Friday, November 17, 2017

I Might Just Need a Facelift

I have been thinking of changing my profile picture. This place is taking a toll on me, I seemed to have aged dramatically. I must have been telling lies, just look at how long my nose is!

Fortunately this is not my real face .... this is just how I feel lately. I wore the mask on Halloween, just for the benefit of HeWho rarely pay attention to his surroundings. To his credit, he did notice my new look.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Hanging Of The Sign

As the weather is deciding when to change I am taking advantage of the warm afternoons and tackling some gardens. I was gifted some mulch by a kamper. Black mulch, in bags. As you all know, I am a big fan of free stuff and usually wait until the tree trimmers come through for the power company. I am so nice, I let them dump the chipped up branches by the truckload. I am nice like that.

Remember a while back, when I was lettering and painting the sign to replace the main one in the front of the property? I prepped the main part of the sign, painted it and then lettered one side and painted that. I painted all the trim and painted the individual letters to put on the side of the sign that most of our incoming traffic will see. This sign identifies the property. Important for first time visitors. The sign has been waiting to be mounted for quite some time.

The sign is heavy. The 4 X 8 piece of plywood is heavy alone, but HeWho fancies himself to be a wood worker, routed a "frame" out of treated 4 X 4 lumber. This made the sign really heavy, so much so, that I decided I would not be helping lift it. This helped with the many excuses about the delay in erecting the sign.

1. It is too windy.
2. Nobody is available to help lift it.
3. Too cold.
4. The wind, again.
5. The need to locate an electrical line, so the sign can have lights.
6. No help available.
7. Too windy.
8. Waiting to have the electrical line marked.

About the power line ..... no digging was required to mount this sign. It was to be placed on the stacked stone mount already there. When we put in the emergency shut-off for the propane dispensing station, HeWho ran the line out to the sign in order to put a light on the sign. This was some time ago. Seems "someone" either ran over the outlet with the mower or the weed eater and did not fix it immediately. Time allowed the extended wire to disappear. I since bought a solar light .....

This is the front side that most of the traffic sees.

 And, this is the back side. This side was previously just blank. The letters on the front side were cut out of thin plywood and then painted. The back side is painted directly on the plywood. I think the space below the letters cries out for something more. Maybe ..... frogs?

The sign went up yesterday! Today, HeWho does not paint, asked me to touch up any spots that needed it. "Do I need a ladder?" I am not tall and I am old .... I am not going to attempt to climb on the rock base under the sign. HeWho looked at me like it was an unreasonable question. I painted as high as I could manage to reach.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

No, Thank You

I  lack motivation. I eat, sleep and get up and do it over again. Yesterday I finally forced myself to go on a shopping trip for some lights and stuff to decorate for Christmas. It did make me feel better.

This is not to say that I have done absolutely nothing. I have been pulling up dead annuals and gathering seed. Painted fence boards until I no longer had paint. I have two 6' panels left and I picked up more paint yesterday. Too cold to paint today or I would have knocked out the last two panels.

Instead I took the refrigerator apart. I checked all the expiration dates and tossed any leftovers I could not recognize. I won't bore you with my dusting skills.

Inspiration hit me this morning. As usual it HeWho is my life mate. After a restless night, I dragged myself out of bed and was sitting here in relative peace, sipping coffee and situating dogs on my lap as I tried to come fully awake. Still in my night time attire, I was interrupted by the appearance of a camper ringing the bell.

No matter that I am not open for another 30 minutes and am not ready to face my nation. The canines in my lap see the door opening attempt on the monitor and begin barking to let me know of an intruder to my waking up ritual. My head is aching and I am annoyed, but I stumble into the nice dark cavern where HeWho is still abed, to grab some daytime attire.

Do I begrudge his ability to get a full 9 hour, uninterrupted sleep? Of course, I do. Do I wonder if just once in a great while he could take over the bladder needs of my dogs? Yes, but I don't even ask, since I would have to wake up to wake him up, defeating the whole purpose. Did I make enough noise to wake him on purpose? Yes, I did. It was time for him to get up anyway.

By the time I get to the door, the camper is gone and I can resume my coffee sipping in relative peace. I settle in again with one dog on the left and one on my lap and one on the arm of the chair. I am much adored by animals with four legs.

HeWho and his dog blunder around noisily and he announces his upcoming trip to McDonald's for his morning biscuit and fizzy beverage. As is his habit he asks if I want anything. Sometimes I do, most times I don't. I don't mind his asking, I do mind the follow-up asking. "Are you sure?" "Pancakes?" "Iced coffee?" "Anything?"

If I say 'no, thank you', that should suffice! I am not at my best early in the morning and if anyone should know this, HeWho has been with me for almost 43 years, should! So, this very morning I raised my considerable voice (just in case those hearing aids were off) and let him know beyond any doubt, that I was not interested in anything McDonalds has to offer. It is going to be a long day. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Painting Beetles

I paid for my day off. Yesterday was almost 80 degrees. It was so hot that HeWho did not even attempt to build a fire. He did dress like it was 40 degrees, even when I warned him that the long sleeved flannel shirt would be too much.

Since the weather was so nice I decided to tackle painting the back of the house. We re-sided the main building and that has been done. Well, sort of. There is still some painting that needs to happen on the east side that would require me to go well above my comfort level of two steps on the ladder. I would have to stand on top of the ladder to even begin to reach the peak, so that was out.

The back of the house is nice and low and only required one step up on most of the length. It was still a big job. Last time the back was painted, HeWho loves anything mechanical, used a sprayer. He sprayed it all, windows, whatever might be in the way. Fortunately, there are only two small windows and I have long since scraped and cleaned them several times. There were vines covering the back of the house when we moved here. I pulled them all down and had every intention of scraping the boards. I didn't and what was left of the vines was painted.

Yesterday, armed with a 4" scraper and a pail with a brush, I scraped and painted the entire back of the house. I did a really good job, if I do say so myself. Took most of the day, but I still managed to do laundry and cook and take down Halloween décor. What did HeWho loves to ride do, you might be asking?

HeWho bought himself a truck last week. I agreed that he could. It was a fantastic deal and he really needs a truck to haul things. BUT, I did say he had to get rid of the Jeep. And the other F-150 that needs a motor. So, last weekend he said he had emptied the Jeep. That was no easy task, as anyone who has ever seen the inside of his vehicle will tell you. Well, yesterday he spent the entire day cleaning out the Jeep. Lest you think he did some intricate detailing, he didn't, he just finished the job he said he had already done. These things take time if your wife is not keeping you on task.

The biggest obstacle I faced yesterday was not the ladder or the scraping ..... it was the beetles. They were clinging to the side of the house I was trying paint. They bite, you know. I sprayed my body and clothes with Repel, even my hair. It did not repel them. I tried some general outdoor insect spray with little results. Then I pulled out the big guns. Wasp and Hornet spray, my weapon of choice hat sits next to my cash register in lieu of a firearm. I pretty much soaked the back door and the house with it. It helped, but they still managed to work their way into my hair and under my shirt.

