Friday, January 6, 2017

Eddie Goes To Walmart

After the vet, Eddie wanted to go to Walmart. We needed water. We all drink bottled water since Toni Louise had her big adventure with bladder stones. No need to take a chance with all the minerals and calcium in our well water. I doubt I would suffer in silence if I had a bladder full of stones ......

Water in bottles is readily available everywhere, but Walmart definitely is the cheapest, if you are willing to refill your gallon bottles at a very reasonable 37 cents. We bought a dispenser with the giant 5 gallon bottle that fits atop it. Since we were right there near the Walmart, it would have been silly to drive 23 miles home to take Eddie home, then another 23 back to get water.

HeWho frequents big box home improvement stores used to take Oscar and Emmy shopping with him. They went so often they had their very own little Home Depot aprons. Emmy tipped the scales at a whopping 6 lbs. and loved to nestle into the baby snuggly I had sewn the legs closed in. I went to Walmart with her once and was asked to leave.

Their reason being the "food" served in the in-store McDonald's. It is not like she was strolling through the store on her own and the only reason anyone even knew she was with me is because someone wanted to see my baby. That someone was an employee and she went to management to tell them about the beast roaming the store.

I found a purse that was predominantly black and put a towel inside to make it cozy. Eddie enjoyed riding in it and looking out the passenger window.

I placed him in the seat of the cart, tucked in the purse that was quite roomy for him. He enjoyed riding around the store and nodded off several times. He would rouse when I neared one of the screens spouting products they have all over the store.

We strolled the clearance aisles and passed many a person. We checked out all the dog toys and squeaked them all to find one Eddie might enjoy. We were there for a awhile. HeWho chauffeurs his wife around on snowy roads was busy filling water bottles and picking up items we didn't need. During this time, not one person noticed the dog I was pushing around in the child seat of the cart!

I was talking to the dog in baby talk, just like we were at home. I got some strange looks, but no one looked down to see why the nutty lady was talking. I assume they thought I was just senile and talked to myself. I do talk to myself from time to time, but that is another tale to tell.

We reached the check out lane and suddenly Eddie was spotted by a little girl in her dad's arms. The parents and the little girl were charmed by my Charming Eddie and I even held him up to the little girl to pet. Her mother stuck her face close to enjoy some delicious puppy breath. The cashier's were all charmed and the world was suddenly a happy place.

Soon as we got home, Eddie peed, then ran inside to greet his pack of fellow canines. Even Toni Louise was happy to see him! Eddie crawled into Emmy's old bed and tucked in for a long nap. He slept so long that Toni Louise woke him when she was checking on him. I knew she would come around, after all the puppy's official name will be Charming Eddie!


Anonymous said...

I too would have been charmed by a puppy in the store. I like dogs, just don't have any of my own as we have cats, cats, and more cats.

Joanne Noragon said...

We did this once with a Yorkie we took on vacation. In Philadelphia Poppy was turned away at the door of independence hall. Fools. That dog's feet simply were not put on the ground! Long story short, we went to the library and bought a book bag. Poppy spent the rest of the vacation in or hanging out of the bag, depending on what we told him to do (smart dog!). He even went into restaurants with us, and the book bag went under the table, or hung off the back of a chair.

Val said...

You don't know what you've got till it's gone! Toni Louise saw the light and smelled the coffee. I hope she appreciates precious Eddie now!

Linda O'Connell said...

Eddie is a mood lifter, therefore he IS a therapy dog. You are a seamstress. I'm sure you can make him an orange vest declaring his helpful and healing abilities.