Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Holiday Weekend Is Done!

I am finally back on-line. Many more calls to Sprint resulted in many more reasons we had no internet. HeWho is in charge of that particular vendor and he made all the calls. He was offered a free month's service to compensate for all the days we had no internet.

Sounds fair to me, but my interpretation of this offer might be a little different than theirs. I want to be credited for the service I paid for and did not have, then a free month of actual service. Probably not going to happen. Instead of the credit to our account, they raised the rates ....

We had a great weekend here. The weather cooperated with just one rain storm on Saturday. During the storm, some tent campers hung out in the store and played with my dogs. I let all four of them out and Eddie was the Charmer, of course. Wall-E went from one person to another and watched the door, lest one of his pack escape. Toni Louise is not shy and after making sure no food was going to be falling, lay on her back on the floor next to HeWho is her master. Cujo, as always, stayed close to me.

We had live entertainment on Sunday. A local guy, Dan Smith, put on a great show and my campers requested his return for the fourth of July. Primarily a country singer, he also offered up all genre of music. A videographer was taping and it will be available soon with a link to our website and Facebook page. I am hoping they got some footage of  HeWho is a good sport dancing with the man whose wife refused to dance with him!

Most of my holiday kampers are regulars and come every year. I have had the pleasure of watching the kids grow from toddlers to teenagers. It is always good to see old friends after the long winter. There are also return visitors that baffle me. One in particular complains every time he comes.

I don't care what I do, where I park him, he ALWAYS complains. Loudly, and most usually in front of a crowd of people checking in. He always has a crowd of people "visiting" him. They take advantage of all the amenities of the park and he will only pay for them after he is caught. Last season after a particularly loud (on his part) confrontation, I asked the man why he chose to stay here, that if he did not agree with all of the rules, he could certainly go somewhere else. He never gave me an answer. This stay was no different and I was told after the fact that he had had many visitors. I will not be accepting any more reservations from him. I don't need the headache.

I hear the grass calling out to be mowed ........


Linda O'Connell said...

Some people just like their own voice. Good riddance to the complainer. And oh what fun it
must have been to have all the pooches getting loving at the same time. Can you relax now?

Val said...

Whew! I guess you can take a little breather...until the NEXT holiday!