upset with Wall-E. I am tired at the end of the day and want nothing more that to sit down and unwind for 30 minutes before taking on the night time ritual of getting Martha, the boy cat, settled outside for a night of hunting and the four dogs pee-pee ritual done before lifting them all into the bed.

Yesterday, I went into the kitchen to let the dogs out, as I do periodically all day. I have been known to stand at the door and watch them as they run through the yard and stop to take care of business. I was doing just that when I noticed Wall-E. Wall-E still squats to pee sometimes. It is only when he is feeling aggressive that he will hike his leg to perform this task of eliminating his waste. He hikes to mark territory.

Yesterday, as I looked on, his hind leg was hiked so high that his back end was twisted as if he had a hinge in his spine and he was PEEING ON MY EDDIE! Eddie was just standing there, minding his own business as the stream of urine hit his leg and then his foot. Poor Eddie looked around as he shook his paw, as if trying to find the source of this sudden soaking. He even looked at the sky!

I shrieked at Wall-E and told Eddie to move. Wall-E had the decency to look ashamed, but he did not escape my wrath. He slithered on the ground ..... in the pee, as I scolded him. Had to wash his belly and Eddie's side. I was not happy!  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Always Something

Sunday morning. It stormed both nights of the weekend and the air feels fresher and cooler. I arose early, as I have an early arrival for a new tenant. I brewed the magic elixir that makes me lucid and then ventured out to see what damage might have happened overnight.

My gardens seem to be intact and I long to linger, pulling weeds from the damp soil, but bathrooms await my attention. I expected the floors to be muddy and they were. I can't tell you about the surprise in the ladies room. Just imagine something very un-lady like and gross. No, think really disgusting and nasty. You probably still lack the vision that awaited me.

I cope well and thank God that my skin is washable, although I tend to want to use bleach on my hands. Anyhoo, I handled that and then wandered over to what is supposed to be the fairy garden. I picked up the fairy windows and doors that mother nature took apart and then started pulling weeds. It is so satisfying to pulled the roots up with the weeds.

I could see the door from my position in that garden. The small trees must have camouflaged me, though. I popped up from time to time to yell at those daring to speed on my roads. As annoying as it is to have to remind people of my speed limit, the looks of astonishment at being caught were somewhat amusing.

Somewhat. I am tired and not in any mood for shenanigans. I close early today and I am counting the hours. I look forward to a few hours of peaceful oblivion all week long. I will be giving my humble abode lots of needed attention. But I won't have to deal with the public. I imagine the door to be hermetically sealed shut at 6:00. I even cook a meal of real food!

So, here I sit, waiting for the day to end. Letting all the aggravations of the weekend fall away. The apple tree has been stripped clean on the lower branches and there were apples in my pool once again. The culprits were admonished, but one of the grandparents told HeWho that she just could make the children stop. I let HeWho is calmer than me hunt them down by the descriptions provided by those who witnessed the atrocity. I figured he would want to handle this, since he is the one who just spent many hours and lots of money ridding the pool of algae from the last apple pickers.

Rumor has it that he was not nice about it at all. Then last night the wind broke the blades off the ceiling fans in the pavilion ....... What was it Gilda Radner used to say in the voice of Roseanne Roseannadana . It's always something, isn't it?

Friday, June 16, 2017

I Love A Good Mystery ....

It is Friday again. I had to look at my phone to make sure. I was hoping it would say Thursday, but it didn't. I would like to feel a little more rested as the weekend starts, but here it is.

I mowed in the cool hours of the morning and timed it so that I could have a shower. The shower made me want to sleep. I was tired when I pulled myself out of the bed this morning. Yesterday was still lingering ........

42 summer school students came out to swim. Summer school is different than when I was growing up. These were middle school students, 11 and 12 years old. Lots of things have changed since my youth. These kids had lots of money to spend .... one young man had $50. He spent a lot of his time in the store and tried to spend it all. I am not complaining, I just hope his parents knew he had that much money. They all had packed lunches and the payment for swimming had been taken are of. It was a good day for me as far as income goes.

As you all know, I like signs. The sign with the pool rules is 4 feet by 8 feet. NO DIVING is clearly posted. The pool is not deep enough for diving. This would include back flips and other shenanigans, as well. Or, one would think. The very first thing to happen after the school bus off loaded the children .......  a failed back flip with a good size goose egg bump to the head of the boy attempting it. I am not liable, since I do have signage and a sign that advises you are swimming at your own risk. I did worry about the kid, though.

