Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strange Bedfellows

Meet my canine companions. The youngest guy is Wall-E. Wall-E is just visiting for a time until his real owner (my grandson, Gavin) moves into a house with a yard for this rambunctious pup to run in. Wall-E lineage is unknown and I have decided that he is a 'Follow' dog. He follows me where ever I go. He has brought a lot of energy into our house and has made me realize how stodgy and old the other two dogs were getting.
Wall-E has his own blog so that he can keep in touch with his boy.
Next in the line-up is Emmy. Her name is Sweet Emmy Lou. She is 6 lbs. of pure love. She loves to be held. Her favorite perch is to be nestled in my left arm (close to my heart?), held high enough to rest her front paws on my collar bone. From here she can watch the world from my perspective. She graciously accepts pets from strangers and will offer a lick in return. She broke her back when she was only 2. I call her our $3000 dog. I couldn't not have her little back fixed! Who could not love that face?

This handsome guy is Oscar. He has a streak of pure evil in him. He is my dog and not apt to share his affections with others. Having said this; he can be bought with a toss of his ball. Any one who is willing to play ball with him is okay. He will either like or intensely dislike you and he bites. At the end of the day, he wants only me. He sleeps next to my leg and has to be touching me.I love his loyalty. My favorite time with him is early in the morning. He is all warm and cuddly and our morning ritual is for me to hold him while he wakes up. He is all muscle and this is the only time of day when his guard is down.
When I woke up this morning I looked over at my bedfellows. Love of my life was snoring gently with his mouth open....... but that's another story. The three dogs were all in a row, butts to my leg, under the covers. Three heads were peaking out, first Emmy, then Wall-E, and finally Oscar. Three peas in a pod.


Lover of Life said...

LOL! The do bring us peace and happiness, don't they?

scarlethue said...

I love dogs!

What is it about dachshunds that makes them mean? My cousins had a mean one too. Or rather than mean, I suppose I should say protective.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

LoL---Oh, yes. They give unconditional love and ask so little in return.

Scarlet---Little man syndrome? It seems like the males are the worst. They seem not to realize how low to the ground they are. Oscar fears absolutely nothing!

Andrea said...

Dogs are the best - my dog often puts my life into perspective. And, all without words!

Jo said...

Oh, gosh, cuuuuuuute! Dogs do love unconditionally, don't they?

You know what? You have my chesterfield, exactly, only mine is dusty rose.

Great minds think alike!

Sandi McBride said...

What cuties they are! I love them all! But that Emmy Lou is a beauty!!!

scarlethue said...

Thanks for the lesson-- I was thinking about this morning too, remembering an old cat that got bit by another cat on his rear end and ended up with a nasty abscess under his stitches. Yuck.

I'm glad to hear your face healed normally, I hope my lip does the same! No harm came to my kitty either. It's not her fault, she's just crazy.

lovelyprism said...

That's adorable. We lost our old dachshund a little while ago , but we still have my daughter's little dachshund. And of course the new puppy, Lucy. I think Lucy will be a bit like your Sweet Emmy Lou, she's just 14 pounds of pure love. You're getting pretty good with that camera!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Andrea--Dogs are the best. I love my old cat, but I don't think he feels the same love for me that my dogs do.

Jo--what can I say, I have good taste!

Sandi--Emmy is our delicate beauty. This picture does not do her justice.

Scarlet--my kids thought I should have him put down for his offense! He merely reacted and was immediately contrite. He kept trying to lick my wounds and he looked so horrified when he realized he had bit me.

LP-Sorry to hear that you lost a dog, no matter how long ago. You never forget them, do you? I have no problem shooting's the process of getting them onto the computer. I will not be defeated, though!

Hit 40 said...

Your comments are working for me!!!!!!!!

Oscar is the winner. keep an eye on him. What a cutie. I love wiener dogs.