Friday, May 5, 2017

More Signs/More Lights?

I woke up, still trying to recall the dream I was having. I could tell by the meager light around the edges of the shade that it was still very early. Too early to be awake. I changed position and had just resettled when I heard the distant ring of the phone.

I toyed with thoughts of ignoring the ring, but my dachshunds had taken note of their master's wakefulness and started climbing over me to make known their desire to go out. I lifted the dogs to the floor; no, I lifted Cujo to the floor and shuffled out while cuddling Eddie's warm little body to my chest. The phone had stopped ringing, then started again, but stopped before I could answer it.

I took the dogs out after I ascertained that the call was not from one of my children, and therefore NOT an emergency. While I waited for the canines to take care of business, I tried calling the caller back. It was 5:25 AM. No answer. So, I went back to bed. It was far too early to be up and my feet were cold.

I had just settled in and was happily warming my toes on Toni Louise when I heard the phone again. I went out in my bare feet to try to catch the call, but they hung up before I got there. I called back and was treated to a litany of complaints from a woman. She told me that they were "stuck on all this chopped wood" and that she was at my front door. I was looking at the surveillance monitor and saw nothing at my door, so I stepped into the office and looked. I can assure you that no one was blocking the entrance to the office.

I relayed this information to the caller, who was informing me that her husband had made reservations and they were trying to find site 30, but the roads are so twisted and winding and they were stuck. She said she asked the lady in the house near them where I was and that she was told I live here and that she was at my front door.

There are no houses here in my park. We live in the main building behind the office. The park across the interstate does have a separate residence and also has several buildings that house meeting rooms, as well as the office and laundry. I asked her if she was sure she was in my park ...... she conveyed this to her companion and he barked that he was in this park. I was trying to pull a robe on and find some shoes to go outside, as the woman whined on and on about how they were stuck on this chopped up wood.

This made me wonder if they had meandered down the private drive, which does lead to my firewood pile, but could not imagine them running atop it, since it is shoulder high ......... but you never know. I rounded the main building and saw them. The chopped wood she referred to was railroad ties that line the road. She was telling me that the "sharp turns" had "messed them up".

There are no "sharp turns" here. The roads are set up to accommodate big rigs! I told her that I was going to wake up my husband and to please give him a few minutes to get dressed. She implored me to hurry, because they were tired and needed to rest! I asked her how long they had been here in the park and she told me they had just arrived!

Hey, I didn't tell them to drive all night! HeWho tows told me to go back to bed, and I tried, but sleep eluded me. I am now wondering which one of my kampers were awakened, or how many were disturbed.

So, tell me, would you have bothered others in the wee hours of the morning, or would you have just waited until a reasonable hour to request assistance. They were traveling in a motorhome and had their bed readily available. They could have napped until daylight. Not too different than sleeping in a Walmart parking lot.

Update. HeWho tows just told me how they managed to get a railroad tie wedged between the motorhome back tires and the tires of the car trailer. They were going the wrong way and tried to turn around. There are signs that indicate "ONE WAY" and the gravel is stark white, while the railroad ties are black and we do have dusk to dawn lights ........ Maybe we need more signs? Or signs with illustrations, instead of words .....


Linda O'Connell said...

Some people should wear signs on their foreheads. DUH! No matter how hard YOU try, there are always going to be people like this. Sorry you had your sleep interrupted, and I hope these folks settle down and in.

Debby said...

Wow- talk about a hectic early morning. I hope you were able to get it all straightened out.

Val said...

That is an example where the customer was not right. In more ways than one.