Sunday, January 8, 2017

Food Inspiration

So, on the trip to Walmart, while strolling down the aisles, chatting with my puppy ..... I encountered several clearance items and tossed them in my cart. Seems I am unable to walk away from a good deal. I bought cookie dough. Really, I cannot figure why I did this. I made so many cookies, I broke my mixers. I do not want any cookies.

But, it was such a good deal! 75% off. The big family size rolls of sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. After all the Christmas cookies, who wants cookies? I was cleaning out the fridge last night and happened to take a look at the expiration date. Great Scotts Value, I only have this month to eat this crap!

I had been thinking about making a cream pie to use up the three containers of Cool Whip in the fridge. Seems someone forgot she had them in the fridge and kept getting another one out. Cool Whip is to plain desserts what cheese is to hot dishes created out of leftovers, you know. HeWho has learned not to question what he is eating, is happy with disguises on his entrée, as well as his desserts.

I had already gone through all the pudding mixes on hand and had settled on coconut cream. I still had some toasted coconut left from the coconut truffles I made. I had seen a piecrust in the freezer, so I was all set. Then I started cleaning out the fridge and everything changed.

That pie crust in the freezer will keep just fine, the toasted coconut has a long shelf life, as well. That jar of lemon curd will expire next month, though. The cookie dough is weighing heavy on my mind, too. And, I am out of milk ......

What to do, what to do. I am NOT going out in this weather for milk. But, look, I have almond milk ....... So, I squeezed out a chunk of sugar cookie dough into a pie tin and smushed it down to make a pie crust for my lemon pie. Then I was struck with inspiration! I grabbed another pie tin and made a peanut butter crust. I have a chocolate pudding mix and I have more than enough Cool Whip.

Just so you know, the almond milk worked just fine with the pudding mix. I smeared the lemon curd on the cooled crust and topped it with lemon pudding and, of course, Cool Whip. It turned out really good. HeWho loves chocolate and peanut butter was so happy! He liked the lemon pie, too. I still have cookie dough left and I will be sharing theses pies with others, so we will absolutely need more dessert this week!

Here is Charming Eddie and his favorite toy.

Charming Eddie loves his big brother, Cujo. Cujo looks out for Eddie when they go outside. Toni Louise still growls at him. She can hold a grudge!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Are you one of those who stand by the use by dates?
I do not if it looks, smells and tastes ok so what if it went out of date a month ago I will still use it, those lemon dishes sound really nice

Mevely317 said...

That cookie dough 'fix' is brilliant! I don't do a lot of baking, but plain old ordinary pie crusts are going to be a thing of the past from now on!

Val said...

You are amazing! And thanks for the Eddie updates. I can't get enough of him.

Paula Kaye said...

Hello! I was sent to check out your cookie dough pie! Myra!! She is the one 'who sent me'. What an amazing idea to make pie crusts from cookie dough. I will have to see what my stores have left from Christmas. Cannot wait to try it. Yum, I love lemon curd!!