Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Go Outside

My brain is a little foggy, I guess. I hate to be inside this time of year and as a result I haven't been on the computer until bedtime..... it's a lap-top; I can take it outside!! Yep, I am indeed slow on the uptake these days.

So, as I sit here resting and drinking my coffee; I can write. I am on my front porch. I love it out here. I have a couple of rocking chairs and tables. Last year I had a half dozen baskets of wandering jew hanging. Not only were they beautiful and healthy; they provided shade in the late afternoon. I nursed them through the winter by hanging them in the store. No easy task, the baskets have that coconut weaved stuff. I had to wrap the bottoms in plastic trash bags and secure them with clothespins in order to water them. Picture two baskets hanging from one hook, the lower basket hanging from the bottom of the top basket with a white plastic bag attached with clothespins. What ever, it worked and the plants still looked good. It warmed up to 70 degrees, so I took them out to the porch and hung them. I trimmed all the dead leaves and stringy vines off--all the while congratulating myself on a fine job of keeping them alive. I was still recovering from my coughing fits and didn't have all my strength back yet. Apparently my mental capabilities were suffering as well. The weather lasted a couple of days and I got busy tearing the store apart and cleaning and rearranging. I had every intention of bringing them back inside......... Well, we had a cold snap and they froze. Now I have a half dozen baskets of dirt and dead leaves. No way am I going to go buy 6 baskets to hang. I had made all these baskets from 2 that I got on sale. I will be looking for a sale. In the meantime I threw some Mexican Daisy seeds in them. They are coming up. I might just leave them and add some ivy to hang. It won't provide the shade the others did, though. They were huge.

My humming bird is back. I swear it is the same one that arrives early every year. He wears a green vest and will buzz me and chatter away while I hang his feeder. When others come to feed he will swoop down and chase them away....so we have two feeders out. The wind is blowing just enough to make my wind chimes sing and the bees are buzzing around doing their thing among the blossoms on the clematis that is trailing along the porch rail.

Can you see it? Cause I still haven't figured out that cursed camera. I took pictures. But am baffled by the wi-fi thingy. One of my kids will be here next month and show me the error of my thought process. I am sure it is something quite simple that I am failing to do.

Technology is leaving me behind. I have received a lovely award and would display it if I knew how....... I am quite adept at many things. The computer is not one of them. I bet one of my grandchildren will be able to show me! I apologize for my ignorance in such matters.


Lover of Life said...

Sorry about your baskets! I hate when that happens. We are still too cold to plant. But I want to have several baskets and deck plants this year. Usually we are only here for a week or so at a time. (Any plants I had were of the silk variety.) Now that we are living here - it's time to make it home!

lovelyprism said...

Don't you just hate when that happens? You think it's safe enough and the next thing you know the plant you've been nursing all winter is crispy. We've all been there.

Missy said...

Hi. Lover of Life tagged me and I've tagged you. Please visit my blog today if you can. Thanks.