Monday, May 25, 2009

Happiness is.....

It is the end of a holiday weekend. We had rain all night last night and all the campers were more than ready to leave this morning. I took advantage of this and the very wet ground and tackled the weeds in one of my gardens. It felt good to be outside after being confined to the store for most of the weekend. I love playing in my gardens...............
The colors pop and remind me of a bunch of bright balloons. Balloons make everyone happy.

This makes me unhappy. The camper pulled up in his truck, cigarette dangling from his mouth. "I've got a problem," he says, then inhales deeply. As he exhales in my face he tells me that his site has no electricity. He says he would like to go home, but he needs to put his slide in and can't without electricity. I back away to avoid the smoke he keeps blowing in my face, but he keeps pace with me as he keeps telling me about the electricity. When I can finally get a word in edgewise I tell him that I will send someone to his site. "Well, I hope you do that." he says as he flicks the remainder of the cigarette onto the ground. I almost picked it up and told him to not throw trash on the ground, but he got back in his truck and headed back to his site. Instead, I reminded him not to exceed the speed limit. Some days I just have to pick my battles.
He had told me that he "checked the breaker box" last night after the storm............. He apparently turned the breakers off to a whole row of sites. I guess the other campers attributed this loss of power to the storm, since I had no other complaints. Please don't try to help...........


scarlethue said...

Beautiful iris!

This is the second time today I've heard someone complain about cigarette butts. They really are nasty.

Thanks for your comment to my post today. I hope my parents can follow through. I know it will be painful, but it's so necessary for their sanity.

ellen abbott said...

I'd have dragged his sorry butt out of his truck and made him pick it up.

Nice to have work (customers), nice to be done with it.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Kathy
Beautiful photo.
Horrible habit smoking and leaving 'fag ends' lying around - I used to smoke and did not know how abnoxious the habit is to non smokers.
Hope you have recovered from running in the grand national.
And thank you for your kind comment.