So, today, I am tired. I attempted a nap early afternoon while HeWho mows was in for a rest.
I was all comfy, with my Cujo snugged in next to my leg and Charming Eddie had his long silky body draped across my lap. Wall-E, the wonder dog was in his usual position next to my chair and Toni Louise was in her special day bed made from a drawer and tucked into the bottom shelf of a book case. She likes tight dark spaces.

Eddie has just gone limp with sleep when HeWho mows and sometimes tows got a call back to the impound lot. Eddie and I were none to happy with the situation. But he had to go let someone in their car to retrieve their dead brother.

Not a call one gets every day. I was curious enough to want him to go. He did, but she drove away with the car after giving up the title. I really want to know about the dead brother now!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Meeting Miss Daisy

There is no lack of dog and puppies here at Kan-Do Kampground. Not just my dogs. There are actually people who have more dogs that I do! Eddie likes to meet new people. He is quite charming, my Eddie. He is not as fond of meeting other dogs, though. I think he enjoys his status as the new dog. He likes being the center of attention. He is looking straight into my eyes, imploring me to pick him up.

I leave him in the lap of HeWho brought the new puppy, Miss Daisy, in the store to visit and he finally starts an investigation of this bundle of fur.

Miss Daisy is being very polite, letting Eddie sniff her. She doesn't make a sound. Does not protest at all. Not that it would do much good, Eddie looks like a giant next to her.

Apparently she passed inspection. Eddie is just curious. Probably wondering if this dog will be living here with him and the rest of his pack.

She will not be living with his pack, just visiting. She is quite a cutie, though. I am still partial to my Eddie. And I think he knows it! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tinted Windows

I tinted my windows in the store. The sun will catch the chrome on a car and like a laser will jab into my eyes. Not only does the tint soften the rays of the sun, it will also contribute to heating and cooling efficiency.

But, what I most enjoy about the tint is that I can see out, but you can't see in. I am always watching. I see all those cars not stopping at my stop signs. I see all you speeders out there and I may not be able to run out and get you ...... but there will come a time. I am watching and I have a speech for you.

I was told this morning that my stop sign is too small. It is the same size used on the roads and streets everywhere. And, I have two of them. One on each side. So if your excuse is that you didn't see the stop sign, how do you know the size of the stop sign? Furthermore, if you are allowed to disregard stop signs that you deem too small to obey, how do you get this far in life without being hit by another vehicle?

I worry about the safety of the children in my park. Adults should be more responsible .... because they are adults. Rules are in place for a reason and I will be more than happy to educate those who need to know the "why's" of my rules. I realize that you are the customer, but I do not abide by "the customer is always right" rule when it comes to my rules. Best not to cop an attitude with me, I have no qualms about asking you to leave.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Let's Talk About Poop!

I have a bee in my bonnet, a thorn under my skin. I am hot and sweaty and irritated beyond reason.

Let's talk about poop. And algae. I might have mentioned before that I am not partial to weekends. Weekends have me held prisoner in the office/store checking in guests and quoting candy prices to children when I am not making snocones and mopping up the spills from said snocones. Friday and Saturday are 14 hour days. Mondays are clean-up days.

I got outside early and fueled up the mower. I mowed a path towards the dog park. I watched as a lady walked her two dogs over to the dog park. I was hoping she would be quick, but she sat down on the bench and leaned back. Being the nice person that I am, I mowed another area as I waited for her to exit the park.

Now I wish I had gone on over. I wasn't watching her, just glancing up now and again to see if the park was occupied. I have limited time in the morning and I wanted to take care of the dog park. I had my clippers in my pocket to trim some low limbs and planned to weed a little while I was there.

I had to stop the mower EIGHT times to pick up poop. Two of piles were fresh, a gift from the morning visit I suppose. There is a sign right at the entrance demanding people to pick up their dog's poop. I even point out the location of the dog park when I am checking people in and I remind them to pick up after their pets. After my last poop picking adventure, I sprayed an Oxyclean container school bus yellow. I carved a hole in the bottom and then carefully filled it with Walmart bags (my poop bag of choice) so that when you pulled one bag out another would come out the hole just enough to grab for the next user. I put the lid on to keep them nice and dry and attached it to the chain link fence.

Not only did they not make proper use of my bags, but some idiot took the lid off the container and let their dog chew it up. Maybe the same person who was eating skittles and just threw the bag on the ground? I sincerely hope the guilty parties will read this and not visit here again. You know who you are.

On to algae. The pool is closed today. Over the weekend, which was very busy, children picked my tiny green apples from the tree and PUT THEM IN THE POOL. You know, to play. I have pool toys available to purchase in my store, but green apples are free, right? When I was a child, I knew better than to take things that did not belong to me. Children today seem to think the world is their playground and they can do whatever they want with whatever they want.