When I was finished for the day and came inside and hit the shower, I was washing them out of my hair and finding all the tiny bites they left on me. Then I went into my bedroom to grab some clean clothes and discovered the window was full of the little devils. I vacuumed them out of the window and immediately emptied the container, because they will crawl back out!!

I dreamed about them last night. It was not good.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

I am writing this on new computer! The keys respond to my every touch and this bad boy is fast!

This morning the phone of HeWho can't hear rang out loud and clear. Just a text alert, but it woke me up. I woke him up (nothing wrong with my ears) and we both just got up. Earlier than we wanted. Since the time is changing back this weekend, I have been trying to stay up later and sleep in a little later. Just planning ahead.

So, there we sat, the two of us in our recliners, dogs in our laps, staring blankly at the TV. I finished my coffee and tipped back, promptly falling to sleep. When I woke, about 15 minutes later, I looked over at my life companion and wondered aloud if we should feel guilty about just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. HeWho loves me assured me that we had earned the right to sit and do nothing.

He may be right, but I could sit no longer. I decided to deep clean our sleeping quarters. I put clean sheets on the bed, vacuumed, dusted, and then cleaned out my drawers. The ones that hold my clothes. I tossed out a lot and organized a lot. I was content to be busy all day with my cleaning supplies.

Until HeWho loves a short road trip to run errands said the magic words ...... "I am running to Menards, do you need anything." Do I need anything? Why, yes I do! I need to get out of this place .... even if it is temporary. I made him wait until I could wash my hair (it was standing on end) and changed my clothes. I was ready in 10 minutes flat. I knew if I played my cards right, I would not only get to shop, but eat out, as well. He would even think it was his idea and I wouldn't have to cook tonight!!

It all worked out, just as I knew it would!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

85 Degrees

My new laptop is on the Fed-Ex truck!! It will be here soon. And wouldn't you know it ..... the old laptop is behaving. Too late!

Yesterday was a lost day. I sat like a giant slug in front of the TV. I was cozy all day with dog warmth. Always Cujo, lots of Eddie and Wall-E and at one point all four were in my lap. Eddie is jealous of the laptop. He will lay his sweet little head on my hand and prevent me from using it.

I know I could push him away. I tried that and he looked up at me with such a hurt expression. Besides, old laptop was misbehaving. So, Eddie had his way.

Misbehave, behave .... those words always make me think of my Adrienne. She used to say. "But, Mommy, I was being have (long "a"). She had her own vocabulary and in an odd sort of way, it made perfect sense.

But, all this has nothing to do with the title. I usually write, then give the post a title. I changed it up today. There is a chill in the air. I pulled all my plants inside and closed the storm windows. I was quite content with the air temperature. I put a pair of socks on my toes and slipped my feet into my favorite Dawgs. Long pants and a long sleeved shirt. I was comfortable, HeWho was not.

We have the same argument every year. I see absolutely no need to turn the heater on. I think 66 is fine. If you are cold, grab a lap blanket and a dog. If you are up and moving around, you won't be cold. He will happily turn the air conditioner down to 66. This makes my toes cold, but he insists that it is too hot.

So, yesterday, while I sat covered in hot dogs (pun intended), he built a fire in the wood stove. I was hoping he would just build a small fire, then let it simmer. You, just to take the chill out of the room. I should know better. We were watching Judge Judy and then I was asleep dogs tucked in around me and my recliner reclined to the fullest extent.

The phone rang and I woke with a start. I was sweating. The dogs were sweaty. HeWho builds fires was at it again. I complained, the dogs complained. I took care of the phone call and bumbled around the kitchen with thoughts of dinner. HeWho went out to fill some LP tanks for customers and the temperature slowly became bearable again.

As the night wore on, HeWho loves a fire could not seem to stop shoving logs in wood stove. I had stripped down to my underwear and finally announced that I was going to bed. I let the dogs out and discreetly checked the thermostat to find that the temperature was 85 degrees. I went outside to gather Eddie and friends, good excuse to cool off before I could secretly open the bedroom window. 85 degrees. If it was summer and the temperature was 85, HeWho would have the air on.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Please Don't Leave Me

I may or may not have mentioned, in posts past, that HeWho loves to run errands. He will volunteer to go get anything I might fleetingly think about. I will prevent this unnecessary trip, which leaves him to invent his own errands.

Today is Friday. Friday in a campground. The busiest day of my week. I am booked solid, despite some cancellations. People are always surprised when the weather turns cold. It happens every year, usually about this time; and yet there are those who are caught completely off guard. Some of my cancellations will provide me with a reason, some don't. Matters not at all to me, since I don't charge a cancellation fee. But that would be an entire post .... reasons for cancelling.

No, my rant today is about Errand Boy and his need to leave the property. This morning I mentioned to him that today was Friday and we were going to be quite busy and to PLEASE not leave me. I can handle a lot, but I cannot be two places at once. Since I am stuck in the office all day, I decide to begin the process of bring in all my hanging plants to over-winter them. This will keep me right here close enough to stop and check in campers and still be productive.

Another kamper/friend will also be bringing up her outdoor plants, so I have to do some rearranging to accommodate all of our combined plants. HeWho has already made two trips to run errands and is planted in front of the TV watching National Geographic and eating peanut butter sandwiches. I asked to go help the camper on 18 locate the sewer and had also asked him to have another camper move their vehicle because it is blocking a site.

Andrea and I are in the thick of plant hanging and relocating when he says he is going to town to get an elbow. Andrea reminded him that he already had two and I was laughing at them, totally forgetting that it is nearing 4:00 .... on a Friday in the campground. Prime check-in and problem time.

So, while I am dealing with winter weather and digging up my banana trees and checking in campers, I get a call. The car blocking the site did not move and the camper assigned to that site cannot back in and does not seem to understand exactly where the site I am moving them to is located. The right/left thing again and me trying to use site numbers to direct her. Totally forgetting that HeWho needs to keep the road hot under his wheels is not here, I text him to go show the camper what I have not been able to convey with mere words.

Andrea drove me there and I solved the problem while HeWho promised not to leave me here was shopping for boots. I am not cooking tonight, no I am not!

Friday, October 27, 2017

My World

This is the snout that greets my eyes every morning when they flutter open. Toni Louise is a sweet girl, if a little clingy. The eyeball sniffer. She is the dominant one of my little pack. Do not try to monopolize the affections of her master! She will get vicious! She belongs to HeWho rescued her from the pound. She loves him above all others. That does not mean she doesn't appreciate my affections, too.

Of course, Eddie is the baby and takes full advantage of that status. He is happy all the time, enjoying the affections of everyone. At the end of the day, though, he always finds me and snuggles close. Who could not love that face?

