Monday, January 2, 2017

31 Wrenches

I am ready to take it all down and clean house! Ready for some normal, routine stuff. Well, as normal as life will get with a new puppy.

It is overcast and dreary today. Hard to get motivated, but I think I will jump right in and start in the office. I haven't purged files in a few years. Sounds like fun, huh? Not only the files, but I am still in the midst of the great utility re-do. Painting has happened and peg board wall is becoming more organized. I am down to the most time consuming and boring task of all ......... sorting out all the various containers of nails, screw, bolts, nuts, washers and everything of that size imaginable.

I have all the Philips head screws in one container, all the nuts, all the bolts, etc. Now I am sorting sizes of each and putting them in Diet Coke 2 liter bottles. You are wondering why Diet Coke bottles? Well, since that is the only thing HeWho drinks from a Bubba mug, will drink. I cut a hole that a hand will fit in and put an eye hook in the cap. They will hang from the peg board. And, YES, we have that many screws! So far ......

I still have to get all the tool stuff out of the office. There are lots of nook and crannies to stash stuff in. Just think of all the room I will gain by eliminating the tools in the office! After the office, I have to hit the golf cart! Yes, he has all manner of stuff in the cup holders and the floor. I plan to use an empty chlorine bucket and make a mobile "tool kit", then strap it to the golf bag holder. There is already one bucket full of chlorine strapped on for pool maintenance.

After the golf cart, I need to clean out the vehicle he drives and sort out the tools that get used most often into bins for easy access. There will be lots of "lost" stuff there, too. Then, there is the barn of Fred Sanford. I will have to wait for a very bright and warm sunny day and carry a big stick with me. I know of one old possum living in the barn among all the crap my husband has managed to accumulate. I am more worried about things like snakes and rodents. 

But I am just putting off the task at hand. I might as well get at the office. One step at a time. I do love to organize things. I am my father's daughter, after all. My dad liked everything in it's place. Everything had to be folded just so and stacked accordingly. He didn't get upset if it wasn't done right, he just took it upon himself to set it right.

I remember a phone call shortly after my mother died. I asked Daddy what he had done that day. He told me he picked up pine cones in the front yard and mowed. Then he let me know how many pine cones there were! I never noticed before then how many things I count!

So far I have discovered 31 wrenches ......


Val said...

I need a YOU at my house. You can count all you want, just so long as you organize my junk.

Joanne Noragon said...

I've always found counting makes the job go faster. Then I get frustrated at the OCDedness of it and scream at my head, "Stop counting!", which lasts for a minute and then it's 46, 47, 48, and I wonder where I put 1-45.

Stephanie Faris said...

I feel like I should get organized to kick off 2017, but I came down with the cold at the end of December, so now I'm too sick to do it!