Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bah Humbug!

Supposed to be the most wonderful day of the week for me. I am not singing my song today. It only takes one nasty attitude to ruin a mood.......

I awoke and downed my coffee, hurried through my bathroom cleaning chores; all too aware of the time slipping away. I wanted to paint. A new fence went up yesterday and all I want to do is paint and plant flowers. Pat and Eugene are currently my most favorite people in the world! Pat decided that I needed some thing to prevent anyone from taking a corner by a deep ditch too sharp and maybe ending up with their camper in said ditch. Pat doesn't just speculate, he acts. I had no idea what was happening on that corner until Deb (Pat's love) came in and needed screws. Deb is a real estate guru and can see the park with new eyes. She actually gets what I am saying when I think a garden idea out loud.

My new rustic fence was almost done by the time I got to go and take a look. I took photos, I did, and the fact that this computer is not allowing me to post them is another source of irritation. I don't open until 10 on Sundays and I went down to my new fence with my barn red paint and got to work. I was just finishing when the first car pulled in, followed by another. Swimmers. Pool doesn't open until 11, yet here they are bright and early. Now I am stuck inside until 6.

The sewer pipe has been replaced in most of the park. There is one section left and we are loathe to dig it up mid season, but it looks like we will have to. Love of my life spent the better part of last week augering what he thought to be a root. Instead he pulled out several pairs of underwear and some other lovely items that you don't want me to share. It is still blocked and we are trying to wait until the weekend traffic leaves before adding the pressure washer to the auger to force out the clog. This is an unpleasant smelly event.

A seasonal camper approached my husband early this lovely morning to demand that the problem be resolved immediately. This particular gentleman argues annually over the bill and has no problem what so ever in asking for special favors. Always wants something done and doesn't pay until billed repeatedly. His son also pays late. I wanted to tell him that we would take care of it in the same timely fashion that he chose to pay his bill. Instead, love of my life started up the auger and power washer and treated said family to a taste of what happens when you begin this process. This is currently the highlight of my day.

So, the son's lovely bride came into the office to tell me that she expects this problem to be resolved by the time she returns next weekend. Before she could elaborate I reminded her that she owed me for the LP bottle that had been filled for her the previous day. While I ran her credit card she advised me that her family has decided that we need to dig up the entire sewer system and replace it. I smiled sweetly and told her that I would love nothing more than to have a brand spanking new system, but due to the fact that some of my clientele was loathe to pay their bills I could not afford to do so. Then I batted my eyes ever so innocently at her.

Usually a good comeback will soothe me. Not today. They paid their annual bill 6 months late and I know when it is due again I will have to make repeated calls for them to pay it. These particular campers treat me like a servant to them and most of the time I find it a little amusing. Not today.

The local yokels are out in force for a day of swimming. The crowd today is familiar. These are the ones who will arrive as early as possible and stay until I lock the gate on the pool. They want to be sure to get their money's worth of sun and chlorine puckered skin. Their presence guarantees a mess pool side. There will be cigarettes butts all over the cement apron surrounding the pool. Doesn't matter that I have provided receptacles for just that purpose, These rednecks prefer to ground them out pool side. I will have to make several walkby's to insure that they don't drop them into the skimmer baskets as I have seen in the past. These folks don't have any infants in tow today and that is good because I am out of the swim diapers. One enterprising individual has signed himself in as "Rusty Nail". I am not impressed.

After a whole week of rain I long to be outside.


Lover of Life said...

I would start posting some signs. If the rent is not paid on time, it will require a $50 per day service charge. No smoking poolside - if caught smoking you will be asked to leave - please sign here.

lovelyprism said...

A service charge for paying late is not a bad idea at all! I love to be outside painting things like fences! Well, truthfully I'll paint just about anything. lol

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I have added a late fee to the new contracts that will go out with the next billing. I have tried to keep it simple, but for the actions of a few, all must suffer.......

deb colburn said...

That Pat is Hot!!!!!!!!!!!