These guys are the background. They wait patiently for attention. Cujo is secure in the knowledge that I am his person, his only person. I pray that this dog does not out-live me. He is so very needy. So damaged by life before he became my little guy. He is only content when I am holding him. I hold him a lot.

Wall-E, the curiously homely dog, is the martyr among the pack. He always wants everything to be okay. He loves routine. You could set your clock by this one. He is a patient one, this Wall-E. He waits patiently for me to wake, never nudging or whining. Toni Louise will bark at me! He waits until last to go out and it stresses him when all four dogs don't come in together. He will stand at the back door to remind me that I have forgotten one or two of his fellow canines. He waits until all the others have eaten before he approaches the dish. We have one communal dish for them and they all eat the same food. If a fight breaks out for whatever reason he will bark incessantly until the world is right again. Wall-E is the peace maker.

This is the world I live in. Wouldn't trade it for anything!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Crop Circles

As I was mowing today I remembered that I had crafted a clever post not so long ago that was eaten by the devil computer that will soon be replaced.

It had rained all week and was finally dry enough to mow, much like today and as I was mowing the side yard near the pool and the playground I noticed what looked like rocks in a large circle. I walked over to see  and to pick them up before HeWho mows over things could damage his blade. Remember, I do all the prep work involve in mowing. He will either mow around obstacles, such as picnic tables or move them WITH the mower. Then wonder why the frames of the tables are bent ...... but I digress.

I thought that perhaps a child or two may have placed the rocks on the ground for whatever reason. You can't really tell from the picture, but this was a very large circle. I even grabbed a bucket to put them in.

Not rocks! These are mushrooms! In a circle! On my property! Creepy!!

These are close-ups of the mushrooms and I never thought I would say this, but I wish we had a drone for a bird's eye view! I tried to get a picture of the entire circle, but I had to get too far away. It was big enough to park a few cars in and have room left over. Mushrooms. In a circle. Wonder what that means? I am happy there was no bull's eye in the center!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Today Is Special

Today is a very special day. Today is Layla's 17th birthday. I have no recent pictures to post. It has been a year since I have seen my girl. I am busy researching locations to park our RV so we can head north soon. Most RV parks that far north close for the winter. I wonder how many days we could dry dock in a Walmart parking lot? We could move from Walmart to Walmart. That would be interesting.

I am missing my kids and my grands today. Wish I could just hop in my car and zip over to see them. But wishing won't make it so.

On a lighter note .... today is also Charming Eddie's birthday. He is one. He celebrated with a nice bone to chew on and is currently napping in my lap. He doesn't know it yet, but he will be having a bath tonight. If all the dried mud on his fur is any indication, I think he may have dug another hole in the back yard while celebrating.

I knew Eddie was special when I discovered that he was born on Layla's birthday!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Drip, Drip, Drip

My laptop is behaving well this morning. Perhaps it knows that I am ready to give my affections to a newer model. At any rate, I will take advantage of it. I am enjoying a quiet morning, sipping coffee, the TV a mere murmur in the background, and two long dogs lounging in my lap.

Cujo is considerate. He tucks in next to me on my left side. Eddie is a sprawler. He likes to command as much space as possible. He is between my legs, with his sweet little head on my thigh. He is restless when he naps. He stretches and pushes my legs to odd angles, as I bend my knee to accommodate my little guy.

Makes it hard to balance the laptop, but the sweet warmth is worth it. Makes the dripping faucet in the background less annoying. I woke this morning and went in the kitchen to hit the magic button that started the process of making my morning jolt of caffeine, I noted that the faucet was dripping. Reminded me that we are due to submit a sample to the DNR, as we do every month.

I filled out the necessary paper work, while HeWho plumbs collected the sample. The faucet is no longer simply dripping, it is a steady stream. You would think he would have noticed. I could hear it as I boxed up the sample for him to take. I even pointed it out to him. "I guess I didn't turn it all the way off," he says as he tries to tighten the faucet.

That was a couple of hours ago. He decided to take a cab call while he was out. Guess he forgot he needs to fix this faucet. I think I will go outside and do anything other than listen to this steady stream of water hit the bottom of the sink!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Are You Listening?

"What do you want for dinner?" asks HeWho loves to run errands. I guess the absence of any food preparation in the kitchen was a good clue about what I had in mind. "I don't know, what do you want?" is my standard answer.

Obviously, it will be some sort of take-out, since we can't very well leave on a Saturday night. I would love to tell you that limitless possibilities awaited my perusal in the way of take-out menus. I would be lying. Let's see, we have Chinese, Mexican, a diner, Subway, or McDonald's. Almost forgot, deli fried chicken from a gas station, or the grocery. The fried chicken tends to be greasy and the sides of potato logs unappealing to me. My stomach rebels at the thought of spicy Mexican and I don't want a sandwich or a burger. Chinese, I guess.

Chinese it is. I opt for the roast pork and vegetables and HeWho always orders the same thing, does just that. General Tso and his chicken. He speaks into his phone to automatically dial up the  House of China. He really loves the General and his chicken. While the phone is ringing, he looks at me and says "beef or chicken?". And he wonders why I say he never listens to what I say.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Full Service, Please!

Okay, I was able to post!! This exciting, I keep wait

That is as far as I got yesterday before my words would no longer appear, shortly after that the entire thing froze up and I couldn't even read other blogs.

I shut it down and said some words and sent a message to my son.

It is working today, so far. A storm is brewing. We are supposed to have a rain storm with hail and high winds. That will pretty much wipe out the movie tonight. Even if we were under the pavilion, the wind would have us all soaked. I am tired and not all that disappointed.

Last week with a couple of little old ladies tent camping has left me  ...... annoyed? Disillusioned? The lady making the reservation was with my church group on Labor Day weekend. I give them a really good discount. They are a large group and have always been respectful of my property and my profit margin. They are mainly tent campers and they squish those tents together and leave me as many open spots as possible for me to rent. They never complain and the guy who organizes the event handles everything for me. He counts the heads and gathers the money, making it one of my easiest holiday weekends.

So, this sweet little old lady cornered me before she left after the holiday weekend. She told me she didn't have much money and wanted to bring her friend/relative on a camping trip. I made the reservation and gave her a very nice discount. It is my prerogative to extend such discounts as I see fit. I have been known to let some stay free and even feed them. I am quite sure I have been taken advantage of before and no doubt, will be again.

The ladies arrived and set up camp and then started to shadow me for entertainment. I was elated to lock up after the first day. I treasure my alone time. I enjoy being on my own as I go about my daily chores. The next day proved to be as trying as the first day. I hated to go outside, lest I find myself in the position of entertaining. I was trying to get the sign painting done and ready for hanging and really wanted to be done with it, so I could move on to another project.

