Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Hate The Phone!

This week has been particularly stressful. In addition to trying to get the pool ready and having the weather not cooperate, the unnecessary drama in the park is making my waking hours downright hellish.

There is a reason that I don't open the office until 11 am. I am not languishing in bed or parked in front of the TV .... not that it matters, it is, after all, my business what I do when I am not in the office. But, I am usually outside taking care of outside chores that must be done. Like mowing, emptying trash barrels, cleaning up ...... whatever happens to need attention. My store hours are posted. Most of the time I don't mind opening up if someone needs something, but today I was running between the pool chairs and the women's room painting. I had three colors in play and three brushes.

The phone has been ringing all day with some of the strangest requests. First was the man wondering if we could change the oil in his motor home ...... since he would be here anyway. Then there was the man wanting me to go down to the state park and try to locate his friend. He said he looked on the map and we were "just around the corner". Sure, let me stop what I am doing and close my business down to accommodate you .....

And the endless requests for reservations for this weekend. Yesterday I answered the phone and the woman started her list of requirements as if she were at the drive-thru window at McDonald's. She said she would take two RV sites and 6 tent sites and that they would be arriving early ....... After I could insert a word I informed her that all my sites had been reserved far in advance. It is a holiday weekend, people! School is out and folks are chomping at the bit to camp and swim, no matter how cold the water may be.

I am tired now. It is 6:00 and I would gleefully go to bed now, but I still have two more hours. Phone just rang again. My most unfavorite calls are the ones checking on their camp sites. If you secured your reservation with a credit card or with a deposit, it is still there waiting for your arrival. It will be yours until you show up and occupy the space, because, despite your request that I add the site next to you to your existing site ...... I don't bump reservations on a whim just because someone else has taken a fancy to it.

The weekend cannot end soon enough! Said the very tired campground hostess.


Val said...

Can you paint some pool chairs for me? You'll probably have paint left over. I can't bring them to you, but my friend camping over at the state park has them. You shouldn't have any trouble finding him. Oh, and I need them done and dry by noon tomorrow, because I'm dropping by to swim in your pool, and I don't like sitting on chairs that other people use. After you paint them, you might as well load them up and bring them over to your campground until I get there. You're going back anyway, you know.

ellen abbott said...

well, Val said it all.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Sure thing, Val, They will be here awaiting your arrival. I will even put reserved signs on them just for you. Should I serve you lunch, as well? No problem!

Linda O'Connell said...

Generally, I have a good disposition, but some of these nut jobs you deal with would push me over the edge. Maybe you should have a recorded message: Yes we have accomodations, but we will not accomodate your every whim.