My camping prices are quite reasonable, so when I have to spend a lot of time and money fixing something just because someone does not want to be responsible for their children ....... I begin to wonder why I am even doing this. It would be cheaper to fill that pool with cement. Of course the people who come here for the pool would object and never come back, but right this minute I am wondering if that would be such a bad thing!

I must go help in the pool now and then make signs about picking apples .......

Saturday, June 10, 2017

My Back Hurts ......

Yesterday as I wandered Walmart, waiting for my RX transaction, I ended up in the ladies unmentionables clearance section. I had already rescued some clearance plants before the issue of calling the clinic came up, so I had to choose something else to entertain myself with.

I pawed through some panties and bras, looking for some nice durable cotton sports bras. They soak up the sweat that would otherwise roll down my back and make me think a tick was crawling. I hit a section of Playtex bras. These were some really big bras for those women with very large extraordinary proportions. I was somewhat fascinated as one of them was large enough for my derriere. It could have been used as a slingshot to propel me to the other side of the store.

I found a smaller bra among the magnificent ones. It was in my size, but boasted a double letter cup. I took it out of the package and found the cup size to be reasonable. It was a mere $5, so I treated myself to that and a 3 pack of my sturdy sweat soaking sports bras. First thing I did was toss them all in the washer. I always wash unmentionables before placing them on my body.

So, today I grabbed that new 18 hour bra and donned it, along with my new $3 t-shirt with glittery butterflies adorning the front. I was quite sure that my daughters would have had lots of fun critiquing my attire. But, as I looked down to make sure the shirt was not on backwards or inside out (these things happen, you know), I noticed something amazing.

The laws of gravity were no longer in place!! My breasts were suddenly back where they used to reside some 20 years ago! I could not see my feet when I looked down. The girls were back in town!

It was the bra, the 18 hour $5 bra! I did take note that this was not the most comfortable bra I had ever worn. It was itchy. But it did make those butterflies stand out and it was too late to change, people were coming in the store and the phone is ringing every few minutes.

I have been wearing this 18 hour bra for almost 10 hours now and my back is hurting. If I knew I had to STAY in this bra for a full 18 hours I would want to scream!

Does look nice, though.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Customer Service?

Meet Buster, a new resident sporting delicious puppy breath. I did hold him and kiss his sweet head, never thinking Charming Eddie would react so negatively. It's not like he is not around other dogs that I show affection for. But he was quite upset and carefully sniffed my lips that had touched the head of another. Then he twisted away from me to shun me!

Buster was oblivious to all the goings on. He is a pretty laid back little guy and I have a feeling that as long as his food and water dishes are filled regularly he won't care much about his surroundings.

Everyone knows I love dogs, maybe I should get that tattooed on my forehead. Maybe not. If only all my residents and weekenders were as compliant as Buster.

It is Friday in a campground. I have carefully plotted out my chart and have fit everyone in with all their specific requests. First I had to make a mad dash to Walmart to pick up RX for the master of the house. I was up at 6 am and would have gone then, but the pharmacy does not open until 9 am. This was part of what I liked about working in the pharmacy, the decent hours. But not at all convenient for me right now. I did go early and grabbed all the things on my list before they opened. I knew it was ready, they sent me a text.

It was almost $50 for a one month supply! I know how to read the receipts having worked there before and saw that the insurance was covering nothing. Probably not on their formulary, so when I stepped over to the consultation window, already having paid for it, I asked the pharmacist if there was a solution to the high priced drug. I was already resigned to calling the insurance company and then the clinic and changing to another drug in that class. But we perused the $10 list that Walmart honors and discovered that the same drug was on it in 20mg. It had been filled for 30mg with instructions to take two daily (60mg). The nice pharmacist called the clinic for me and had it approved to fill it with 20mg and change the instructions for him to take three.

Like he knows what he takes. I fill his weekly container and he takes whatever I put in there. He would be lost without me, you know. I do take good care of him even if he does get on my nerves ....

I had to wait for the whole deal to get done, but I will save almost $40 a month, so it was worth it. But, it did mess with my Friday morning and when I got back the first camper for the weekend showed up. I asked for the name the reservation was under and he said the first and last name together making it sound like he was saying the last name. I finally figured that part out and finished the transaction, sending him to site #4. I did not build this park and I do not know what they were thinking when they designed the sites to be one in front of the other. This camper is to be joined by two other campers. Site #5 is in front of site#4. Site #4 has to be occupied first and site #5 will need to back in. Same deal with site #2 and site #3. Except that 2 and 3 are on the end and someone can pull in behind 3 and still be able to get their vehicle out on the side. I opted to put the shortest travel trailer in 2. These double sites are about 150 long, so there is no shortage of room, IF you follow the instructions of the nice campground hostess.

