Sunday, May 21, 2017

It Was A Good Plan

The afternoon was looming large before me. All my reservations were here and settled. All my paper work and bill collecting duties attended to. This is what I do on Saturdays. This Saturday was just busy enough to keep me close to the office, but not busy enough that I was not longing for a nap.

No, not boredom, I was listening to a good book and putting together a puzzle on-line. HeWho was mowing, so maybe it was guilt? No, that was not it either. I just wanted to be doing something useful. Something that I could mark off my mental list of projects to complete. As usual, the storms had dampened my painting progress on the back of the building. The sun was out and a nice breeze could be enjoyed, but the ground was soggy and I just wasn't feeling up to trying to level a ladder.

As everyone knows, I am not a ladder type gal. It must be level and sturdy before I will even think about it. Since we have a good many tent campers, painting and touching up the bathrooms was not happening.

Many of you will recall the pool chairs I built last year. All were supposed to be out of pallet wood and HeWho says I will cut my fingers off with power tools was in charge of taking apart the pallets (which were FREE, by the way) and cutting boards to size and I was putting them together and painting them.

HeWho tired of the dismantling of pallets and went out and purchased 1 X 4's and 2 X 4's and cut them to size. We ended up with 8 very sturdy chairs that I painted and put together. I had some aqua paint that was on clearance and with white they were very pleasing to the eye. The wind and sun, not to mention the snow took it's toll and they need another coat of paint.

This year they will be a medium iris blue. That's what it looks like, anyway. Oops paint from Walmart, half price. With bright green stripes. Very festive. This is what I chose to spend my afternoon doing. I spread a tarp and had HeWho helps me on hand to flip them over. My plan was to paint the bottoms and then flip them over tomorrow to paint the topside.

It was an excellent plan, if I do say so myself. I didn't even finish one chair before the rain came. Now that I am back inside enjoying the internet capabilities, the sun is back out. the evening is going to pass by quickly now, and I will only have that one chair to show for a whole afternoon of work!

It was a good plan, though!


Val said...

At least you weren't up on a crooked ladder when the rains came! And you had your internet.

Kathy G said...

When did May start being so rainy? It seems like you can't put together a nice string of dry days (and the last few years it's been starting to stretch into June, too).