They were here for three days and the last day was much like the first two. The church lady came in and plopped down in the chair. She announced that her tire "was low" and wanted to know if I could "blow it up". Really, me. As most all my friends know, I do not even fuel up my car. I am a kept woman as far as my driving needs go. I told her that my husband was out by the barn (aka Fred Sanford's Emporium) and that he did have a compressor. She said she didn't want to bother him, as he was busy. I will pause here, as you imagine those words playing in my head.

She wanted me to bother him to fix her tire, but before any more was said, Martha, the boy cat, sauntered into the store. She jumped from the chair and ran out the door exclaiming that she was allergic to cats. If only Martha had made himself available earlier! I did give him an extra treat and simply forgot about the "low tire".

Next morning, as we were starting the day, Church Lady (having erased the sight of Martha from her mind) arrived in the store to chew out HeWho owns a compressor for not attending to her tire the night before. I heard the exchange from the kitchen, but did not appear to back up HeWho. He took the assault and apologized to her and told her she should have brought her car to the barn and he would have been more that happy to help her. That silver tongued devil is a sucker for little old ladies.

The tire was sitting on the rim and something tells me she is quite familiar with "low tires". Nothing was stopping her from traveling the mile to the nearest gas station to take care of the problem. I was still feeling kindly towards her, though ..... until I went out to clean and stock the bathrooms.

They apparently kept all their trash and garbage at their campsite until they were ready to leave. When exiting the campground, one must go right by the dumpster. Most campers bring the trash with them and toss it on their way out. Instead, they took the top off the would be rain barrel that was full of water, underneath the gutter at the end of the building where the bathrooms are and SHOVED THEIR GARBAGE DOWN INTO THE WATER.

No longer feeling charitable, I used considerable force to tip the barrel over in order to get the now soggy contents out. My hands were encased in gloves as I picked up the remains of their dinners and tons of wet paper towels. The cold water faucet in the ladies shower was broken and evidence of their daily hygiene was on display. No good deed goes unpunished.

To sum it all up, the phone call of the week: "So, tell me, what kind of activities do you have planned for the kids?"  So many answers to that question bounced around in my mind, but I just replied that we didn't have any planned activities for kids and went on to extoll the amenities of the park, the playground and the pond for fishing.
"No planned activities for the children while my husband and I go to Oktoberfest?"

I suppose I could do that, but it would cost the parents SO MUCH!!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Snakes Alive!

Unwelcome guests will sometimes appear to scare and annoy me. Like the one pictured. Not all of them slither on the ground, though. They cannot be dispatched easily with a shovel to the head ....

My computer seems to be in it's death throes and I will have to acclimate myself to a brand new one soon enough. Being old, I don't like lots of changes in routine happenings. I do not really type. It is a sort of three finger ballet I prefer and I can apparently do so with much haste. Because the computer cannot keep up with me. I find myself editing every other word for dropped letters.

I only have one window open while I am "typing", but it still happens. That is annoying, but it has started turning off and on with no warning. The keypad has a sticky "c" and the internal mouse died long ago. Once again I will impose upon my son to find what I want and get it so he can set it all up for me. I have a very good son. I don't mind paying for it, it is the set up part that I hate and he knows how to get his mom a good deal.

This is usually my favorite time of year. The week days are slow and easy and I can get a lot done .... well, they used to be, at any rate. We are still super busy with lots of travelers and winery goers. I had two older ladies here for three days in a tent. The weather has been perfect for that sort of camping. Warm days and cool nights.

Just because we are still busy in the office doesn't mean there are not a lot of pre-winter chores to be done. I still have quite a bit of fence to paint and the big sign in the front is about to collapse. I suppose it should be in a great state of rot, since it is almost 50 years old. Not that we have been standing by waiting for it to collapse. I have painted it several times and it has been reinforced throughout the years, but the time has come to just put up a new sign.

The old sign is made of 2X6's, cedar, of coarse and the letters were routed out, making it easier to paint, but still not great. Someone gave us a stack of 4' 2X4's and HeWho knows things said they would work great. He went on to tell me how he was going to route out some 4X4"s to frame the sign. The only thing he wanted me to do was to outline the letters on the 2X4's ...... so he could route them out "otherwise, it won't look right".

Being a dutiful wife I went out to the barn where he had this all set up on a picnic table (after he pondered what he would put it on for me to work on. He was going to purchase a piece of plywood to put on sawhorses .......). Anyhoo, his wife suggested the picnic table, what with it being the same size as the sign. I battled the wind and did my part.

A few days passed. A couple of times, I even heard the router. But, he made very little progress. I even suggested using some different materials. I asked if, perhaps wooden letters might be an alternative to paint or routing the letters. I researched and neither one of us liked the price of the letters. HeWho seemed to balk at the shipping time, like we had not already wasted a couple of weeks.

Next thing I know, he is dragging in a piece of plywood for me to letter and then he cut the letters out with the jigsaw. Just $24 and we have all the letters we need and extra material. Everybody knows how much I love a bargain. I don't think he was too happy with me when he started to cut out the letters .... I laid them out very carefully to use as little material as possible.

My part is done , all the painting of the letters and the big part of the sign, just needs to be erected and then touched up.

At the end of the day, though, I have the sweetest little guy waiting for me to cuddle with!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Monkey Business

It has been really quiet here for the past week since my little buddy, Parker, moved away. Not too far, but still, it is not the same.

I seem to have rediscovered my sewing room. I sold out of sock monkeys and had some of the campers ask if I planned to make more. I dug out my secret stash of hoarded socks and got busy. This one is made from infant socks and is my current favorite.

Seems I had quite the stash of socks and nowhere to display them. So I went to the ceiling for room and let them hang from a tree limb.

Not all of them are hanging by the tail.

This one looks like he might be stealing some ketchup!

This one has freaky long legs.

Tied in knots over chocolate.

Once I started, I couldn't stop. I made 21 last week and sold one over the weekend. I still have a big stack of socks, I might as well keep going while the rain is falling.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Chain Reactions

Last week, during my self-imposed break from the internet, I managed to accomplish quite a bit. During breaks in the rain storms, I pulled up all the cow pea plants and harvested what was left on the vines. Turned out to be 3 quarts for the freezer.

The heat from the boiling water used to blanch the peas and the smell of the peas hitting that water took me back in time. I remember many mornings spent shelling peas on my grandmother's carport. Everybody's fingers were put to use until all the peas were shelled out along with butterbeans. I hated shelling butterbeans, my thumbs would be sore for days.

After all the shelling was complete, the women folk would start the kettle to boiling. Then while the water took it's own sweet time, many arguments over whether to add salt to the boiling water would ensue. No air conditioning to keep things cool. Just an old oscillating fan on the floor. When the boiling of the salted water commenced (salt always won, after arguing over just how much salt), all the ice trays in the freezer would be released into the biggest bowl in the house. The ice trays were then refilled in hopes of freezing before the evening meal. I still wonder why they did not empty those trays in the morning and store the ice in the freezer ... or even invest in more ice trays.

