Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The house was quiet and I was longing for a little nap. Toni Louise was lounging in the biggest dog bed ..... big enough to hold all of them. Wall-E was in the chair of HeWho fancies himself to be the master of the house. Cujo was in his usual place, tucked in my chair with me, already dozing.

But, wait .... where is Charming Eddie? Suddenly there was barking. We were all startled out of our lazy reverie. I wonder how such a tiny being can make such a loud sound. He was demanding to sit in my lap. I scooped him up, after making sure there was a chew toy nearby. Eddie has some big boy teeth waiting to erupt.

Eddie prefers chewing on my arthritic fingers. I prefer that he does not. He is pretty good about accepting an alternative to ease his gums.

He chewed and chewed, pausing routinely to look up at me and share his sweet innocence. My heart melts every time I look at that face.

I never did get that nap, but that's okay. I sat there holding Eddie on my lap while I played with Cujo's soft ears. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.


Joanne Noragon said...

That would have put me right to sleep.

Paula Kaye said...

Oh those eyes!!

Val said...

Such a sweet face! Oh. Eddie's, too! I would sneak him into my house on the three days a week that Hick is working.

You have some good pictures of Eddie. My Puppy Jack would never hold still long enough to stay in frame. He has a really big bark for a little dog, too.

Linda O'Connell said...

Eddie does it for me; he could have anything he wanted if he were mine. Your haircut is cute.