Sunday, May 31, 2009


A new resident to the campground, this pigeon has been hanging around all weekend. I wonder if it is a female and if she might have a nest in the barn. She/he has been sort of following love of my life. The first time we saw her/him was on our truck. Just sitting there. I was called out to snap a picture, but couldn't get a good shot. The color of it's feathers tend to blend with the surroundings here. This morning I saw the pigeon on the fence that surrounds the dumpster, so I grabbed my trusty camera and went out to greet my new friend.
I got the cold shoulder here as I tried making a cooing sound and offering the bird my arm. I would probably have wet myself if she/he had accepted the offer and climbed on!

The pigeon remains safely out of reach as he/she watches me with that funny one eyed view. I think the bird was perched on the backyard fence last night when I took the dogs for their midnight potty ritual. They all had their fur on end and were barking as they gazed skyward. Wonder if the pigeon will befriend them? Maybe Emmy as she is small enough to not be intimidating and possesses a gentle soul.


scarlethue said...

I like that first shot. I've never seen a pigeon with colors like that!

lovelyprism said...

Cute! We had a pigeon pretty much fall out of the sky in a storm once and it lived in our yard for two years before it up and flew away one day! It had a band on its leg, so I'm assuming it was a homing pigeon. I hope he made it home safely that time.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Scarlet--I know, really different. It seems to be quite comfortable with people, I got pretty close and rather than panic it simple turned its' back on me.

LP-No band on the leg, but I wonder if this might be someone's pet that simply got lost in a storm. Our strms here always involve a lot of wind that changes directions suddenly. It is eating out of my bird feeder....a lot!

Lover of Life said...

I think she's checking things out - trying to figure out if this is a good place to pull the camper!