Friday, June 2, 2017

Sprint and the Fickle Internet

I got up early this morning with the canine contingent and saw, to my utmost delight, that the satellite for the internet was working! As much as I wanted to crawl back in bed, I stayed up to take care of business.

I had over 400 e-mails on my personal account and almost that many on the Kampground account. I lost some reservations due to the fickle internet and I plan to tell Sprint just how I feel about this ....

HeWho has spent days on the phone with them. They have given every excuse available for the outage, but no long term solution. We were told that a part for the satellite was on order and would be installed this past Tuesday. This would involve climbing the tower for a technician to install it. Should they have been informed that I can see the tower and actually hear the voices of the men when they are working in the air? I watched and saw no activity all day long. I was outside mowing all day long!

It comes and goes and when I do see that it is working, I go on-line and take advantage of it. It is annoying and frustrating, though. I had an appointment yesterday for a check-up. When I came home, I saw that HeWho handles all things Sprint was on the phone with them. I went to Walmart to get my prescriptions and to restock the store. He was either back with them on a second call ...... or maybe he was still on the first call?

All I can say is that we will be sporting new phones in 2 business days. These phones will have their very own hot spots and I will be able to access the internet any time I want. HeWho loves new gadgets is quite pleased with himself and his negotiating powers. Me? I hate new devices. Seems like I just learned how to use this phone and now I will have to acquaint myself with a new one. I am old and do not want to adapt to change.

I now have to go outside and get all my chores done before the day swimmers invade the pool and I am stuck in the office. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to get on-line again and while away the hours reading blogs and commenting!


Val said...

I hear ya! We have Sprint phone service, and used to have Sprint internet. That's because Genius wanted the unlimited internet that he could get by untethering or tethering his phone. I don't understand it all. Anyhoo...once Genius went off to college he allowed me to get DISH internet, which is more dependable. Sadly, it's the best thing we have available out here in the middle of nowhere.

Linda O'Connell said...

Between dealing with Sprint and sprinting to take care of the day swimmers and the campers, I can't imagine you have any energy left. Fleeting internet would make me crazy. Enjoy the weekend.

Paulette said...

Know how that is, Sister. Here we endure with much annoyance -- Mediacom, practically the only things available in this backwater we-don't-do-service burg we occupy. I finally got tired of the almost $200 a month bill for TV & Internet & cut the cable, but kept the Internet so Karagahn could still do her school work. Try not to get too freaked & maybe it will get better.