Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Preparations for Memorial Day have taken their toll on me! No different than any other year, we always seem to be a step behind. I still have painting to do in the restrooms, as well as finish painting the building.

It was a relief to see the cloudy skies this morning, I was hoping to get my house clean today and maybe rest a little. I was on my feet for almost 12 hours yesterday. I mowed awhile, then painted awhile. I don't know which was worse standing and painting, or waking and mowing. Which ever, I was in a world of pain last night. Couldn't possibly be my age!

I am still picking strawberries, but the yield is dwindling. After I vacuumed and mopped I wandered out to take a peek at my vegetable garden. The asparagus was not good this year. Just a few spears and they weren't all that thick. I was so tired I didn't even pull a weed! I came inside and was seriously considering a nap. Then the phone rang.

An incident that happened over the weekend resulted in a tenant being asked to leave. Like most of you, this is not a part of my job that I enjoy. You can be sure that I am just as upset as the other person is; but there is always a point of no return when I get pushed to my limit of tolerance.

I toyed with thoughts of unloading here, but decided not to. Suffice it to say that the tenant seems to think she can bully me into letting her stay. She might want to work on her people skills. After realizing that she had not swayed my decision she created quite the spectacle of herself by have a screaming tantrum for all to witness. Proving I had made the right decision.

More efforts to collect rent and lease payments balanced out my day, and I can honestly say I would rather have been walking behind the mower. I am having trouble trying to relax enough to be able to sleep. The sun is supposed to shine on me tomorrow.


Linda O'Connell said...

Wishing you sunshine and tenants with sunny dispositions. Enough is enough.

Val said...

After all...tomorrow is another day.

You'll be ready to do it all over again tomorrow! You don't shy away from confrontations, and you have more energy than any 10 women I know!

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope your vegetable garden is skanky on its own and now because some tenents have helped themselves.

ellen abbott said...

If I had your job, I probably would have to close because no one would want to camp there.