Friday, January 20, 2017


Just sitting here, coffee at my side, watching the inaugural festivities. Pondering the future ......

But, I won't wax political here. Not that I do not have some very strong opinions about the future. At this point in the day, it is like the red carpet events for an awards show. All the "celebrities" are arriving and the commentators are announcing them. I look up to see Newt Gingrich and his wife and cannot take my eyes away!

It is a damp dreary day there, much like the one I see out my tiny window. Her hair is perfectly coiffed, right down to that one curl that adorns the left side of her "do". I watch as she leans in to give fake kisses to those she is acquainted with, all the while holding her husband's hand. They move their way through the crowd gathered and her hair does not move AT ALL. It looks like it is painted on her head! Like a plastic helmet of hair she donned for the damp weather!

I am fascinated with her hair. I can't stop watching. Now I am looking at everyone's hair. In that misty fog, all the other women seem to be resigned to having their hair succumb to the elements, or wear a hat. I have to know what kind of hairspray this woman uses!!

I found myself  at a salon Tuesday. I was on a trip for puppy food and some other necessities and decided to have my hair cut. It was long enough to donate and I was ready. I haven't cut it more than just trimming for 3 years and when I woke that morning, Charming Eddie seemed to be trying to chew the ends off. With my new short do, I may need that Gingrich hairspray!


Sioux said...

What? No pic you and your new 'do?

I expect one with your next post. ;)

Now I am going to have to look up any pictures of Gingrich's wife from the ceremony. (My students and I watched the swearing-in, but didn't see HelmetHead.) Your description made me sooo curious.

Joanne Noragon said...

I forswore the whole event. Driving to the bank at noon, I put on the radio, preset to PRI, and it was the great pretender, the great promiser, the great Barnum, inagurating us. I actually listened for half an hour, as he explained how HE would fix it. Carry on.

Val said...

Now I have to look up that hairstyle, too! Didn't watch. Didn't listen. It is what it is.

Now how is Eddie going to tunnel under your hair? Jack used to do that when he was little. Crawl right across my shoulders under my hair,

Linda O'Connell said...

LOL hairspray. Maybe it's a wig? The whole freaking thing was a clown show. My daughter says i have a strong opinions...and she's on My side.

Paula Kaye said...

I wondered those same things about Donald's hair!!