The heat in the kitchen would be near to unbearable by this time and tempers were short. The blanching would be over and the peas plunged into the icy water, then the bagging began. A day long event that would yield dozens of pint freezer bags of peas and butterbeans. Always more than ever got eaten in the winter months.

Anyhoo, where was I before I wandered off down memory lane? Oh, yes, my kitchen was also hot and I would have opened the back door to take advantage of the nice breeze if my screen door functioned properly. The damp weather had the flies flocking to any opening available. Just letting the dogs in and out had created a bit of  problem.

I was swatting flies non-stop, so I hung some of that nasty fly tape. Struck by inspiration, I hung some of the fly tape outside, thinking to capture the flies looking to come inside. It was actually working, too. This fly tape is really sticky and comes with a thumbtack on the end you pull out. I used it inside to stick the tape in the door way. I knew It would not stay stuck outside. We have lots of wind here. So I looped the tape around a metal flower pot holder and stuck it to itself.

How it came loose is a mystery. I was unaware that it had until my Charming Eddie came inside with it stuck to his tail. Poor little Eddie always manages to find things he shouldn't. We ended up cutting it out of his fur. He was a little indignant about the whole thing. I was quick to remind him that he started it all when he decided to rip the screen out of the door. 

But, really, I blamed HeWho did not rehang the door properly .......

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Proper Training

It rained and rained all week long, it rained. The temperature was quite nice. When the rain was not falling, cool breezes made one want to throw open the windows. And doors. Where screen doors would/should be in place to prevent insects from entering one's humble abode.

The screen door is back up. With a sizable gap at the top and it doesn't close. The wire mesh used over the screen to prevent one young dog from chewing his way out was applied to the entire door. Preventing the closing of the door. Oh, he trimmed some away after I lodged a complaint. Now, it still does not close all the way and the raw edges of the mesh tends to grab at my clothes and scrape my hands.

I will continue to encourage him to take it back down and trim away all the excess mesh and tack some sort of trim to cover the raw edges. HeWho says it is the fault of the door jamb needing repairs. I will also encourage him to repair that while he has the door down.

After almost 43 years, I realize that he is still not properly trained.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Dinner And A Movie

I finally have a minute to myself! Only a quick minute. The park is nearly full with Otoberfest enthusiasts and it is Saturday ....... time for Saturday Night at the Movies. With a twist this week ...... dinner and a movie!

 This, from last week, getting it all set up.

HeWho gets to play with electronic stuff.

I made popcorn ........ three flavors!

Guess which chair is mine?

I am ready for tonight. Sloppey Joes simmer in the crock pot. All the sound equipment is loaded onto the cart and ready to roll. Thanks to me. HeWho was making 3 trips on the golf cart to get it all out to the pavilion. I unearthed this old metal cart that I bought at a yard sale many, many years ago. This cart is the best $12 I ever spent.

Not big, but big enough, it is the same size as those three shelf kitchen carts from the 80's. This one has only two shelves, but it is sturdier, with bigger wheels. The top shelf had that old boomerang formica, while the bottom shelf and all the rest of the cart is chrome. Was. It was all rusty and ugly. Nothing a piece of sand paper and a can of paint couldn't fix. I love this old cart and it will be with us when we live on wheels ...... it folds flat!!

Time to go out and see how wet the chairs are. It rained this morning, has rained all week, but the sun is shining now and clear skies are supposed to reign over the land.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

I Just Want a Simple Screen Door

You may (or may not) recall my post about Charming Eddie and the screen door. I like screen doors, especially this time of year. A nice breeze can flow through my kitchen as I slave over the hot stove .....

I asked for a screen door as soon as we moved the kitchen and the back door. It took nearly two years of nagging an complaining to finally get it installed. It was a storm door combination, with the window and screen on the bottom. I immediately knew that it would be a problem, that the screen was on the bottom. I knew that at least one of my dogs would take on the challenge of ripping that screen out. I asked him if the door could be installed upside down, so that the screen would not be with-in the reach of the canines.

Made sense to me, but HeWho had someone else install the door did not agree. As I had predicted, the screen did not last very long. A couple of years went by and the storm door did let light into the dark hallway leading to my kitchen, but I still longed for  screen and a breeze.

I did exhaustive research on screen storm doors with solid bottoms and a screen on the top half. They are expensive, these doors with windows on top. So began the campaign for a plain old wood screen door. I harped on this subject on and off until he thought it was his idea. He bought the door and it sat waiting to be installed ..... not as long as the storm door waited, but only months.

This door was screen from bottom to top, but with a guard on the outside of the bottom half. I wondered loud about putting a similar guard on the front side. You know, a preventative measure, if you will. My idea fell on deaf ears and the door was installed. The breezes flowed into my hot little kitchen and all was well in my world throughout Spring. I leave the back door open when the weather permits. I can hear the dogs easier and they seem to be willing to stay out longer if they hear me in the kitchen.

Not long ago Cujo learned to open the screen door and go out by himself. I had considered a doggie door, but given Martha, the boy cat's, hunting abilities and the fact that he likes to bring special "gifts" to us, this idea was quickly vetoed. Cujo has a shorter body than Eddie and he is stockier. He could give the door a good tap and scoot out before the door came back to the frame. Toni Louise could do it, as well. I am pretty sure that Wall-E was capable, but he would rather martyr himself and sulk around inside, than join the others outside. I think he secretly hoped I would find the behavior to be bad and the other dogs would receive a good scolding, but Wall-E's martyrdom is another story entirely.

Charming Eddie is not one to shy away from a good challenge or to be left out. He watched and he tried the door trick. He lacked the body bulk to give enough oomph to his push and could not make it all the way out before the door came back to trap him in the threshold. I witnessed a few of his attempts and laughed at him.

Perhaps I should have not mocked him. After a particularly busy day, I came inside to find him strutting around with something caught in his teeth and hanging from the sides of his mouth. Screen spline. The spline is black and Eddie is black, making him look like a walrus. After I freed the spline from his teeth, I inspected my screen door.

He had pulled the screen out, in an attempt to escape, but was thwarted by the screen guard. This would be the answer to the question HeWho asked when I suggested guards on both sides.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday. HeWho took the screen down to rescreen the bottom and put the wire stuff on the inside. The door languished atop a picnic table until yesterday when it was re-installed. He bought a roll of the stuff and covered the door top to bottom with it. It makes me dizzy when I try to look outside. Not only that ..... he did not trim the stuff very well and the door would not close this morning.

I hear a drill out there as I write. I am afraid to look. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Feeling Poorly

Have you heard? Fall is here. The leaves are turning and the stores are putting Christmas decorations out .... must be fall. School starting is over and now we wait for ghosts and goblins. I hauled out the bins I so carefully labeled some 10 years ago.

