Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Friends

My usual habit every morning is to get the coffee ready and log on to read blogs while I enjoy that brief interlude between almost awake and "now I have to work". Today that time was indeed brief, but I did notice that I had acquired a new follower. I always like to check them out and read a post or two.... Well I was cut short this morning because I could see that it was going to rain and I wanted to mow the back yard before it came down. I was interrupted by a guy looking for a site and stopped to take care of him. While I did that the clouds dropped their heavy load and I despaired of finishing my self appointed task of mowing.

I fed love of my life and clear skies crept in so I mowed....and mowed. Feeling quite accomplished I dug up a mound of hostas and some day lilies. I ate with my good friends Pat and Debbie last night and decided that they needed a "view" from the seat I was sitting in. They will have one now. The ground was so wet it was making sucking noises as I dug 18 holes to put in the plants. I was really muddy when I finished so I jumped in the shower. I have pityriasis....again. First time I had it I thought it was poison ivy, but the dose pack of steroids didn't have an effect on the rash. All I can do is treat the symptoms until it goes away.

Be patient as I am setting the background for my afternoon! This rash is all over the trunk of my body and has extended up my neck and on one side of my face. It itches and I am pretty miserable. I opted to not wear any make-up, thinking that it would only aggravate the condition, so needless to say I don't look my best. I have this shapeless pullover type dress that is very comfy and loose and given that my entire torso is alive with this rash I decided to leave off the undergarments...... As love of my life left to go to work I quipped that I would no doubt be busy all day since I had no underwear on.

I have been very busy, to say the least. But back to my new follower.......... I logged on to the site. Backroad Chronicles. They are RVers and her post is about mid Missouri! Not only that, they are staying 13 miles from here in my competitors campground. What are the odds?

I am sitting here fully engrossed in solitaire, scratching occasionally and thinking about going back into the house where I had my laptop all set to read. I was hoping to veg out even though I need to mop the store. I look up when the door opens and all I see is a truck out side. No RV. I wonder if they are tent campers. What a surprise to meet my new followers! We spent a wonderful afternoon chatting away like old friends. I admit that I did tell them they had to stay at my campground next time they pass through this way. They witnessed first hand some of my not so pleasant dealings with the public!

They will be hitting the road again tomorrow morning as they head west. You can find their blog, Backroad Chronicles at www.joyandphil.blogspot.com. Check it out.


Hit 40 said...

What a crazy small world!!

luksky said...

Now that's cool! It's always nice to meet friends in an unexpected way. :-)

Lover of Life said...

What a small small world!

Living on the Spit said...

How wonderful Kathy!!! It is always nice to spend time with blogging friends!!!

Jilly said...

That's funny and cool. Did they like your park better than the other? Dumb question... I'm sure they did.
What happened earlier? The phone rang once and I saw your number and then you were gone.

ellen abbott said...

What a hoot! I love it when life does things like that.

Missy said...

That's so cool!

Joy and Phil said...

Thank you for the shout out Kathy! I had many extra hits on my blog the last couple days and I would be it is due to your mention. We made it to Greentop w/o incident ... just the way we like to travel.
Thanks again, bunches!!!