Camper #1 of the party of three just came in to tell me that he chose to just pull on up to 5. I am cranky and hungry and forgot to take my meds on time, so I am also sneezing. I didn't totally lose it, but I did come close. He said, "Well, I have to be able to hook up when I am ready to leave." I suggested that he move to 2. He would have to back out, but he had already informed me that he had no problems backing up. He said he was all set up and didn't want to move.

"How is your friend going to get into 4?" I asked. He looked at me blankly and I went over the whole situation AGAIN. I had already explained my thinking to him when I assigned the site. Then he told me I had set this whole campground up all wrong. I informed him that I didn't design it, that I would have done a much better job doing so. "These are the sites I have and you all want to camp together, so when your friend gets here you two can figure it out."

No, that was not good customer service and I should have done better. Maybe I should eat some food and take my pills ...... 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

29 Flavors

Yesterday was such a blah day. I was ready for the day to be over before it even got started good. I tried to repot some plants and ended up with my shoes full of potting soil and nothing much to show for my efforts, so I moved on.

Decided to tackle a big plot of overgrown wild daisies and many other weeds. Clover was trying to take over and choke everything out. I managed to get my fingers under a tap root and pulled a huge clump out with a long strip of poison oak attached. I gave up on outdoor chores and went inside to wash my affected skin with the Fels Naptha soap. So far, so good.

I tripped over Martha, the boy cat, while preparing dinner and bent my little toe back. This made me be mean to HeWho inquired about my well-being. So, I skipped dinner and finished folding all the laundry. Felt better after that and made a new recipe with fresh strawberries. A Strawberry Cheesecake Cake. Not a real cheesecake, but it was still pretty tasty. The only good thing I did all day.

I had heard HeWho The Builder putting up the trim on the side of the building that I had ready to go a week before Memorial Day. Must have been something I said ..... Anyhoo, I had offered to help, but he declined my assistance. Maybe because I insist on measuring and using a level?

Today I worked on my gardens and repotting all morning, as I watched him take down the trim he put up the day before. He took one piece off, measured, then holding it atop the golf cart, rode around to the barn to trim off the excess. He would them come back and replace it before moving on to the next board. I thought about suggesting that he simply bring the saw to the side of the building ...... I decided not to interfere and let him do it his way. I would have finished painting with the gray paint before I put up the black trim boards, but that's just me :).

I finished my ferns and watered everything before confining myself to the office. UPS brought my new snocone syrups and I busied myself with refilling the flavors that were out and getting the 5 new flavors ready to use with the pour caps. You get a deal if your order 10 bottles at once, so I ordered the 5 flavors that were low and 5 new flavors. I keep hoping someone will want a snocone, so I can indulge with a sample one. I am torn between the toasted marshmallow and the hot cinnamon. I also added dreamsycle, cola and sour cherry. This makes 29 flavors to choose from. Cherry is still the #1 seller, with Grape being a close second. Blue raspberry is another favorite. 

I would want to live on the wild side and try something different, it is only $1. But, not everyone is like me ...... I measure things and use a level.   

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Highlight Of My Day

Tired of repeating myself, I decided to make a sign sporting the pool hours to display for all to see. I found a good sized piece of plywood and was happily smearing neon green paint on it when I looked out the window.

To my surprise I saw a fast moving vehicle coming in the entrance drive and completely ignoring my stop signs. Okay, I wasn't surprised that someone would blow through my stop signs and not obey my speed limit. I was, however surprised that it was a state trooper committing this atrocity.

Seeing an excellent opportunity to stand upon my worn soap box and give a speech about driving safely, I exited the store, paint brush still in hand, and approached the car. The nice looking trooper, with very white teeth, put his window down ( remember when we used to say roll your window down because one literally had to do that?). He smiled at me and I said to him, "Tell me that you did not intentionally run my stop signs." He had the decency to look chagrined and said that he was talking to his passenger and WAS NOT PAYING ATTENTION. "Please tell me you did not just say that." I said. "Do you know why there is a stop sign right there?" I asked. Even though he said he did know I went on with my speech about children and bicycles and safety.

He tried to avoid eye contact and was shrinking away from me when I tapped on his door and told him he was in for the full speech and need not try to escape. I will not lie ..... I enjoyed every second. He blushed deeply and I let him go after telling him he had to share this experience with all of his fellow troopers.

His window still down as he was slowly driving away, he asked me to tell HeWho tows "hi".