One would think I could put the stuff back into the correctly labeled bins. I didn't. I have to open all of them to see what is what. I know I have more stuff, but can't be bothered to crawl up the ladder to see what surprises I might have tucked away in the other bins labeled Christmas.

I found some of those lights for the windows with the pumpkin stuck on top. Bulbs didn't work. I know I have some .... somewhere here, but I just pulled the tops off and used them for the gnome garden. Perfect size and just think how much money I saved on our electricity bill!

Took a picture and now I am wondering where the third gnome is. I have no energy left to go out and look. I am biding my time, waiting for 7:00 to roll around so I can lock up and go kick back and hold dogs until it is time to go to bed. I have been feeling "poorly" this week. All the things I usually do in one day have taken all week. I know the pollen count is high and mold spores are in the air, but the pollen count is always high here with the wind blowing and, let's face it, you can't really escape the effects unless you live in a bubble.

I sometimes feel like I live in a bubble. My housekeeping efforts are pretty minimal when we are busy and we have been busy this season. I do make an effort to keep up with the dusting and floor cleaning. But, I have been really lax lately and I know this because, as I sat in my recliner receiving canine comfort, I happened to look in the corner of the room where the wood stove is and noticed a cobweb. A truly magnificent one! No, I did not jump up and grab the broom and pull out the vacuum. Remember, I was feeling poorly.

No, what I did was close my eyes and then slit them open just a bit to trick Toni Louise into thinking I was asleep so she would stop sniffing my eyeballs. I stared at the cobweb, like one would stare at the clouds and imagine different shapes. My cobweb looks like a hammock!!

I did manage to put out a bit of seasonal cheer. I don't plant  lot of corn and we eat the few ears that grow. So, I only have a few stalks for décor. I beef them up with the tiger lily stalks that I carefully remove from the thousand or so plants I have. Tie a bow and stick a gourd or a witches face in it and there you go.

Notice the chainsaw art frog? We had some chainsaw art guys stay here for a awhile and HeWho commissioned the frog for my happy birthday. I do like frogs, and it is the logo for the park, and one should not be picky ...... but I would have preferred a rendering of Charming Eddie or Cujo. The frog is great, though. He welcomes visitors as they enter the office to register. Well, him and the witch .......

Friday, September 22, 2017

Crappy Week

It has been a frustrating week. The weather has turned hot and humid again, making outdoor chores unpleasant. I tried to do too much on Monday, making me feel like crap on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, HeWho hears very little without aid, announced that his hearing aid was kaput. So, he called for an appointment and I decided to ride along, since he was heading to Columbia and I knew I would get to see my bestie, Martha. He dropped me off and we gossiped for not nearly long enough before he was back. No quick fix for the hearing aid. It had to be sent off.

We had a very early dinner and then returned to our everyday drudgery. Thursday was another hot and crappy feeling day. I managed a very short nap, but never made it to feeling good. My canine friends must have known because they gave me wide berth and let me sleep until 6:30 this morning.

I mowed my allotment of grass in the early morning hours, despite the fact that HeWho said I should wait for the dew to dry. He never does and I would rather mow damp grass than mow while the sun cooks me in the midday heat.

I managed to get the laundry done and meal cooked while I await the arrival of all my weekend guests. Since September is notoriously slow, I have not been meticulous with my reservations. Yes, I screwed up.

I took a couple of overnight reservations as I was mowing this morning. I was in a hurry to beat the heat and I did not put my bifocals on ....... and I over-booked. So, you know how it is when you are faced with a problem, and it is easier to figure out by talking to someone? Well, that approach does not work when the person you are trying to bounce ideas off DOES NOT HEAR.

He literally walked out the door as I was asking for his assistance. So, I grabbed my phone and started texting him. I could see that my texts were being delivered and I was on the second text when a text came through "This is Adrienne, not Dad."

Add to that, the phone ringing every two minutes or so ...... When I was finally able to text him, the text did not go through and I ended up calling him and shouting out my request. I think I hurt my back, right between my shoulder blades, while trying to make the deaf man hear. To add insult to injury, he informs me that he has to go do some tow job.

I am on my own. I mean, I was on my own anyway, as far as solving the problem that I created myself, but a little moral support would be nice. I think I have the problem solved, at any rate. I will just need to convince the overnight travelers to take a site without sewer. I can always lie and say that my husband messed up the reservations, but I would creating bad karma if I did that.

No, I will fess up and admit that I am the one who screwed up. Give them a discount, make them happy.

Earlier today, While HeWho hears not, was playing on the front-end loader, moving rock hither and thither, I heard the bell alerting me that a customer was in the store. I was picking over the green beans fresh from my garden and not paying attention to the security monitor. There stood a wizened old man in t-shirt and jeans. Sweat was dripping from his face and his shirt sleeve was rolled up around his pack of cigarettes. He absolutely reeked of alcohol and nicotine. I stayed well behind the counter as I covertly texted HeWho for assistance. In a gravely voice the man told me that he had no money and was hitch-hiking his way to California (I am pretty sure he meant California, MO). He wondered if I could give him some money or a can of beer.

Before I could respond, the door flew open and my hero was there! I was amazed at how fast he responded to my text. He looked at the man and said to him, "I already gave you some money when I saw you earlier at the tow shop, you have no business here and you need to be on your way!"

Wow, way to protect your woman! The man left after he realized he had already hit us up for a hand-out. So, I said to my hero, "That was a really quick response!" He looked at me blankly. He didn't get the text until then and had seen the man walking up the drive. Here I was thinking he had come to save me.

Not that I could not have handled it on my own, mind you. I missed my opportunity to educate this alcohol soaked man. First thing that pooped into my head was the fact that he claimed to be hitch-hiking on a dead end road. He needed to be coached into a better story, or learn how to read road signs. Next thing was the request for alcohol because of the heat! Water, water is what he needed and if I gave him anything, it would have been a bottle of water!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I Love My Dogs

It is a rare occasion to get a good picture of my Cujo. If he sees me try to take his picture, he immediately runs to me. I took this one through the screen door. He is such a handsome guy!

More shots through the screen. It is hard to see, but his face is turning gray. He is only 7, at the most 8 years old. My Oscar did not turn gray until he was in his teen years.

I played with the color and exposure on this one. Yes, he is a tad overweight ..... me, too. I think he had to fight for his food in his younger life, that life before he chose me to be his forever mom. He tends to want to snatch treats that are offered. Still, after 6 years of living in complete indulgence. Never mind, I love him, no matter what he does. He knows this. He is pretending to not be aware of me behind the screen door.

Then there is Eddie. He seems to be feeling left out. He loves the camera and will pose. This little guy has never known anything but love. He is so sure of himself. He thinks everybody loves him and he is petty much right about that!

