Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rain and More Rain

Rain, rain go away .....

I mowed until I could no longer see last night. I mowed way more than my fair share. HeWho is no longer towing (supposedly) kept taking calls yesterday. In case you are wondering if he repaired my mower .... he did not. He did, however, get an older push mower going. My old mower cuts a wider path and the self propel function was functioning. See, I don't ask for much.

I prefer the blade on the old mower as well. It goes lower and I like a nicely shaved lawn. No, I do not scalp it and leave raw spots. But, that is neither here nor there. The fact was that we had one day and one day only to accomplish the mowing. It can be done, we do it all the time, but it does require two people on task. It was late yesterday afternoon when HeWho mows and tows discovered that he needed a new starter for the zero-turn. He had to go purchase this very not cheap part and install it before he could actually mow.

As annoyed as I was, I still took pity on him and mowed all the low areas that were particularly wet. Well, if I am truthful, I mowed them because I don't like the way it looks when he leaves muddy tracks in those areas. Not to mention that there is always a chance he will actually get stuck and make a huge mess pulling the  mower out .....

I had a brief respite when Kamper Terry borrowed the mower to mow his site. Then I mowed until darkness fell. I took Meloxicam and aspirin, but my legs and back hurt all night. Cujo curled up against my back and acted as a live heating pad, but Eddie was restless and kept trying to climb up on my side. I felt like I had just dozed off when I felt a furry face on the side of my face. A little tongue gave me a doggy kiss and for just a second I thought it was Eddie of still sweet (though no longer puppy) breath. For just a second a smile was forming until I caught a whif of nasty dog breath. Cujo. It was Cujo. Cujo has been warned to keep his mouth shut and only accept my affections and not to reciprocate. Guess he forgot.

So, I have been parked in front of the TV most of the day, still tired from yesterday. I had stuck a slab of corned beef in the crock pot and was expecting to at least smell it after 2 hours. I went to the back door, as I had been doing periodically all day, to try to persuade the canines to go out. I took a peek at the crock pot. I had the temperature set on WARM. No wonder I didn't smell anything!

It was mostly frozen when I put it on. I turned it up, but I may have to resort to the pressure cooker or make different plans for dinner. Eggs? Frozen pot pies? I don't really care. I just know I am sick of rain!


Kathy G said...

I keep telling myself the rain and cold are just temporary-by Memorial Day we'll be wishing for a little chill in the air.

Val said...

Don't expect me for dinner, but I vote for the frozen pot pies! I used to love those things when I was a kid.

If I could, I'd loan you my OPC (Old People Chair) with the heater and the three massage settings. I think you could even fit three dogs in it. At least Eddie and Cujo. It does NOT have a breath neutralizer, though.

Linda O'Connell said...

Mowing is a chore on a good day. I can't imagine all you have to do to keep your property top notch. No wonder you have aches and pains.

I laughed out loud at the doggie kiss. Don't they make denta bones for the bad breath boy?

Paula Kaye said...

I'm with you on being sick of rain! We are finally getting a dry day here today. But it will be a day or two before I mow again. I like to mow. But I use a rider. My sciatica really acts up after mowing all day! I hope you are feeling better real soon!