Tuesday, May 2, 2017

MY Mower!

The sun is shining!! When last we met I regaled you with a tale of turkey eggs. You know, how when you know what you are referring to, you just assume everyone does? Well, the carton contained chicken eggs. There were only two turkey eggs, that is what I found nestled among the receipts. Make more sense now?

Speaking of large eggs, meet our resident goose. I have decided to name her Gizelda, her husband's name is George. Her eggs are still intact, but during a pause in the rain I saw her out in the field, foraging for bugs and worms. You can't really see them, but Henry and Hilde are out there with their babies, too.

The sun is out, but it is still wet out there. No matter, I still had to mow the back yard. Eddie could hide in the grass if I didn't. You might recall that I started last season with a nearly new mower. Fancy, with an electronic starter. HeWho is in charge of lawn equipment can no longer locate the charger for that function ...... says it is my fault, since the mower is mine, I should have taken care of it. I have no idea what it looks like and am therefore exempt from blame.

The mower starts easily with the pull cord and I am not complaining. Well, not about the starter. We have quite a few tenants here these days and one family has teen boys. One of them got in trouble with his dad and was sent up to the office to do some manual labor as punishment. I suggested to HeWho was in charge of choosing a task that weed eating needed to be done at the dog park. Let's face it, nobody likes to do that. The equipment is heavy and your back hurts afterwards. Punishment.

So, the kid shows up last week before the rains and I am busy inside, secure in the knowledge that HeWho rarely listens to his wife is taking care of the punishment. I go outside for some reason and see that my mower is being used in the dog park. By the kid. I can just see the cut grass being thrown into the newly mulched area that I had just worked so hard on. Am I happy? What do you think?

Later, after mowing, the kid is weed eating around the fence. Backwards. You weed eat first, then mow, that way the mulching blades will chew up all the long grass and you won't need to rake it up. Later on that day, another helper used my mower. A responsible adult. He raised my blades to avoid rocks and such in the tent area. After he was done, he mentioned to HeWho allowed the kid to use my mower that the self propel function was NOT WORKING!

This is an important function when you mow as much as I do. HeWho saw fit to let my mower be used even told me about this change in mowing status. He said it should be quite easy to fix. Remember this all occurred before the recent torrential flooding rains. One would have thought that someone would have taken care of this "easy fix" BEFORE his wife had to mow this morning. You know, to avoid her wrath.

I mowed the back yard, which is not big, but with all that rain, the grass was high and the ground was boggy in places. I was totally spent after that. I usually do the side yards and under all my trees after mowing the back. Not today.  Now that I have rested and vented some anger I will attempt to mow some more. Although, now that I think about it .... I should have held on to my anger to propel that mower.

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Val said...

Your lawnmower starter charger thingy? Did you look in that tray of credit card receipts?

Looks like YOU got punished for that young man's behavior.