It took Cujo awhile to accept the fact that Eddie would be staying here forever. They are the best of buddies now. Eddie has taken to chewing gently on Cujo's ear as he readies himself for sleep. He puts Cujo's entire ear in his mouth, then lets it fall out when he goes to sleep. Cujo will then snuggle next to me with a big, wet with slobber ear.

I love my dogs. Really, I do.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Painting Signs

The Internet gods have conspired against me all week. I started to blame Blogger, but it is happening to every site I try to log onto. So, I blame Sprint. So, while I wait for the internet to be fixed, I paint.

The pool rules sign is looking pretty sad. The bright colors have faded and the paint is peeling. I suppose it is time to paint a new sign anyway.

So ...... I did. Since I was painting a new sign, I thought the entire pump house could do with a fresh coat of paint. The only thing missing is the dolphins that were gifted to me (thanks, Terry and Sharon). It was all I could do to get HeWho always has other things to do to help me hang it.

The weather felt like late October all week. Now, today it is 90. The pool is closed for the season. Even though it is hot today, all those cool nights have lowered the water temperature to the high 60's, lower 70's. Brisk, a little too brisk.

Summer seems to have flown by. I remember my grandmother telling me that time would move faster when I grew up. I always doubted her word, but I seem to have finally grown up. Naps used to be punishment, now they are coveted!!

I am feeling much better. My body has finally acclimated to the tiny pill that strengthens and steadies my heart beat. Another weekend is almost over and my store hours are changing to noon til 7:00. I am looking forward to lingering over my morning coffee and tucking my toes under a throw.

Saturday Night At The Movies is a big hit. Last week the sound was too low, but thanks to the new blue ray player the picture was great. The week before, the sound was good, the picture was crappy. This week should be all good. HeWho has put together all the speakers we have and the sound should be audible on the interstate!! I am looking forward to watching "The Zookeeper's Wife" tonight. The only thing that would make it better would be watching in my pajamas ......

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tired and Rundown

As another weekend is over, weariness has settled on my shoulders like an old shawl. Things have usually slowed down significantly by this time of year, but we were near capacity this past weekend. Mind you, that is not a complaint ...... I am just not as young as I used to be.

I have had trouble getting on line all week and then when I do, I sometimes drift off while waiting for the internet to open up. It was a very productive week and I got to some projects that have been on my back burner for a long time. I have a helper for an indefinite period of time and I plan to make full use of that help.

Our helper is a teen and eager to please, but we all know how that goes. HeWho had claimed that he could use his help, but HeWho procrastinates rarely completes one project before moving on to another. Young help is good, because they have energy resources that seem to be unlimited ..... but you do have to tell them want you want and be very specific.

This is hardly a new thing for me, since I have dealt with my ADD husband for nearly 43 years. It seems sad that I have not been able to train him in all those years! He assumes that his helper can read his mind and that when he finishes one task, he should automatically know what to do next. Now I am monopolizing the young man, but we are getting a lot done!

I am no fan of ladders. I don't mind painting, but I do not like climbing. Together, Dante and I have painted the pool pump shed and the ends of the main building. He cleaned up a bunch of fence boards that had been laying on the ground for two seasons and then he used the weed whacker while I mowed. I gave him a lesson in weeding and watching for snakes while weeding. The fruits of our labor are quite evident.

It is exhausting, coming up with work for him to do, then giving instructions and lots of positive feedback. Male workers thrive on positive feedback, you know. He is a good worker and next week I have big plans for him!!

In the meantime .... I was feeling really crappy. My head hurt and my blood pressure was up. The pollen count is quite high, but I couldn't figure out if the head pain was causing the elevation in my blood pressure, or my elevated blood pressure was causing my head to hurt. Then, my heart started skipping every third or fourth beat. As it was nearly time to fill the pill containers for the next two weeks, I decided to take a closer look at my pills.

Since we had to change to mail order RX, I had run out of the beta blocker I take and totally forgot to add it to my second week of pills when it finally arrived. So, I went 5 days without it and when I started taking it again, it made me feel as tired as it did when I started taking it initially. Next week should be better.

I am always very careful with the pills of HeWho. I will tape post-it notes on his pill boxes to remind me to add the missing pills and to remind him to not take the ones in that particular box. Perhaps I should pay as close attention to my own!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Unleash Me

Last week, as I was tending my vegetable garden in the late afternoon sunshine, I looked over into the side yard to see Martha, the boy cat enjoying a lazy afternoon in the dappled sunlight that filtered through the limbs of the peach tree.

Martha has come a long way from that tiny scrap of fur that fell from the bucket of the front end loader. I like cats, but everybody knows I am partial to dogs. Cats can be very aloof. After all, a cat doesn't really need you like a dog does. Cats can hunt and find their own food and water. Not to mention the fact that they will dig a hole and cover up their own waste.

Martha is special, though. He participates in the canine doings and he is very affectionate. He knows I am his person. I am the one who fed him with a bottle and took care of his bathroom needs. Really, once an animal poops in your hand, that animal is yours for life.

Martha was very much aware that he was under the scrutiny of my camera, he just pretends not to notice that I am there.

For a long time Martha would lay flat on the ground when he heard a loud engine. I suppose he remembered being scooped up and dropped. He steers clear of the vehicles, having a good, healthy fear of them. He roams the park at will, but always comes home. I tend to be happier on the days he forgets to bring home "gifts".

I am a little worried about Martha traveling with us. He will be okay inside, but he does enjoy wandering around ...... I am pretty certain he will not be okay with a leash.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Picnic Tables and Credit Cards

In case you might be wondering what I have been up to ........ the week before a holiday weekend is intense ( not in tents ..... sorry, couldn't help it). What with the gall stone that plagues the life of HeWho mows, I have been carrying an extra load.

I took a solo ride through the park with my clip board. I noted any deficiency I saw and then set out to correct as much as I could prior to the weekend invasion. The main problem is and always will be, the lack of picnic tables. Not because we do not purchase and build them. No, it is more a case of vandalism and weather. Wood will eventually rot. Especially if it is hacked at with a hatchet or sustains some sizable burns from a table top grill. They collapse when you pull your camper over them .....

So, we had a bunch of tables hanging out by the barn (aka Fred Sanford's Emporium). They were in various states of dis-repair. HeWho collects junk would have burnt them and just bought new tables. However, HeWho was blessed with a thrifty wife. We made 5 good tables and I painted them and readied them for distribution. Then I mounted my trusty golf cart, paint brush in my hand and painted all the tables I could manage.

In between my table adventures, I mowed and weeded and dragged trash bags to the dumpster and picked up dog poop in the dog park. I cooked and cleaned and did laundry and all the things required of the homemaker. Then, yesterday, I looked at my hair, all shaggy and unruly and decided to treat myself to a morning adventure away from the confines of the campground.

Since everything seemed to be going along like clock work, it seemed like a good idea. I needed some items to stock the store and the soda machine, so off I went. I was cruising along the interstate, with little traffic to annoy me. I see an accident in the west bound lanes and congratulate myself on being in the east bound lanes. I hit every light green as I headed toward the hair salon and my hair dresser was sitting there, as if waiting for me!! I went straight to her chair and left not long after.

I breezed through the aisles of Walmart and fulfilled my list. Every register that was open had a line. Now, before you tell me to use the self check out ..... I can't. I have two separate (but equally important) orders in my cart. One is for my personal needs and one is tax exempt for the store. I have to have a cashier enter the secret code that only pertains to my campground. Upon completion of the transaction, I have to offer up my signature that proclaims all the items are for resale and will be taxed by me and paid to the appropriate agency.

I happened upon a lane that had only two carts ahead of me and they both had just a few items. They were gone before I finished stacking my tax exempt purchases on the conveyor belt. Everything was going my way, Karma was smiling on me, knowing I still had grass to mow.

I swiped my handy dandy credit card and loaded my bagged items into the cart for the trip to my vehicle and that is when the world as Walmart knows it ceased to be! The window read INVALID CARD. I swiped again with the same results. The cashier swiped two more times and got the same results.

Then we heard other cashiers say that none of the cards, debit or credit were working. A hush fell over the crowd of shoppers as I searched my purse frantically, hoping the memory of removing the checkbook I never used was not a real memory. No checkbook, but I came up with $92. My total was $117, including my donation of $5 to the Red Cross for the flood victims. Even if we took off the donation, I still did not have enough cash. Not to mention I still had another order on the belt.

The world stopped spinning on it's axis as the yellow vested CSM's were calling the next level of management for advice. I had eight boxes of ice cream sitting in the cart. I caught the eye of the CSM closest to me and asked if I should return them to the freezer and she looked at me with wild eyes and all but screamed, "I don't know!!" Um. I was just trying to help. Unlike other people who were leaving their carts full and walking away. Nice as I am, I would not be buying melted ice cream.

The cashier looked lost, so I told her to suspend the order and I would pay cash for my other items. I called HeWho loves to be a hero and told him of my plight. He just so happened to be talking to a camper headed my way and he sent the money with him. I stowed my personal purchases in my car and headed back in to wait. The ice cream was still bagged and in my suspended cart.

I always have a cooler in my trunk. It is a thick Styrofoam affair that my night crawlers are shipped in. If you get past the idea that worms once inhabited the cooler, it is a good transporter of frozen food. I fished out the bags with the ice cream and paid cash for them along with a bag of ice and made another trip to my vehicle to load them and ice them down. I admit that along the way I warned prospective buyers of the card situation. You would think the greeter would be telling people, but I suppose they were hoping for a quick fix to the problem. One gentleman surmised that ISIS was responsible for the cyber attack. He gave me a rather lengthy education about how things would happen. I just smiled and nodded.

I doubt a small Walmart, in a small town, in the middle of Missouri would be a target for ISIS. But, who knows? My money came (thank you to Craig and Cheryl!) and I paid and then headed home, having wasted at least an hour of my very valuable time. I did manage to mow all my turf and then some. Labor Day weekend waits for no one! 

Friday, September 1, 2017

That Face


Did I do that? Charming Eddie is all grown up. He is a little stinker, but he is still a charmer. How do you get mad at that face?

I had just scolded him for digging a hole in the back yard. This is the face I get every time I scold him. He recently removed the screen from the back door. He was frustrated. Cujo is shorter of body and stockier than Eddie and he has learned how to bump the door just right to leave an opportunity to go out.

Eddie tries, but has yet to master the trick. The door always gets him before he can get his entire body out. So, he decided to rip the screen out. It did not help his situation, since there is a grate on the outside. Now the door has to be rescreened and another protective grate placed on the inside.

Eddie is a smart dog ...... smart enough to make me pick him up and shower him with lots of love and kisses when he looks up at me with that face!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Poison Ivy Strikes Again

Miss me? The eclipse campers kept me busy until Tuesday. I normally close early on Sunday, but was in here until 9, checking in late arrivals. While HeWho set up the big screen outside, I popped corn and bagged it with one of my sweet helpers, Belle.

We aired Boss Baby. I thought the movie would never end!!! I was sitting in my golf cart with HeWho and munching popcorn just to stay awake. Had I been in a comfortable chair, I would have slept. I can't believe I sat through an animated feature presentation! A cartoon, if you will. It was cute and let's face it, you have to be selective about what you put up in an outdoor setting with all the kids in the park. I chose the title, so I can't really complain, can I?

But, I had to open at 9 the next morning. I don't usually open until 11 on weekdays. This meant I had four 12 hour days in a row. And that is just the hours the store was open. I still have necessary chores to accomplish on a daily basis. I was mopping bathrooms at 10:30 pm on movie night.

My body rebelled and I was down with a killer headache Tuesday. I stuck the sign in the door that says I am outside working in the park and to call the store number for assistance. I don't have a sign that says I feel like I am dying. I pretty much ignored the sound of the door bell and only went out when summoned by phone.

Wednesday and Thursday were so nice I hated to be inside, so I left the sign up and did work. I mowed and reworked a garden. I am so pleased with my progress. I moved the boundaries to a more workable size and dug up all the stray iris that had come up over the years and planted a row on the other side of the formidable row of tiger lilies. Next year when the tigers send out the tall blooms they will be surrounded with purple bearded iris. I plucked out as many weeds as day light allowed and spent Thursday in the dog park.

Wednesday night I checked in some campers in a van. The van was a long utility type with no windows, an older model, maybe 80's. I am not good with makes and models. I just know a rattle trap when I see one. The couple was probably my age, both with long gray hair and few teeth. After I had checked them in (quick as I could, they were eating up my day light!), they asked about monthly rates.

Now, I don't have monthly rates for folks living in a van or a tent. Or in some dilapidated camper. I find such to be a deterrent to future prospects looking for accommodations. I told them as much, but they told me they were buying a camper. I told them it had to be newer than 2000 and, as I figured, it eliminated the possibilities of a home here. This is when I learned about just how big the bullet was that I had dodged ........

They had ELEVEN cats and two dogs. She confided that they would just pick up cats along the road, even feral ones. She said she really loves cats. But, she likes the two dogs, too.

So, it really came as no surprise to find that I had to pick up the dog park before mowing. But, before that I attended to the area that I have the benches on, under the trees. Vines were starting to climb the trees again and it was sorely in need of a good weeding.

After I finished, I headed inside for a shower in Ivy Wash. Despite my efforts, I woke up itching this morning. My right hand, my left eyelid and my right ear. I did not wash my face and ear with that stuff, and I had some scratches on my right hand ...... so I would give this product a big thumbs up! It is made by Technu, the same company that makes the Ivy Dry. Good stuff.